9 New & Tasty Limited Edition Male Underwear Styles

9 New & Tasty Limited Edition Male Underwear Styles

Surrender to temptation in a flashy new way with the Limited Edition Max Light thongs, bikinis and mini boxers in three sweet colors. A festive yellow, a fresh green, and a clean pink form these harmonious threesome.

A Colorful Threesome!

Certain underwear colors bring joy to the wearer, no matter what season of the year you’re in. Whether you want to enjoy the
comfort of one of these colorful styles, or you want to show them off in your next rendezvous. We are introducing a new limited edition line of thongs, bikinis and mini boxers. These bright colors are ideal to welcome sunny days as well as starry nights.

Including the outstanding and established performance of the Max Light designs. These new
limited edition male underwear styles will make the joy of the wearer and the starer.

Incredible Waistband

The MAX design brings an often-emulated sporty-look, with the right support and fit. Manufactured in firm Polyester/Elastan, is soft to the touch, yet
resistant and stretchier.

Unparalleled Pouch

The three-dimensional pouch provides utmost comfort. It lifts your genitals up and away from your legs, in a non-confining and natural position. You’ll immediately notice an
enhancement not possible when wearing traditional boxer briefs.

Careful Sewing

Seams on the waistband have been sewn in
flat (cross) stitching to avoid any itch or discomfort when touching your skin. You’ll immediately feel the difference when wearing one of these items. Vertical stitches in the pouch are white, in tandem with the white colored waistband.

Blissful Flavors

The limited edition line includes three
blissful colors to surrender to temptation in a joyful and regret less way. A light green tone grabs the freshness of mint. A festive yellow captures the intensity and sweetness of honey. Finally, the pink color encompasses a romantic emotion. These harmonious and colorful limited edition set of male underwear styles capture colors with a tasteful bliss.

Bear in mind that these products will sold out sooner rather than later. And, as it’s always the case with limited editions, once it’s gone, it’s gone

Grab your own today and start tasting the juicy and sweet ”
flavor” of the new MAX Light limited edition styles. Taste them in pink, yellow and green!


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