Celebrating Pride Month 2021 With Colorful Fashion, Glitter Galore & Reflection

Celebrating Pride Month 2021 With Fashion & Reflection - Ergowear

Celebrating Pride Month 2021 With Colorful Fashion, Glitter Galore & Reflection

Pride month 2021 is the time of year when life gets a little more colorful. Don your best colorful fashion, dab on some glitter, and begin the celebration!

June is Pride Month! This is the time of year when life gets a little more colorful for those who have had to live in the shadows for so long. Lifting the stories and voices and lives of all those in the LGBTQ+ community is what it is all about.

Pride Month is a celebration. Those within this community have been in a daily struggle for equality and acceptance for decades – maybe even longer. June brings together the celebration of the triumphs, memorials of those who have been lost to hate, the sacrifices so many have made, and a reminder of how far we have come.

The nationwide festivities can have parades, drag shows, live theater, musical performances from supporters and allies of the community, and even protests. But all of this doesn’t happen without a lot of reflection – then, now, and the future. If you could use one word to describe Pride Month – what would it be? Our word would be love.

Let us come together to celebrate this month by showing support and solidarity with those in the LGBTQ+ community. Don your best colorful fashion, dab on some glitter, and put a smile on that handsome face of yours. It’s Pride Month 2021!

Celebrating Pride Month 2021 With Colorful Fashion, Glitter Galore & Reflection - Ergowear

Pride Month 2021 and COVID-19

Across the country, Pride Month celebrations are in full swing, but they look drastically different than usual due to the global pandemic and restrictions on large social gatherings. More people are creating pride celebrations at home – or making them smaller and more personal, such as showing their love and support as they move through their typical day. Whether you choose to celebrate pride month at the pool, the office, the gym, or a BBQ in your backyard, you can still dress the part.

Why So Much Color?

The rainbow flag has long been the symbol of the LGBTQ+ community. It was created in 1978 by artist and designer Gilbert Baker (who was hired by the infamous Harvey Milk – an elected official in San Francisco who was one of the first openly gay representatives). The flag was commissioned for the Pride celebrations.  The flag is designed to have stripes like the red and white stripes in the U.S. flag.

However, the rainbow of colors shows the inclusivity of all the members of this community. Since the initial flag of the ’70s, additional flags have been created to include other subsets. The brightly colored flag is deeply rooted in Pride Month celebrations – in much more ways than just a flag. Clothing, makeup, hair, signs, and more all show support for those in the LGBTQ+ family.

It’s Your Turn to Dress the Part

This June, it is time to unleash yourself and experience the pure love that comes with those who are celebrating Pride Month 2021. So, are you ready to indulge in all the color and joy that comes with it? Whether you are a loud and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, a more private type, a questioning soul, or a loving ally, here are a few options for you to get all decked out.

Colorful Swimwear for Your Pride Month 2021 Celebrations

June can be hot – which means cooling off by swimming (at the beach or the pool) is just what you need. You should also have a variety of colorful swimwear to choose from, like these from Ergowear. Keep in mind that each piece of polyamide-elastane fiber swimwear offers:

  • Elastic comfort.
  • Fast-drying fabric.
  • Durable, long-lasting wear.
  • A pouch for an enhancing lift effect.
  • Ergonomically correct support for your anatomy.

Swim Thongs

Our men’s swim thongs come in a rainbow of colors. In addition, it offers seamless bathing and tanning, a roomy pouch, and even a drawstring for added convenience. What sets our swim thongs apart from others is the T-shaped, stretchy seam of elastic in the front – giving you a comfortable and chafing-free experience.

Swim Mini Trunks

Just like the classic swim trunks you know, love and are used to, but better. Mini trunks look and feel perfect, thanks to their pouch that enhances your physique.

Swim Bikinis

Can you imagine being modest but still getting looks? Subtle is still sexy with our fun, bright bikini swimwear options. In addition, you get a boosting pouch with durable, soft fabric that is comfortable enough to keep you by the pool or the beach all day long.

Show Your Pride Underneath Those Jeans

Don’t let your Pride Month celebratory attire end with your outer layer of clothes. Feeling colorful can feel good. Ergowear has a plethora of different types of underwear in as many colors as you can imagine. Our underwear is comfortable, stylish, and engineered for male enhancement. And the sexier you look and feel, the more confidence you are going to be carrying around with you. So take a look at these offerings for comfort underneath those jeans.

  • FEEL Modal Boxer – A royal blue pair of boxer-brief style, ergonomically-designed underwear that comes in a stretchy, breathable modal-spandex fabric. The adapting pouch keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • FEEL XV Brief – Another royal blue option is this pair of microfiber briefs. Again, they are not confining, which means you stay cool, dry, and comfortable no matter where your Pride Month 2021 celebration takes you. They are enjoyable enough to wear all day, every day.
  • Gym Jockstrap – This bright red jockstrap is meant to keep you comfortable and dry with its 100% ergonomic design and cotton-spandex pouch. It keeps your manhood up and away from your body, reducing the chance for chafing and jock itch. You don’t have to wear these to the gym or in the game, but instead, wear them to keep you comfortable throughout your entire day of pride festivities.

Final Thoughts and Reflection

Our world is full of so many unexpected, negative things that are taking place – from natural disasters to COVID-19 and everything in between. But, sometimes it is just lovely to be able to feel like part of the group. And however you choose to celebrate Pride Month, you are bound to feel the love. So, choose what feels best for you from Ergowear’s colorful collections and get on out there to celebrate. Not only will you feel good, but you will look good, too.


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