Why Men Wear Jockstraps? Because We Should!

Why Men Wear Jockstraps? Because We Should!

Your beginners guide to male jock underwear and a few reasons to get you pumped!

Why men wear jockstraps

If you missed our
Valentine’s Day post from a few days ago regarding male thongs, or if you don’t and you’re already prepared to take your non-traditional men’s underwear wearing habits to the next level. Welcome to the world of  pouch jockstraps. Perhaps the most underrated garment in men’s supportive under gear.

When it comes to underwear, men are no less fussy about protecting their most precious body parts. And for many men, a Jockstrap is an essential piece of underwear worn both for
comfort as well as protection.

Started in Sports

The main purpose of the Jockstrap is to protect the male genitalia during sports. It was originally designed for cyclists to protect against
chaffing as they ride. But the Jockstrap has gained much popularity with men in virtually all sports as it gives the penis lift and compression during physical activity and therefore, prevents uncomfortable shifting while protecting against strain or injury. The Jockstrap has also gained popularity outside of sporting activities, as men catch on to the comfort and secure protection it provides.

Aesthetic Evolution

Most men jocks consist of a supportive elastic strap which fits around the waist or hips. The protective part is the pouch that completely covers and supports the male genitals
holding them firmly in place during physical activity. Additionally, two more elastic bands reach from the bottom of the pouch to the hip to provide extra support. Nowadays, some Jockstrap designs have been developed purely for aesthetic reasons, to provide definition and support similar to what an underwire bra does for women. For this reason, some men are really attracted to the Jockstrap, using it to add definition in their genital region regardless of what they wear on the outside.

Consolidated Comfort

Others find it more comfortable to wear a Jockstrap, also known as jock thong, for the simple fact that it lifts the penis and testicles
away from the body. By doing so, the temperature in the genital region is reduced. As high temperatures in the male genitals contribute to infertility, some men believe wearing a Jockstrap is a natural way to possibly improve fertility and increase the chances of conception.

Depending on your needs and reason for wearing one, there are different types of Jockstraps available on the market. Check out some of our styles below, including our white, black, red or mesh jockstrap. Learn about its main features and understand why many customers refer to us as “
manufacturers of the best men’s underwear in the world!”.

Jocks Underwear Main Features:

  1. Double-cross stitching in the front pouch, straps and back seams.
  2. Thick waistband in MAX style, able to provide more than enough support and fit.
  3. Vertical stitching, for added llft and strength in the pouch
  4. External stitching, for less contact with your skin and more comfort
  5. Double-stitching in back part, for more durability and better support
  6. Three-dimensional pouch, providing more than enough room for extra large bulges
  7. Deep pouch, that better fits large male anatomies
  8. Polyester/ elastane / polyamide / spandex fabric, materials that provide the best elasticity, durability and breathability ratio

In addition to our regular men’s underwear with enhancing support, our jockstraps also provide support and lift in an invisible manner, giving you no line imprints and thus, can therefore be worn with any outfit.

And in response to growing trends, the options for enhancing support now include
boxer with pouch, as well as specially designed support pants or briefs, and support shorts or boxers.

Before you choose a Jockstrap, be sure to do your research, and look through a
range of styles and designs to see which one best suits your needs.

Remember that above everything else, underwear should be comfortable. So your choice of Jockstrap should be doing its job as guardian of the genital region and is also comfortable to wear as well.

What about you? Are you going to use this opportunity and get all these styles? what were your
top picks for this year? Any specific styles or colors you are looking for in 2016? Leave your comments in the section below!

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