About Us

About Us


Welcome to the official Ergowear store – the original source for men’s ergonomic underwear and swimwear since 2002. Yes – we’ve been around for a while so we know a thing or two about men’s underwear needs. And what’s “ergonomic”? Essentially it means our designes are actually adapted to men’s shapes and dimensions (and not the other way around!). In the words of our founder:

“Our logo symbolizes everything we are: The center is an abstract drawing of men’s genitalia, as part of a logo with predominantly round shapes that stand for human shapes and proportions, and the logo has to dynamically accommodate itself between two invisible horizontal straight lines that symbolize the man-created, sometimes hostile environment that surrounds us.”

Our pouch underwear gently lifts and enhances your anatomy giving you the perfect fit, style and support. All items that are part of the Ergowear collections are the result of extensive scientific research & development, sophisticated textile engineering and ergonomic design for an excellent fit to the male body.


Over the years we have seen how thousands of clients from all over the world have discovered the pouch concept and become regular “ergo-wearers” for life. Read some of the most recent reviews by clients who have worn Ergowear for some time.


At the end of 2002 Ergowear created the first and original elastic three-dimensional pouch underwear and since then, we have developed many products based on this male pouch concept. After the original X3D (X-tra 3-dimensional) and MAX pouches, an important milestone was 2013 when we released FEEL, the world’s first 3-D pouch without a vertical seam through the middle. This year we launched X4D, including pouch bikinis and thongs made from a single piece of fabric to further reduce seams.



If you are on our site, of course you already know that you can order here. However, Ergowear is also available worldwide from various specialized online and physical resellers. If you are unsure if a product you are considering is genuine, please contact us. When you buy on our site your payments are securely processed through trusted gateways, and we accept credit cards, PayPal, Western Union, bank deposits and wire transfers. Shipping is free worldwide for orders over USD 80.-


The products are all created by our design team in our headquarters in Santiago, Chile, and then manufactured with first class materials in our own facilities and/or in external production units, in strict compliance with our product specifications. However, when you order on our site we ship from our affiliate Ergowear USA and its order fulfillment center in Florida, USA.

Chile is a country in South America that is part of the OECD and has signed Free Trade Agreements with the EU, USA, China and most of the large economies and trade blocks of the world. We support Fair Trade and pay higher-than-market rates to the persons who actually manufacture your pouch underwear and swimwear.

map of Chile

We’re also strongly in favour of a world without barriers for e-commerce. Help us get rid of the hideous bureaucracy that still rules international order delivery! Especially in times of growing protectionism, get your voice heard!

Our trained staff is well prepared to take care of all your specific needs. Whether it is for choosing the right size for your next pair of underwear, asking about shipping rates or handling and packaging specifications, contact us and we are always ready to assist you. You too can become one of our happy customers today!


(only for correspondence) are

Ergowear (Chile): Dominica 367 Of. 50, 842-0324 Recoleta, Santiago, Chile.
Ergowear (USA): 7901 4th Street N Suite 300, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA.