Why Fabric is so Important in Your Pouch Underwear

Why Fabric is So Important - Ergowear

Why Fabric is so Important in Your Pouch Underwear

Choosing underwear has never been easy. On top of key factors like comfort, style and fit, you also have to think about the fabric. And when it comes to men’s pouch underwear, all materials are certainly not equal. The choice of fabric should really depend on your individual lifestyle and what activities you will be doing in your underwear. Some materials are great for active lifestyles as they are designed to wick away moisture to prevent sweat buildup. Others are made to stretch and adapt to your anatomy for maximum comfort.

Since 2002, Ergowear has been manufacturing and selling ergonomic men’s underwear and swimwear. And over time, we have discovered that three things matter most to our customers.

  1. Elasticity – how well the fabric stretches and adapts to fit the male anatomy.
  2. Support – the ability of the material to support your anatomy while retaining its shape.
  3. Breathability – the fabric’s ability to allow air to flow through keeping the genital area dry.

Ergowear’s collection of pouch underwear and swimwear are manufactured with carefully chosen blends of fabric that meet the needs of our customers. Here’s a comparative look at the fabric blends used in Ergowear pouch underwear.

Polyester Spandex Microfiber

This fabric has high elasticity to cradle the male genitalia and keep the “package” well supported. Although humidity absorption is low, this fabric gives medium breathability allowing enough air flow to reduce the likelihood of sweat buildup and keep the area dry.

Polyester Spandex

Medium elasticity makes this fabric blend very comfortable to wear, as it firmly supports the genitals without feeling restrictive. The material also balances medium humidity absorption with medium breathability to promote adequate air flow and keep moisture at bay. The look and feel is like pure cotton.

Polyester Spandex Mesh

High elasticity in this fabric blend means strong support of the male anatomy during active days. Its medium humidity absorption is complemented by high breathability to resist sweat build up and keep the genital area dry.

Polyamid-elastane for swimsuits

Found in Ergowear swimwear, the low humidity absorption in this fabric blend is perfect for the water. It makes up for low humidity absorption with high breathability which makes it fast drying. The high elasticity provides comfortable yet sturdy support for male genitals and behind, adapting to the anatomy for a better fit.

Polymide-spandex microfiber

With this material combination, you will experience strong, sturdy support of the genitalia thanks to the high elasticity. Medium breathability reduces the likelihood of moisture accumulation and balances low humidity absorption.

Cotton Spandex

This material is in the middle of the spectrum regarding elasticity, humidity absorption and breathability. Underwear made with this fabric gives just the right amount of support and moisture prevention, plus it feels great against the skin, giving maximum comfort without restricting movement.

Modal Spandex

Although it does not necessarily feel that way, viscose has a relatively high humidity absorption. This fabric also feels the most “giving”: The fabric remains in contact with the skin, but in no way will you ever feel constrained by it.

Feature FEEL FEEL Classic FEEL Suave FEEL Swim X3D MAX Light MAX Mesh MAX Premium MAX Suave
Fabric Polyester-Spandex Polyester-Spandex Polyester-Spandex Microfiber Polyamid-elastane for swimsuits Polyamide-Spandex Microfiber Modal-Spandex Polyester-Spandex Mesh Cotton-Spandex Polyester-Spandex Microfiber
Elasticity Medium Medium High High High Medium High Medium Medium
Humidity absorption Medium Medium Low Low Low High Medium Medium Medium
Breathability Medium Medium Medium High Medium Medium High Medium Medium

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