Black Friday and Cyber Monday exhausted us!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday exhausted us!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales exhausted our inventory! We’re working extra hard to replenish our sizes and get them all back in stock!

This is not a horror or retro sci-fi story at all, but it has definitely given us the thrills! Thank you guys for such an
enthusiastic response to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions! We are extremely happy by the overwhelming response, but also wanted to let you know what’s been going in.

We recently launched the
New Boxers and Briefs Feel Classic, along with some other special editions in GoldPink and Vermouth. Many of these items, along with some of the older styles have run out of most sizes. You may have noticed this already, not just in the discontinued items (where you kind-of expect it) but also with some of our most recently launched products.

But don’t be worried, all of our production units in
Santiago are working extra hours to replenish our inventory as soon as possible. And even better, we are making some changes that will help us take our company to the next level and to serve you better. So, you don’t want to miss what we are preparing for you in the following weeks and months!

We will send out an emailing when this inventory situation has been overcome. In the meantime, feel free to
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