About Us

About Us

Welcome to the home of The Real Pouch Underwear

It’s been 20 years since two simple concepts were merged to give birth to a new brand with a clear objective: to create the best Ergonomic Pouch Underwear.

That’s how Ergowear, a new underwear experience aimed to bring more than just cover for the male body, became a pioneer in designing garments that can adapt to your anatomy.

During our humble beginnings, we realized that most men don’t know how limited and constricting regular underwear is. The soil was fertile for us to start designing and promoting new ways to support our male anatomy, all while looking stylish and handsome no matter how our bodies are shaped.

And the best way to express such philosophy was through our very own brand identity:

“Our logo symbolizes everything we are: The center is an abstract drawing of men’s genitalia, as part of a logo with predominantly round shapes that stand for human shapes and proportions. But also, our logo has to dynamically accommodate itself between two invisible horizontal straight lines that symbolize the man-created, sometimes hostile environment that surrounds us.”

Pouch Underwear: once you try it, there’s no going back

During those early days of both creating and providing new undergarment designs, we perfected a concept that many men still haven’t had the opportunity to try yet: Pouch Underwear.

A pouch is exactly what you’d expect: a pocket for your genitalia. Though it sounds like nothing special, our 2 exclusive Pouch Underwear designs are able to hold and support your anatomy that otherwise would be at the mercy of your movements and external conditions.

That’s the core Pouch experience: to take control of how your most sensitive area feels while living your life to the fullest.

Sometimes you need extra support during exercise or physical activities. Perhaps you want to reduce friction with your inner thighs, or you’re feeling too warm or cold down there. And sometimes being a well endowed man has its own shortcomings.

Whatever the case, we can guarantee that once you try our pouch designs, you’ll never want to wear regular underwear anymore.

But don’t just take our word for it. You can visit our Instagram community to check for our own users’ reviews of our products. There you’ll notice how none of them would even think of wearing something else after trying the best Pouch Underwear.

Our History: constantly adapting

At the end of 2002 Ergowear created the first and original elastic three-dimensional pouch underwear and since then, we have developed many products based on this male pouch concept. After the original X3D (X-tra 3-dimensional) and MAX pouches, an important milestone was hit during 2013 when we released FEEL, the world’s first 3-D pouch without a vertical seam through the middle.

Later we would release our X4D Collection, a premium approach to our designs including a seamless pouch made from a single piece of fabric.

Nowadays, our wide selection of products can provide comfort and support to any man’s needs.

But adaptation isn’t just an attribute of our products. It is part of our drive as a human team behind every undergarment.

The world has changed a lot around us during this journey, and many men feel no longer restricted to briefs and boxers as the only male underwear alternatives.

That’s why we’ve been reshaping our brand to fit in this new taboo-free era, and we’ve successfully introduced more bold and daring designs such as thongs and jockstraps.

And our fans loved these new ways of understanding male anatomy as a whole. We no longer live in a world in which a man can’t appreciate another man’s body. Straight or gay – it doesn’t matter. As a brand, we want to provide quality underwear for every man who cares about his well-being and appearance. No exceptions, no exclusions.

Moving forward

Step by step, every design has inspired our next big idea. From our Pouch Underwear, a logical new endeavor was using our knowledge and experience to create our own Swimwear Collection. These new garments featured Ergowear’s signature quality fabrics and pouch designs to enjoy while swimming or sunbathing during a nice day at the beach. From mini-trunks to thongs and bikinis, we wanted to provide colorful new alternatives for our fans to feel attractive and handsome during the warm months of the year.

One common feedback we’ve received from our users is about the outstanding quality of our fabrics. We pride ourselves to be constantly on the lookout for new, improved sensations to gently wrap around your skin. That’s why we took a big step from underwear to venture into Activewear, a collection of Biker Shorts and Leggings (both with our enhancing Pouch designs) as well as Joggers, Gym Shorts and accessories to wear our brand on every layer.

And that’s how we reach our 20th anniversary, coming later this 2022. With a wide selection of garments born out of adapting to both men’s needs and our changing times, we look to the future with confidence and hope, and always counting with our community, just as supportive and diverse as our products.

Welcome, once again, to Ergowear: the home of The Real Pouch Underwear.