New Pastel Colors in FEEL and MAX Suave!

New Pastel Colors - Ergowear

New Pastel Colors in FEEL and MAX Suave!

Most of you readers own some of our best styles in
MAX or FEEL Suave. If you haven’t, where have you been hiding? We recently introduced two new colors that will add a soft and refreshing feeling to your underwear drawer this 2017 spring-summer season. At least for those in the upper hemisphere. 😉

A chic light green tone that we named
Menta, and a lovely light peach tone that we de

Coral. Both of these pastel tones add charm and elegance, a perfectly harmonic pair that will enhance a well tanned body or compliment a nice pair of trousers or dress pants.

Manufactured in state-of-the-art
Suave, the new tones have been aptly named Menta an

Coral, symbolizing freshness and softness, also emblematic of our pursuit of connection and respect to nature.

MAX Suave: A nice and cozy variant

New Coral Menta


Menta and Coral are available in our best-selling MAX design of boxers, bikinis and thongs manufactured in state—of-the art Suave microfiber fabric. The signature MAX three-dimensional pouch

 provides support where needed, without the constrains of traditional underwear.

The usual and performance-warranted
MAX specifications remain:

  • Vertical stitching
  • Fine suture
  • Deep pouch
  • Wide elastic waistband
  • Full support
  • Enhanced profile

MAX undies are a safe bet when it comes to choosing new styles of men’s pouch underwear. The new colors adding freshness and emotion to the ever growing MAX line of pouch boxers, midcuts, bikinis, briefs, jocks and thongs. Get them here.

FEEL Suave: Ever growing & constantly evolving

On pair with the
MAX Suave new Coral and Menta styles, we’re also adding the same tones and styles to the FEEL line. Light tones of green and peach compliment the FEEL Suave line of boxers, bikinis and thongs. As usual, FEEL master craft and exclusive pouch remain. An adaptable pouch that provides freedom and enhancement, softer fabrics, and a low-cut style.

If you like the FEEL line, the new pastel tones in
Coral and Menta will brighten your FEEL Suave drawer. Match them with a turquoiseolive or bijou bikini for a prismatic look.

Introducing a new label

close up picture of new plastic tag

Continuing with the
FEEL line ethos of constant evolution in the name of comfort, convenience and style, we are replacing the usual embroidered label with a smaller, solid tag. Bearing a dark background and transparent Ergowear logo (see picture) and sewed in front and on top of the pouch.

The new label is designed to add more style to the already breakthrough
FEEL line of underwear, giving them a unique look and a longer-lasting wear life.

With the introduction of the new tag in all
FEEL Suave products, the iconic waistband of the MAX line is getting a fancy new competitor. We sincerely hope that you are as excited as we are about the new tag.

As we move forward, we’ll be making other announcements regarding the new tag, in the mean time, we hope you enjoy the fancy new look in your
FEEL Suave Coral and Menta underwear.

With production at full steam, there’s plenty to satisfy your thirst for top-notch comfort and style. But be warned, these styles will not be part of the regular
MAX or FEEL Suave lines. So get them while they last as we’ll only produce these once.

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