New Feel Swimwear colors and styles are bright and bold!

New Feel Swimwear colors and styles are bright and bold!

Don’t miss your chance, after numerous comments we decided to include mores styles as well as improving the look of the current collection. Check them now!

We have not stopped listening to
you guys. With the success of our best selling Feel line of swimwear, along with your everlasting support and commitment to the collection, we have decided to include additional colors into the Feel Swimwear line.

Keeping up with our consistent effort of putting top quality first over fancy color, we had been postponing the inclusion of new colors into the Feel swimwear collection until we were certain the style and fit were
better to none.

And this time, we are super excited to tell you that we have achieved both results!

Fancy Pants

We are first announcing the inclusion of six new styles into the ever expanding collection of Feel men’s swimwear with pouch.

The new styles now include four color variations of the mini trunk in
glorious and bright tones of  Red Royal Blue Lime Green Calypso Blue and  Black.

Along with the addition of colors, we have decided to
upgrade these and other styles of the Feel line.

Since its first conception, a distinguishing feature of the Feel line has been its
adjustable drawstring, allowing you to adjust the pouch level into an either provocative or conservative look. Giving you total freedom of style and fit.

But after numerous comments, we noted several customers were
concealing the drawstring inside the pouch, giving an already profiled bulge a rugged look. Not originally conceived to look like this, we decided to make it more visible to wear the drawstring on the outside, by turning it red for convenience and aesthetic.

And since we were so happy with the results, we went all-in and decided to include the red drawstring into our current
bikini lines. Check them now, because they indeed look gorgeous!

Extreme Adventures

The second news that we’re excited to share is that we have also added an
extra-sportive style into the bi-tone mini trunk and trunk collection. A Black and lime style has been included, making for an astonishingly fresh and stylish item.

The lime and black combination, along its furtive lines and pattern, will give you the benefit of rear enhancement, while also giving you a
stylish and adventurous look.

We believe this is a real
groundbreaking style and could not wait for all you surfers, and athletic enthusiasts of all sorts to try these on for your regular sports practice.

The look and comfort is outstanding, and so is its
craftsmanship. Take a minute or two and find out for yourself.

So, don’t miss your chance to get some of these styles by joining our
pre-sale. We estimate items will start shipping by the end of April.

Whether you’re into the trendy mini-trunk style, into the bold bikini swimwear, or into the profiled and sporty look of the trunks, the Feel collection of
men’s swimwear has got you covered.

Check the new styles and let us know in the comments below what do you think about them. Do you have any favorite? Would you want us to consider extra colors or styles? Your turn, dare Ergowear!

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