Men’s Bikinis & Pouches + 10 Styles to Rock It This Season

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Men’s Bikinis & Pouches + 10 Styles to Rock It This Season

When it comes to picking a particular
men’s bikini, choosing a style can seem a daunting task. Even more, if it’s your first foray into
non-traditional men’s underwear.

Considering most males
keep their underwear for a long time, it’s surprising how some men will rarely spend more than a couple of minutes to do their underwear shopping, even if it’s for a garment that ought to last them for several years!

With so much variety of styles and fabrics, you have a harsh and time-consuming decision to make, more so when you’re a
large guy. At least one that most men are not prepared (or willing) to take. For this reason, we thought you would appreciate a primer into men’s bikinis, plus ten styles that ought to appeal to mature men looking to up their game.

A Fetish for Bikinis?

Man wearing MAX Mesh White Bikini

Whether you love
European style bikinis for men or stick to good ol’ tighty-whities, there’s plenty of benefits of wearing comfortable underwear. No matter which level of sophistication you have when buying your undies. It’s important to understand the benefits and available styles of men’s bikinis.

While we can’t fully cover the whole variety of men’s bikinis on this article, we’ll focus instead on the modern men’s bikini with a pouch. A trend in line with the modern European style of men’s skimpy underwear.

Too often we pick a style based on our past purchases. Only sticking with the familiar and comfortable. With this attitude, we miss out on all sorts of opportunities that go to those who dare to try something new.

As in life, when it comes to trying new underwear styles, it’s paramount that we try to remain open-minded about the new styles and trends.

We might not like certain styles or looks, simply because we’re not used to them, but don’t overlook the benefits and comfort that the modern men’s bikini can provide.

And it’s not us that have a fetish for bikinis. Rather, we believe we tend to forget about the importance of the first and last item that clads our persona on a daily basis. So let’s shed some light on it so you can make the best possible choice next time you’re buying a new pair of bikinis for you or your male partner.

1) Bikinis are low-maintenance

Even more than a thong, a bikini is a garment that’s so easy to maintain that it’ll be unwise not to own a few pairs. Either for smooth travels, for less heat during warm climate, for taking less space in your drawer, and even for easy laundry, a bikini is ideal for modern men looking to boost up their underwear choice.

The bikinis’ small construction and sturdy & durable built makes washing and drying them a breeze. Its low maintenance cost deserves the attention of both underwear aficionados and underwear fetishists alike.

2) Bikinis make you look leaner and sexier

Sexy man wearing MAX Light Pouch Bikini

Bikinis are an undergarment that can arouse both those who see them and those who wear them. No other undergarment can have you comfortably say “I love myself and I’m proud of who I am” as the modern male bikini.

Skimpy looks can trigger anything from a boost in self-confidence to a high sexual desire from those around you.

The accentuated profile achieved with the male pouch only increases these feelings. Try one and see how your inner mojo will explode.

3) Bikinis provide support in the right places

Even if you’re still not a fan of fitted underwear, you probably have tried a bikini or fitted brief that’s tight enough, not too confining, yet fully supportive.

If this isn’t the case, start your search with a modern male bikini with pouch. The boost, the build, the style and the lift all account into turning the bikini experience into a highly pleasurable experience.

Regarding construction and design, you’ll find that bikinis are more or less like briefs with a shorter construction, especially in the legs. The snug fit created by the pouch makes sure that your anatomy stays in place without any unwanted movement.

4) Bikinis are ideal for hot climates

One of the benefits shared with the thong and other mesh underwear styles, the bikini provides enough air flow and convenience even when worn in hot climates.

Less fabric typically means less ride up. But it also means less heat gets accumulated down there. This, in turn, means less chaffing and less sweat. If your tighty-whities give you plenty of sweat, chaffing, ride up and heat, it’s time to ditch that old pair and favor a new pair of bikinis.

5) Bikinis help break taboos

Unlike a thong, a bikini is an item that almost every male would have no trouble wearing, no matter whether you’re gay, straight or anything in between.

While we’re firm believers in the non-gender non-binary value of male thongs, we’re aware there’s still a lot of taboo surrounding men thongs.

Thus, we believe bikinis are at the vanguard of an underwear style that’s sexy, comfortable, easy to maintain, fully supportive and perfect for hot climates.

If you’re still unsure about purchasing that sexy thong, definitely stick to bikinis and briefs, but get a decent bikini and see how they can turn any day into a bright one.

For men looking to wear non-traditional underwear with a comfortable and sexy style, try any (or all) our ten recommended
pouch bikinis for men below.

10 Styles To Rock It This Season

Heather bikini MAX Premium Product detail

1) MAX Premium Bikini Heather

If you want something that will keep your boys sitting comfortably and comprehensively supported, try the classic
MAX Premium Heather bikini.

