10 Signs Your Underwear Needs an Upgrade

10 Signs Your Underwear Needs an Upgrade

10 Signs Your Underwear Needs an Upgrade
Are you in control of your life?

When was the last time you bought
underwear for yourself? If you’re starting to feel a little embarrassed when you have to get bare to your underwear, then you are way overdue for new ones.

Unfortunately, men like to delay
shopping for underwear until the ones they have are either falling apart, or someone else pressures them into it.

You might not be in
control of your life if you let someone else make underwear choices for you. After all, you’re the one who’ll be wearing them every day. Here are ten signs that it might be time to upgrade your underwear drawer.

1. You don’t have enough underwear

Good hygiene
dictates that you should change your underwear at least once every day, but if you don’t have enough to begin with then that’s going to be a problem.

There should be enough clean underwear in your drawer to tide you over to the next laundry cycle with a few extra ones for
travel or special occasions. If this isn’t the case then it’s definitely time to start shopping.

2. You don’t have the right underwear for that special occasion

Pouch Underwear for an special occasion

You’re not the same person you were ten years ago, so why are you still wearing plain, boring underwear from days gone by?

Underwear designs are constantly being updated with
trendy features that are made to suit every occasion in your life.

There are so many to choose from, whether it’s a perfectly fitting bun-hugging pair or an adaptable pouch that enhances all the right places. So when a special occasion calls for special underwear, at least one option should be waiting in your drawer.

3. You don’t always have clean, tight, sexy underwear

In addition to having copious pairs of clean underwear at your disposal, your underwear drawer should offer several options for when you want to be
daring and sexy, or just want a flawless fit.

Sometimes you want to wear something that can convey all the naughty thoughts floating around in your head.

Other times you just want to be saved from a wedgie. The underwear drawer should have all these options in it to help you bring the right amount of heat at just the right time.

4. You often wear loose underwear with tight jeans or trousers

No man feels confident when their underwear starts
bunching up underneath their clothes, nor does he welcome the discomfort of chafing from a bad fit.

If your drawer lacks adaptable pouch underwear, it’s time to get with the program. This underwear style is made with fabric that adapts so flawlessly to the male anatomy, you’ll want to wear tight jeans every day just to show off. The design firmly holds the buns without bunching, while cradling and protecting your precious manhood.

5. Your cheap branded underwear rear is often exposed

You might think that you’re saving money on those throwaway brands but after a while, you’ll quickly realise that when it comes to underwear,
you get what you pay for.

Ask yourself if squeezing your balls, fighting unbearable wedgies and constantly checking if your butt crack is exposed, is really worth the aggravation because you wanted to save a few bucks?

6. You often wear your only pair of sexy underwear, even when you’re working out

Sexy Underwear is not for working outIt’s okay to have favorite underwear but when you start wearing the same one everywhere, it’s time to upgrade. Underwear styles are made specifically to adapt to a
wide range of activities in your everyday life.

For example, workout underwear is designed to handle moisture and dry faster, while the pouch underwear’s main feature is to provide a firm hold for the genitals and enhance the attractiveness of the groin area. You’re bound to find a new favorite when you start experimenting with these styles.

7. Your current underwear is just too old and worn

You may be convinced that your tattered, old underwear holds some kind of power that brings luck to your favorite sports team, but that’s just another excuse men use to resist updating their underwear collection.

It’s all fun and games until you have to
drop that pants in front of someone else, and no man wants to be remembered as the guy with the torn up briefs.

8. You can’t experiment with fabrics

Without an underwear upgrade, how will you experiment with the incredible selection of
high-quality fabric available on the market?

The latest underwear designs have moved way beyond plain old cotton, instead opting for the durable strength of Polyester that is known to be highly adaptable and wrinkle resistant, and Spandex, which lends its stretchy properties for a great fit and is also moisture resistant.

9. You haven’t found yet a FAVORITE underwear in your life

Your Favorite Pouch Underwear

It only takes one encounter with the perfect underwear brand before you know you’ve found a favorite that you’re sticking with for life.

That’s what happened with Ergowear customer Conrad, who declared the male
underwear brandthe best brand of underwear I have ever purchased.”

It’s the
high-quality fabric, comfortable fit and the adaptable pouch design that have won over loyal customers like him and will undoubtedly find you a new favorite in Ergowear underwear.

10. You don’t have enough underwear variety

You may have been getting away with wearing the same dreary underwear in the past but times have changed.

Because you wear them every day, your underwear drawer should present options that reflect your
personal style and provide a comfort level defined by your needs and lifestyle.

You’ll find underwear to
fit every taste and mood, from erotic, barely-there thongs, to sturdy, athletic jockstraps, to ultra-comfortable midcuts for daily wear.

The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to experiment with these styles. So take a bold step and
switch things up by adding them to your underwear drawer.

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