5 Oscar-inspired Trends in Pouch Underwear [Entertaining]

5 Oscar-inspired Trends in Pouch Underwear [Entertaining]

5 Oscar-inspired Trends in Pouch Underwear [Entertaining]

With the
Oscars around the corner, we dug up some Oscar-related stories that could’ve inspired new trends in pouch underwear. Not as far-fetched as you would think.

Between African-American women mathematicians supporting NASA’s space mission, Jeff Bridges‘ blathering drawl as a bigoted Texas ranger, and Denzel Washington’s power performance as a baseball player turned garbageman, Sunday will be a night to inspire more trends, in and out of the movie industry.

Both as a fun experiment, but also as a shed-lighting piece, we wanted to see how much
inspiration we could draw from some of the main 2017 Oscar nominees. Here’s some movie lessons that could’ve inspired some trends in men’s pouch underwear.


1. One size does not fit all

If there’s a lesson to be learned from Hollywood movies is that
non-mainstream behaviour often pays better than following the rules. There’s probably no better example this year than what we can learn from Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson’s WWII hero biopic attempt.

Following the story of a soldier who refused to carry or use any firearms. We are reminded about the role of
conscientious objectors and maintaining your principles, even in times of war.

In a world filled with
flat undies and dizzyingly colorful underwear we’re probably the only company in the world specialised in manufacturing anatomically correct underwear of utmost quality. Much too often we’ve seen new, established and copycat companies trying to replicate our signature looks. Still, we have managed to stay on top and remain true to our ergonomic design principles.


2. Being Gay and Masculine are not mutually exclusive traits

MAX Suave Gold Black

While it’s certainly the case that much too often movies that are risky never get the award, there’s been a lot of risque movies that have had a terrific impact on the industry. It is certainly true in the astonishing
black gay man drama, Moonlight.

A triad of life-changing moments in the life of a black man named Chiron. The story follows him on his closeted homosexuality journey among
heterosexual black alpha males.

There’s a persistent taboo surrounding men’s underwear. There’s an even more persistent
stigma regarding men’s skimpy underwear. Either because of the looks, colors, fabric or price, these products are often considered too gay to be worn by straight males.

Certainly far from true, we’re regularly reminded about the
benefits that pouch underwear has brought to our customers.

Either because they get
complimented by their male or female companions. Because it makes them feel more attractive and fresh. Or simply because pouch underwear feels and performs better than traditional underwear. We’re 100% focused on
fit, comfort and style of the male genitalia. No matter which is your sexual preference.


3. You don’t learn from successes; you learn from mistakes and failures

Performed and directed by Denzel Washington, a two-time Oscar winner;
Fences is the story of a bitter barrel-lifting garbageman who too early in his life was denied his athletic dreams as a Negro League baseball player.

In the harsh lessons Denzel’s character teaches his son, we’re often reminded that
we don’t learn from successes, nor from awards or celebrity; we can only learn from wounds and scars and mistakes and failures.

In paving the road for making the
best pouch underwear in the world, we have made several attempts in trying new styles, colors, fabrics, stitching techniques, pouch depth, textures, sizing and more.

Evidently, this has lead us to master the
art and science of pouch underwear. Yet, with new fabrics and trends emerging all the time, we’re always willing to learn from our past mistakes and use them in favor of better products.


4. Go Bold! or Go Home!

FEEL Classic Brief White

There’s plenty to learn from Hollywood’s most recent history lesson on segregation and the virtue of overcoming barriers.
Hidden Figures follows three African-American women on their journey as they become heroes in 1960’s NASA race to space against Russia.

The women face discrimination, segregation and marginalization, and yet, they still manage to make history by being
bold and taking some chances.

While we can’t be 100% sure that we’re the first company to manufacture men’s pouch underwear, our
commitment to performance in both fit and style has naturally created a diversity in our products while giving us an edge since over a decade.

Neither fabric color nor style should matter exclusively. The only thing that can make a difference is
performance. And we take that into account in every product we create. Aimed at boosting your day to day, we pride ourselves in each and every piece of garment ever leaving the Ergowear doorway.


5. Clothes don’t make a man, but torn underwear makes a bum…

La La Land’s modern musical follows the big romance and bigger dreams of struggling artists Mia and Sebastian.

The movie is a display of pure
elegance and twinkle, with master soundtrack and performances by Emma Stone, playing a barista and aspiring actress; and Ryan Gosling, as a struggling jazz musician.

As we constantly see both characters struggle between love and their
unflinching desire for professional success, there’s not a moment we catch the jazz musician without his ever-present wing-tip oxfords.

Let’s face it, as much gifted musician as he is, he’s not
letting himself get overlooked because of poor clothing.

Speaking of underpants. It’s terrible to get caught wearing torn socks. It’s even more terrible to get caught wearing your cheap and torn tighty-whities when intimacy comes.

Next time you have a chance, throw away that loose and nearly transparent underwear and get a pair of
fitted undies in mesh or polyester fabrics. You’ll understand the real meaning behind choice and passion.


And the Oscar goes to…

This article is obviously self indulgent, but it’s a good thing! I believe a little self indulgence is needed in an industry that either takes itself too seriously, or still carrying a stigma of being hyper sexual. Besides, it’s the Oscars! Aren’t we all supposed to be talking about them!? I also wanted to include film because it’s something I love!

What’s your word? How do you think popular culture has affected your consumption habits? Have you been inspired recently by any film? Leave your comments or suggestions below!

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