Manufactured in a cotton-lycra fabric, the feel, fit and support are next to awesome. The waistband is fully supportive and not too tight.

The quality and construction are perfect, even after many washing cycles.

The sturdy fabric does not lose shape or stretch over time, and the gray color stays gray after many uses. The MAX Premium Heather is a safe bet for your first men bikini. If this isn’t enough to get you started, click here and read some customer reviews to get a better understanding of its benefits.

2) MAX Mesh Bikini Black

Including Ergowear’s sporty, signature non-binding elastic waistband in black/gray, this newly launched mesh bikini looks stylish and daring.

MAX Mesh comes in a super comfy viscose-spandex Modal/Lycra fabric that provides a higher stretch and resistance to shrinkage. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them!

3) MAX Light Bikini Black

The new
MAX Light bikini black offers a twist to the typical MAX bikini. It’s look and pouch are accentuated by the new contrast stitching in white.

Manufactured in a superior Modal/spandex fabric, it provides more humidity absorption and resistance to shrinkage than cotton.

With these pair of bikinis with pouch, you won’t need to verify incorrect sizing charts to make a better decision.

Only go a size up for ultimate comfort, or stick to your regular size for full support and more grip.

Dark Turquoise bikini product detail

4) X3D Suave Bikini Dark Turquoise

The prominent
X3D Suave style in dark turquoise is one of the sexiest and more sleek looking bikini styles.

Manufactured in Suave, the three-dimensional pouch creates the signature up-and-to-the-front bulge of all Ergowear products.

The concealed waistband, in contrast with the MAX line, ensures a low-cut style that will give you a sophisticated look with minimal coverage. Once you try these, you’ll probably end up getting more pairs for those around you.

5) FEEL Suave Bikini Black

If you still have not tried the
FEEL pouch, you’re probably missing on one of the best pouches ever invented in men’s underwear. And it’s not just us who say it, but thousands of reviewers every year, certified by third parties like Yotpo, Amazon, eBay and many more retailers.

Whether you like to point your manhood to the front, sideways or down, FEEL creates a non-confining bulge with enough space to support your assets and give you freedom of movement without having to worry about discomfort or unwanted movement.

The slick look is emphasized by the hammock-looking pouch and its master craft. Black accentuates the sexy look.

6) MAX Suave Bikini Black

If contrast is your thing, and you’ve already got the new MAX Light Black bikini, try the
MAX Suave bikini in black, with its signature waistband in white.

The hyper soft fabric, three-dimensional pouch, and robust and sturdy construction will give you unparalleled comfort that will last for several washes. These are a dream to be seen with, and a dream to wear.

White mesh bikini product detail

7) MAX Mesh Bikini White / Grey

Good for summer, but good as well for all year comfort. The sturdy
MAX Mesh bikini in white is a must for all mesh and see-through underwear fans.

Given the acceptance our Mesh fabric has received, we can’t but recommend that you get at least one of these styles.

With white probably the sexiest style of them all, it’ll make your package look bigger. And it can also be used as your go-to underwear for hitting the gym or any other
work out routine.

Use the smart shopping discounts and get a better deal.

8) FEEL Suave Bikini Bijou

Inspired by contemporary ecological efforts and climate appreciation,
Terra is a line that includes natural tones of blue, and green.

Manufactured in a blend of polyester/spandex microfiber in a 10 to 1 ratio, the fabric is silky soft, yet sturdier than cotton.

The neutral tone of blue Bijou offers a quiet and cozy color suitable for every occasion.

9) FEEL Suave Bikini Coral

If you’re not into blue tones or are in need of something with more flavor to compliment your tanned skin. Pick one of the recently launched
FEEL Suave Coral or Menta bikinis.

FEEL Suave Coral includes the signature and unique FEEL pouch, made in a polyester-spandex fabric that behaves better than cotton.

As usual, the non-confining FEEL pouch gives you an adaptable bulge to position your anatomy in a sideways, from or down manner.

10) MAX Suave Bikini Menta

Match your Coral FEEL Suave bikini with the softer and gentler MAX Suave
bikini Menta.

Including the signature MAX waistband, this men’s pouch bikini lifts your genitals in a cozy yet fully protective fashion, while providing strength and incredible softness in a durable and sophisticated construction hardly matched in men’s underwear.

Get one or all of these styles and if you’re still unsure about ditching your old pair of
Hanes underwear, just dare to experiment a unique version of you with a brand-new, quality, nontraditional men’s bikini with a front pouch from Ergowear.

Hardly matched in fit and quality, these bikinis are as good as your favorite underwear, except better.

Check this video to see more styles!

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