Why We Love Moisture-Wicking Fabrics (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Moisture-Wicking Fabrics (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Moisture-Wicking Fabrics (And You Should Too!)

In the quest for the perfect underwear, you may have heard quite a bit about ‘
moisture wicking’ technology. So ‘what’s all the fuss about?’ you may ask. Well, if you have ever had to endure the incredible onslaught of a hot summer’s day or grind through a tiresome workout, then you probably know what it’s like to sweat in your most intimate areas.

Some men and women have overactive
sweat glands that cause them to perspire much more than others. Those who are prone to sweating should invest in underwear made of moisture-wicking material, notes Dr. Donnica Moore, M.D. in an article in the Huffington post.

A warm, moist environment is the perfect place for yeast to grow,” says Dr. Moore. She recommends wearing moisture-wicking underwear to stay dry and avoid the discomfort and irritation that usually comes with sweating in the groin area.

Just what is moisture-wicking material?

According to
Howstuffworks, wicking fabric pulls moisture from the body to the exterior where it can evaporate more easily. This means that instead of your underwear feeling wet on the skin, the moisture is drawn away to leave you feeling dry and comfortable.

HSW explains that ”
many wicking fabrics are made from polyester blends, but unlike regular polyester, they are woven in such a way that the moisture is forced into and through the gaps in the weave to the outer shell of the material. In addition, some of these materials are also chemically treated so that moisture won’t soak into it.

In the Ergowear catalogue, the collections use a light-weight polyester/spandex blend as well as a cotton-elastane blend to create
breathable moisture-wicking underwear for men. The thinness of the fabrics enable enough ventilation to keep the genital area dry which helps to prevent the growth of yeast and other bacteria that can lead to body odor.

The chart below will give you a better understanding of our different fabrics and their
humidity-absorption levels.

Feature FEEL X3D MAX Premium MAX
FEEL Suave
Fabric Polyester-Spandex Polyamide-Spandex Microfiber Cotton-Spandex Modal-Spandex Polyester-Spandex Microfiber Polyester-Spandex Mesh Polyester-Spandex Microfiber
Elasticity Medium High Medium Medium Medium High High
Humidity absorption Medium None Medium High Medium Medium None
Breathability Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium High Medium
Antimicrobial No No No No No No No

* 5 feels deepest, 1 feels least deep

And this type of underwear is not just for men who perspire a lot.
Breathable underwear is highly recommended to be worn during high intensity activities such as playing sports or whenever temperatures are above normal.

Of course, the embarrassment of sweat marks and unpleasant body odor is something every man wants to avoid.
Breathable underwear not only feels good on the skin, but the dryness also helps to prevent skin irritation so that you can go about your business in comfort all day long. All the more reason controlling moisture and staying dry in your man parts is important should be considered when buying underwear.

So the next time, you pick out a new outfit for the
gymrunning or playing Football, be sure to grab a couple moisture-wicking pieces to add to your underwear collection. Anything we missed? Leave your thoughts in the box below.

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