New FEEL Classic Gold and Midcut, Coupon Included!

New FEEL Classic Gold and Midcut, Coupon Included!

It’s been a while since we introduced our feel classic line. The line became an instant hit that caters to both non-traditional wearers of pouch underwear as well as traditional users looking to spice up things down there.

New FEEL Classic Gold and Midcut, Coupon Included!

Either because its the gold waistband, the new blue colors, or the midcut style, the new release is a
hot and stylish new comer in the Feel Classic line.

Feel Classic is Revamped

The original Feel Classic designs were initially only manufactured on white and black, and for boxers and briefs. Part of the reason that this line has shown little additions os because of the
difficulty in manufacturing using elastic in different tensions.

Meaning that we wanted to make sure that we would still be able to provide best in class customer service along with our regular customer satisfaction policies, without taking additional risks by having several new products.

As the product and
manufacturing techniques have been widely known and perfected, we feel we are ready to add some innovation to the Feel Classic line.

A little less than a year ago, when feel classic was released, ”
This new line is for those who are intrigued by our enhancing pouch technology, but would like to experience our ergonomic designs on some less conspicuous styles. Feel Classic is the answer to that request.”, said Rodrigo Herzberg.

Golden Top

Part of the gilded releases that we throw once in a while, we decided to give it a try to the Feel Classic line. Now not only the MAX has a golden waistband, but also the Feel Classic joins the
Golden Party.

Complimenting the black and white waistband of the feel classic, this new style brings a
sexier and stylish look to the not hyper-sleek, yet not too stodgy line of Feel Classic.

There couldn’t be more reason to
celebrate joy than by having one of these golden styles in your drawers.

Blue Bulge and a Midcut in there

The new style comes in a bright and bold blue fabric
that perfectly blends the golden colored waistband.

The look is impressive as well as full. If you’re a fan of the Feel Classic fit, then you must try these styles for
sexy-ness overlord.

Finally, this new release also includes our newest inclusion blending a midcut with the Feel Classic

All in all, we can only say that we love the style. It offers a uniquely
bold style with an extremely comfortable fit.

What do you think? Want to be one of the firsts to try these on?

Use coupon code TRYFEELGOLD and get $5 off in your next order when ordering before September 30th. Hurry and get your gold & blue bulge now!

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