Midway Briefs to Pamper your “Boys”

Midway Briefs to Pamper your “Boys”

Once upon a time, you couldn’t find a decent pair of underwear.

Every day, you kept trying and trying and no matter which brand you wear, they just didn’t feel right.

Until one day you found Ergowear, and forever changed was your life.

Because of that, now you won’t come back to wearing traditional undies anymore. 

Because of that, you can’t stop yourself from bragging about the undies that you adore.

Until finally you are the owner of twenty-four.

The aforementioned verse was inspired by a world-class animation company. We thought it might give you an
itch, and moved you to try a different stitch. So next time you feel absolutely zilch about underwear, read below and see how choosing the best undies is a cinch.

Enough verses. Take a look below and see the midway briefs that we have selected for you. Either because of their
proven quality, utmost fabrics or simply all-round comfort and convenience, any of these products might become your next favorite pair of midway briefs.

1. FEEL SUAVE Midway Brief


If 4.7 stars don’t get you excited, this probably will.
Awesome Material, Awesome Fit”, “Most comfortable underwear I have ever owned”, “The pouch lifts up the ‘boys’, and allows the sexy masculine side to show”, “Love the fit, the comfort, everything!!!”, “Great feel, comfort, and support. Best underwear ever”, “I love the way these feel! The way they’re cut! The way they accentuate my penis!”.

Manufactured in
state of the art Suave polyester spandex microfiber, the Suave line offers support where you most need it. A low-cut narrow waistband keeps your boys supported but with a slight enhancement. The FEEL line offers a non-constraining pouch that will make you feel free yet supported, just like your daddy. Available in black and mink, get them so you can get in sync.

2. MAX MESH Midway Brief


One of our best selling lines, the
MAX Mesh offers unparalleled support and breathability along with a profiled look and the signature Ergowear waistband. You can’t find a better pair!

Along with its stretchy Polyester Spandex mesh, the fit and comfort are
outstanding. Available in Grey/Black and White/Grey color combinations, these are especially good for travel as they conveniently provide warmth and optimal air flow.

I love that Ergowear knows a man’s body. These briefs feel great. ” -Martin.

I have about 13 pairs of the grey mesh. The pouch is just the right amount of support and freedom. The length is perfect. The fabric holds up really well – better than the MAX Light Midcut fabric. ” -Jeffery.

Shall we add more?

Once you try these, you’ll probably agree with Rev

Excellent product. This is, I think, the most comfortable underwear I have found.”

Their comfort, support and quality will keep you awed.

3. MAX LIGHT Midway Brief


These are my new favorite pair of underwear. The material is very comfortable and the new waistband with the soft interior is just amazing! The legs don’t ride up and the pouch is the perfect size and keeps everything right where it needs to be. I can’t find a single thing that I would change about them. I will definitely be ordering more soon. I wish this style was offered in a jockstrap.” -Nick M.

What can we add to this? If your boys don’t feel inspired and supported by the
Natural palette in automn colors of TERRA. The fluffy elastic makes this midway briefs one of a kind in the MAX Light collection.

Available in blue, light brown and olive green, these appealing midway briefs provide excellent leg coverage and support.
Your boys will thank you for many years to come.

Pouch Midway Briefs For You!

If the above has not been enough to inspire you to acquire a new pair pf midway briefs, maybe this will. Take a look at our
smart shopping section and see how you can get ANY air of Ergowear products at a whopping discount.

There you go, get yourself one or all of the above and feel like next to wearing nothing down there. You’ll feel dreamy and
daring for life.

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