12 Male Underwear Styles to Try in 2017

12 Male Underwear Styles to Try in 2017

12 Men’s Pouch Underwear Styles to Try in 2017 Blog Cover
Dare to Try These Fantastically Daring Men’s Pouch Underwear Styles in 2017!

If your new year’s resolution is to be more outgoing, then 2017 might just be the year to fully commit to stripping down to your undies as much as opportunity will allow it.

After all, who doesn’t want to show off their sex appeal in these visually
enhancing pouch underwear, famous for their irresistible style and the inevitable rise on the attractiveness index?

pouch underwear style has proven to be a winning combination of fashion and comfort that is certainly appreciated by almost every man who wears them.

Sexy thongs, classic midcuts and trendy bikinis present a myriad of
underwear styles for daily wear, sporting activities, or a night of erotic fun.

But what has really convinced many men to become devotees of the
pouch revolution is the high quality construction with breathable, moisture wicking fabric that adapts and supports the male anatomy, keeps wedgies at bay and ensures that your manhood isn’t being squeezed into a bunch.

Sounds good to you? Here are
12 men’s pouch underwear styles you should definitely try in 2017.

4 Modern Midcut Briefs…

1. FEEL Classic Midcut Brief – Blue Gold

FEEL Classic Midcut - Blue Gold

Perhaps it’s the contemporary design that led one male reviewer to describe this underwear as “the most comfortable undies I have ever owned!” This classic undie features a roomy and enhancing FEEL pouch in a royal-blue microfiber that brings modern sophistication to a traditional style.

MAX MESH Midcut Brief – White/Grey

The soft
white grey tones of this low rise bikini bring a sporty look to one of the most supportive underwear you’ll find on the market. The durable polyester/spandex white lycra is soft on the skin and is designed to lightly raise and support the genitals for all day freedom and relaxing comfort.

Midcut white grey max mesh

3. MAX SUAVE Midcut Brief – Black

The superior design is evident in this ergonomically constructed boxer brief, made to give ample support to the male genitalia with its deep three-dimensional MAX lifting pouch. Soft microfibers in the fabric blend makes it ideal for expelling moisture to keep you feeling dry, while the material maintains its high elasticity to give firm support.

Midcut black max suave

4. MAX LIGHT Midcut Brief – Olive

The nature inspired olive tone is a welcome addition to the
MAX Light TERRA collection. This attractive, low-rise underwear features a super soft, high stretch Modal/Lycra fabric which uses a light-weight yarn designed to keep moisture at bay for an all-day dry and comfortable feeling.

Midcut olive max light

…met four enhancing boxers…

5. MAX MESH Boxer – White/Grey

Not only are these briefs good-looking, but thanks to the mesh fabric, they’re “
cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather” says one customer. The high quality mesh fabric makes this a truly flexible underwear that is great for use in hot climates, and can easily double anytime as a discreet liner under workout pants. With a design that looks like a conventional boxer shorts mixed with briefs, these boxers are a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Boxer white grey max mesh

6. MAX LIGHT Mini Boxer – Bijou

Try the Bijou shade in this popular low rise boxer. The lightweight hyper comfy Modal/Lycra fabric dries quickly to wick away moisture and keep you feeling comfortable even on a long day. A softer, thicker waistband adds the signature Ergowear style to compliment the ergonomically designed pouch that lifts the genitals to provide full freedom and support for day to day wear.

Boxer bijou max light

7. FEEL Classic Mini Boxer – Black

A classic boxer combines old world sophistication with the contemporary style of a 100% ergonomic FEEL pouch that adapts seamlessly to the wearer’s shape. The elastic polyester-spandex fabric looks and feels like cotton, bringing a high degree of comfort as it gently cradles the male anatomy.

Boxer black feel classic

8. MAX SUAVE Mini Boxer – Burgundy-Gold

This Burgundy/Gold combo is a picture of elegance and a dream come true for the underwear enthusiast. The sophisticated design shows true appreciation for the male anatomy combining minimal coverage with sturdy support. Ultra soft microfibers quickly expel moisture, while the strength of elasticity offers a high degree of comfort and support.

Boxer burgundy gold max suave

…struggling to fit in a tantalising thong…

9. MAX MESH Male Thong – White/Grey

It’s not just the excellent quality and firm support that has customers raving over this beautifully designed thong. “Very masculine and comfortable…” “Fits pretty well” are some of the comments male customers had to say about their experience with the Max Mesh Thong. This masterfully created underwear with its breathable fabric and comfortable, roomy pouch comes highly recommended. Of course it’s certainly a plus that the design is aesthetically pleasing and almost certain to enhance the sex appeal of anyone wearing them.

Thong white grey max mesh

…as seen by three body-hugging bikini dudes.

10. X3D SUAVE Men’s Bikini – Dark Turquoise

“Well made… a perfect fit and gives full support.” Wearers can’t get enough of this sexy underwear with the stretchy pouch that enhances and supports the genitalia with such ease. The provocative X3D pouch-shaped ergonomic design adds a layer of comfort and flexibility that instantly says “this is how underwear was meant to look and feel”.

Bikini dark turquoise x3d suave

11. FEEL SUAVE Pouch Bikini – Black

It’s not often that you will hear men describe underwear as “sexy, comfortable and liberating”. But after wearing this bikini they couldn’t hold back! This man bikini boasts the FEEL pouch that adapts perfectly to the genitalia with its ultra-soft, highly elastic microfibers. The thin fabric also expels moisture and dries very fast, yet maintains its softness and is surprisingly resistant to abrasion.

Bikini black feel suave

12. MAX MESH Men’s Bikini – White/Grey

When you’re going for a sporty look, this MAX Mesh bikini is the one to choose. The signature Ergowear’s label waistband adds a sophisticated finishing touch to the breathe-through polyester/spandex Mesh fabric specifically designed to promote air flow in the genital area. This underwear is ideal for warmer days, and will keep you dry during high intensity sports, working out or day to day activities.

bikini white grey max mesh

One Style To Rule Them All!

With its
anatomically correct design and near perfect fit, it’s hardly surprising that men everywhere are gushing about the pouch underwear. Try one or try them all and you’ll soon discover why the ergonomic pouch is the new revolution in men’s underwear.

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