Top Underwear (Ready to Ship) Styles From 2016! Last Call!

Top Underwear (Ready to Ship) Styles From 2016! Last Call!

Top Underwear (Ready to Ship) Styles From 2016! Last Call!
‘Tis the season to be jolly!

The year is almost over and you haven’t even started packing for your holidays, but who cares when you have the right pair of underwear. That is, if you have find the right pair of underwear.

Join us as we count down on some styles from 2016 that you don’t want to miss before 2017 hits the door. Don’t wait any longer, get before we run out of them. This is your last call!

TRIO is taking a break

And if the fear of missing something still hasn’t gotten to you, we have some more news. The whole
TRIO line will be gone, forever! You heard it right, we’ll be discontinuing all TRIO items, meaning that if you own any of them you’ll be one of the lucky few still owning one of this rare and colorful Ergowear styles.

Beautifully adorned by the handsome model
Chris Wells, and shot by the gifted male underwear model photographer Armando Adajar, the TRIO collection is still available in Green/Blue, Black/Red and Blue/Red bikinis and boxers.

Perfect for summer, this attention grabbing collection manufactured in a 90% cotton 10% Lycra blend will surely spice things up in your life.

It’s nose-shaped pouch provides standard depth with a slight
enhancement for your anatomy.

The subtle uplifting effect helps the breeze flow right through, while also making sure there’s no squeezing effect as it happens with other non-ergonomic brands.

But don’t take it from us only, here’s a few
TRIO pouch underwear reviews:

Ergowear is the BEST underwear brand I have ever purchased… and I have purchased too many brands to list here. The fit, the lift, the bulge, the comfort all make for an exceptional experience. Try them … You will be a believer too !

-Ralph R.

Great feel and fits great. Love these for working out and everyday use.

-Zanella P.

A very comfortable boxer with great support and not the squeezed effect with many other brands. I will be buying more!!

-Richard K.

Mink styles are on file

The silky smooth fabric of the mink
Suave styles in MAX and FEEL lines will be gone too.

Mink material will not be produced anymore in 2017, and while we won’t stay away from skin colored fabrics, our beloved mink styles will be gone in 2017.

Still available in thong, bikini, boxer and midcut for the
MAX Suave line, and in thong, bikinis and midcuts in FEEL Suave, the style is already being missed in forums and chats.

For those lovers of
skin-colored undergarments, a well suited pack of camel tones has already been manufactured and is available in the 2017 catalogue. But if you’re into limited editions and or discontinued quality items, try yourself in one of these and enjoy the feeling of heavenly fabric and extreme comfort.

Very comfortable underwear! Used to wear boxers or thongs because I hate underwear that stick my junk to my body, and this brief just fix it! The fabric is soft and nice to touch.

-Ruk P.

Very comfortable and my girlfriends favorites. Highly recommended!

-Richard I.

A last toast with a Vermouth boast

The charming and loving
Vermouth line will also be one of the lines that will suffer from the end of the year setbacks. While we’ll still be manufacturing products in the pinkish threshold, the Suave Vermouth collection of thongs, bikinis and boxers for all X3D, MAX and FEEL lines will be gone.

And if letting your “boys” lead the charge is your thing, we leave you with this review from Timothy ”
naughty and exotic boy” N.

Similar to my other reviews of the FEEL Suave mink mini boxer and FEEL Suave black mid-cut boxer, the pouch lifts up and supports the “boys”. I haven’t yet had the chance to wear these in front of my female personal trainer, or have a private dance lesson with a female instructor. But, I hope to soon, to show off my sexy exotic masculine side with the “boys” leading the charge! -Timothy N.

Say your thing. Get these styles and enjoy the feeling, comfort and convenience.

These styles will be gone forever, but we will surely keep the hotsy-totsy manufacturing techniques, the everlasting commitment to your comfort, as well as the sexy styles and innovation we’ve been known for the past fourteen years.

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