TRIO: Six New Men’s Bikinis and Boxers, Lively!

TRIO: Six New Men’s Bikinis and Boxers, Lively!

Important note: These styles have been discontinued. To see our current special edition underwear and swimwear please follow this link.

Take comfort to the third power with the NEW lively, stylish and supportive TRIO collection of men’s bikinis and boxers.

Remember the MAX TRIO boxers? Often sold out because they were so popular? Well, they are back as several new additions in a lively and bright combination of greens, reds, blues, blacks and whites contrasting styles For simplicity, we shortened the name to TRIO.  A lively combination of three new bikinis and three revamped boxers, ideal for everyday use as well as for special occasions, the
TRIO line of male bikinis and boxers features:

Super Supportive Waistband

A signature waistband featuring the company logo, stretching across 1 1/3 inches tall. It is sewn on the back part with cross stitching for added roughness and to
avoid any type of discomfort when touching your skin.

Naturally Elastic Fabric

The TRIO line is manufactured in an all-purpose fabric consisting of 90% Cotton and 10% Lycra/spandex, the closest thing to natural cotton available. It is designed to feel natural, but with slightly added elasticity for
more support, shape retention and adaptability, and without the set back of pure cotton.

A Colorful Combo

These styles come in colorful and vivid color combination of blue, red, green, white and black, as part of the
summer releases of 2015. Originally sold as a single item, three new bikinis TRIO have been added.

Pouch Depth

Pouch depth suitable for a
pronounced nose effect and with lots of give. The pouch of the TRIO line provides incredible comfort while also giving your anatomy a look to be jealous for.

A Functional Pouch

TRIO incorporates the MAX pouch, because it provides utmost comfort with an incredibly sexy profile and a uniquely functional look. A pouch that lifts your genitals,
up and away provides enough room for your legs motion in every direction.

Cross-Stitching and Flat Stitching

The pouch is sewn with cross-stitching as well as flat-stitching in the middle and to the sides as with most MAX styles, giving them
long-lasting qualities as well as zero discomfort to the touch of your skin.

3 Stimulating Men’s Bikinis

The New Trio men’s bikini underwear includes three colors that provide a
contrasting look designed to fit lively and animated personalities.

A deep blue pouch with green back and white waistband. A red pouch with white back coverage and a red waistband. And a white/heather pouch with black coverage and red waistband.

3 Festive Boxers for Men

These family includes the classical TRIO boxer with red pouch and blue back and legs, with red waistband. A gray pouch with black legs and back and red waistband and stitches. With finishing gray touches in the middle.

Finally, the line also includes the newest addition to the TRIO family. A blue pouch with legs and back coverage in green. And white/heather edges and waistband.

All off these items include the
sporty and supportive signature Ergowear waistband.

Not your typical underwear, the new TRIO male underwear line of bikinis and boxers ads a colorful member to the Ergowear family of men undergarments.

Strike Three Times With Trio!

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