Why Ergonomic?

Why Ergonomic?

Ergowear was born to create ergonomic underwear for men and in over a decade of investigation has developed unequaled products for today’s men underwear needs.

What is Ergonomic Design?

Ergonomics is the science that studies how to optimize the relationship between humans and the tools/equipment/environment they need to interact with to carry out their daily work processes.

Although there are some earlier examples of ergonomic design, ergonomics was first created as a science during World War II, when it became apparent that military equiment could only function properly if the comfort and physical needs of the operator were taken into consideration. The human anatomy became one of the key elements when it came to cock-pit interior design.

During the following decades ergonomics was increasingly applied to work-place design. A whole new concept of office furniture was then developed ranging from ergonomically designed workstations to office chairs with multiple adjustment mechanisms.


Why Ergonomic Design in men’s underwear?


In a wider sense, man must interact with his clothing even more intensively than with his work environment – while most people enjoy days of leisure on a regular basis, in which they do not come in contact with their working implements, they nearly always have to wear clothes.

Although some outer clothes can be very anti-ergonomic (e.g. very tight or stiff clothes), the single most important clothing element a man comes in touch with every day is underwear.

Wearing the wrong underwear can be a hidden reason for many problems such as:

  • Discomfort during long meetings or drives.
  • Pinching during walks.
  • Pain if there is pressure on the scrotum.
  • Even public embarassment.

After nearly two decades of scientifically designing men’s underwear, our pouch underwear and pouch swimwear concepts have been copied by some of our competitors. While we don’t discourage anyone from manufacturing and selling underwear, we are always one or more steps ahead because we invest heavily in the best material, styles, color and in general every aspect that will give the perfect support, fit and boost to your male anatomy.