Newest Underwear Jockstrap Styles: Bolder!

Newest Underwear Jockstrap Styles: Bolder!

Gym Jockstraps. Not for children.

The newest Gym Jockstraps will fascinate any jock thats trying to impress his peers, or simply anyone looking for best-in-class jock thongs. Four new styles are included in the latest jockstrap edition, filled with bold red, black and white tones in both polyamide-spandex and mesh.

For the Gym and More

The new jockstraps are an ideal partner for Athletes, Body-builders and Gymnasts alike. Borrowing the MAX three-dimensional pouch, these highly comfortable jocks will improve your stamina and endurance at the gym or while practicing any other type of physical activity that requires strong support and a great look. These styles will give you an almost-naked feeling, but with the support that only a three-dimensional pouch combined with a highly-supportive waistband can offer.

Jockstraps in Spandex and Mesh fabrics

Manufactured in fabrics specially fit for sport activities, the polyamide-spandex and mesh fabrics offer ideal performance. These materials have passed several stress and resistance tests. Unlike regular cotton-underwear, these high-performance jockstraps do not absorb body moisture, instead, they work like the human body, repealing moisture to the outside through the material. The mesh styles provide an extra breathable feeling. The pouch comes with a vertical seam, after the best-selling MAX three-dimensional pouch.

Superior Fit and Support

The ergonomic design of the jocks is suitable for both the gym and other physical activities requiring top-notch performance. The elastic pouch keeps your genitals supported, lightly lifting them up and to the side, for better leg movement and helping avoid your testicles from bumping with your thighs. The waistband and straps have been carefully and professionally sewn on the outside to reduce contact with your skin from uneven stitches.

If you feel like you can add some spice and superior performance to your gym routine, we dare you to try the newest jockstrap styles. Your performance and manhood will fuse and boost. Not suitable for children.

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