Buy Men’s Underwear at 50% Off For Cybermonday 2014

Buy Men’s Underwear at 50% Off For Cybermonday 2014

Follow these three simple steps to get up to 50% discount on your next underwear purchase. All items included! Just make sure you are registered as a client, load your cart with the items you like, adjust the numbers of units and watch your prices drop. Finally enter the coupon number and – voilà!

We often hear our underwear styles are very expensive. While some Ergowear styles may seem expensive, this is really just the case if they are bought individually.

On this post we will show you how easy it is to take full advantage of our
smart shopping discounts plus the Cybermonday discount. You will learn how to get up to 50% (and sometimes more) discounts.

Even if we show you how to get the best deals while buying from our online store, please do not forget that when buying Ergowear, you are buying one of the most sophisticated male undergarments available. This obviously means we may have pricier items to other available products in the market.

As you’re probably aware, we have been manufacturing and selling men’s underwear
for over a decade, thus we can say that that vast majority of our customers are extremely happy with their purchases. If this is your first time buying sophisticated underwear, or you are a regular, welcome and learn how to get the best benefit of our online store.

1. Register as a Customer

First you have to be sure that you need to be a registered user in order to get a better deal. While it is possible to buy a product as a guest and without having to create an account, we really encourage our buyers to create a customer account, the benefits far out weight the cost/time it would take anyone to create an account. This doesn’t mean you will automatically receive our newsletter – you can opt in or opt out at any time.

As you can see from the screen shots below, simply by registering as a customer you can obtain a 10% discount. This is a sample cart as guest:

And this is the same cart as a registered client

Worried about disclosing too much information? Don’t be, our registering process is standard, and we will not be asking for irrelevant information. Simply fill up the form as shown below and you’ll be creating your account in no time:

screenshot 3

2. Use Your Coupon Code

Next thing that you are going to need to do us use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY14.

Please note that if you are not registered as a customer you’ll still be able to use the coupon, except your total discount will be lower.

screenshot 4

3. Add Similar Products

Finally, after you have created your account and used the coupon, you can increase the number of units of one or more items you selected.
This will increase your total discount to up to 50% on regular items. Please note that these discounts are immediately shown as lower average prices, not listed as discounts.

After increasing the quantity click on “update” and you’ll see this:

So now the average price you would pay for this item is only US$ 17.19, while the normal price is US$ 34.56 – you are paying less than half!

As you may have noticed, two of these steps are standard and have been around for some time. This time we have simply added the coupon code.

Now you know a secret that will let you obtain a better deal when making your next ergonomic underwear purchase!

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