Why Ergowear Is The Perfect Underwear For Sports

Why Ergowear Is The Perfect Underwear For Sports

Certain options of underwear for sports are better than others. Take everything into consideration, and it really makes a day and night difference.

There are so many things in life that go together, such as a wink and a smile, a cold beer on a hot day, Netflix and chill, Will & Grace…should we keep going? Each one of these things just isn’t as good without the other. Sure, you can get by with just one, but imagine someone winking at you from across the room – with a resting b*tch face rather than a smile. Not the same effect at all, is it? 

Well, here is one more – Ergowear and sports. You can engage in your favorite sport or athletic activity wearing any underwear you want, and you have that freedom. But they may not turn out to be the best option. What you find down there afterward could be a little scary. 

Moral of the story? Pairs go together well for a reason – so take advantage of them. Just like you should always smile when you wink, you should always choose Ergowear for your perfect underwear for sports

Why Your Underwear Matters

You may be asking yourself why your underwear matters. Why should you use a particular type rather than just your local store-bought pack of 10 boxer briefs? And, that’s understandable because if you have never experienced how beneficial something is, you wouldn’t really know. So, let’s talk about it. 

The underwear you choose matters because you are getting hot and sweaty when you are playing sports or working out. Without an escape, this heat is just going to sit in your underwear, hugging your balls and making them wet and sweaty. It is uncomfortable and, well, gross. 

Staying in your wet underwear for too long can lead to more significant problems, as warm and moist areas are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. You can end up with things like jock itch, rashes, chafing, and more. This can lead to days of being very uncomfortable – so if you can avoid it in any way, you should. 

You also move a lot when you are playing sports or working out, and you need underwear that will be flexible enough to move with you. Have you ever found yourself wearing underwear that got wet and then suddenly became very disformed and lost its elasticity? This is exactly what you want to avoid when it comes to your perfect sports underwear.

Another reason your underwear matters is because you need something that holds its form and offers support. Indeed you are aware that you may be holding your future in your britches. And if that doesn’t phase you, letting your bulge get all loosey-goosey flopping around town while you are trying to keep your mind in the game can lead to a lot of pain and maybe even injury. The boys need to be supported – especially when you are on the move. Most everyday underwear can’t keep up. 

Finally, you need comfortable underwear. How can you focus on the game or anything if you can’t stop thinking about sticking your hand down there to adjust yourself from that pinch or that feeling of being twisted? Or maybe that seam or tag is bothering you, or the material is rubbing against your sensitive areas. Anything that pulls your mind away from your sport is likely to cause you points. Maybe even the game – so do something about it!

The Perfect Underwear For Sports: Found!

If you are looking for the perfect underwear, look no further than Ergowear. This underwear is designed to meet all your athletic needs and more. Just try it once, and you will see the difference. The best part, perhaps, is that there is something for everyone.

Gym Shorts 

There is something to be said about having the perfect pair of gym shorts. They will keep you cool and dry the entire time you are staying active. Much of this is because they are designed with a light, stretchy, and fast-drying polyester fabric. But it is the ergonomic pouch that keeps your package secure. Pulling it up and away from your body, you can stay comfortable. This is really the ultimate combination of activewear and underwear for sports.

You will feel comfortable and supported with gym shorts that move with you without slowing you down. 


When the weather gets cooler (it’ll be here soon enough), or if you are looking for that little bit of extra protection, consider adding leggings to your athletic wear. They act as a mix of long johns and sports tights, keeping you warm while still allowing you to move with ease. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is being held back because your leggings are too stiff, right? 

You will find them with the enhancing pouch that, again, offers you comfort and support. Whether a nose-shaped pouch or one that is a half-moon pouch design, you are sure to find one that keeps you feeling great without restricting your range of movement. That’s what Ergowear is all about. 

The legging fabric keeps you warm, but it doesn’t hold in heat and moisture — which is an excellent combination for staying active on a cold day. Using microfiber, your body moisture can evaporate quickly.

Keep yourself comforted and supported, and your head will stay in the game. 


With a round and flexible pouch, Ergowear’s jockstraps keep your family jewels tucked out of harm away by resting comfortably. They come designed in various materials, so it can move when you need it and offer a tremendous amount of support, without the compression in the genital area so typical of most jockstraps.

Anything that you could ask for in athletic underwear, you will find it with these smooth, comfortable, far-from-your-ordinary jockstraps. 

Underwear For Sports: Final Thoughts

Ergowear understands how important it is to stay active and to focus on the game. They also know just how important it is to keep your manhood healthy and happy. Movement and heat and everything combined can lead to a tricky situation, but you don’t have to worry about anything except scoring that next point with the perfect underwear for sports. 

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