Vermouth Suave, Special & All-Inclusive Men’s Lingerie Collection

Vermouth Suave, Special & All-Inclusive Men’s Lingerie Collection

The best-selling and artisan-crafted Suave family line is getting a never before seen, yet familiar, cousin this season. Vermouth Suave.

With the acceptance the Suave line of underwear has had so far, we decided to create a more
fashionable and sensual addition into the family. Vermouth Suave, a set of men’s thongs, bikinis and mini boxers in the X3DMAX and Feel underwear styles.

Vermouth Suave
offers and easy on the eye, soft and inviting tone of lila colored underwear. This product is the first special edition aimed at encompassing the main three men’s underwear lines from Egowear. The revealing X3D line with its comfortable and extra large pouches, the MAX line with its strong built, and sexy and masculine looks, as well as the no-elastic, low on the hips, stylish Feel underwear line.

Sensually Soft, Durable and All-Inclusive Men’s Lingerie Collection

The new styles complement the Suave line, an
extremely durable and silky-soft undergarments fabric. Suave is manufactured with microfibers, one of the most technologically advanced fabrics available. A carefully constructed blend of polyester-elastane threads, finer than silk and human hair, create an overly comfortable smooth-as-silk feeling, that’s sturdy, yet offers elastic and water repellency qualities.

Although a lot has been
said about Suave fabric, not much has been shown about the new material. And given that the new release is a special edition, we though of doing something special. Here’s our delightful pictures shot by Andrés Cabezas at the beautiful boutique hotel ‘The Aubrey‘, in Downtown Santiago.

An Exploration of Color

With the new season, new colors emerge, and as lilis and roses blossom, so does
sexy men’s underwear. Unlike some brands who seem to be specialised in silly colors or outrageous shapes, Vermouth Suave is aimed at pleasing the underwear
bon-vivant as well as the functional underwear seeker.

With its three new additions of
thongs, bikinis and mini boxers, Vermouth Suave will probably become the fancy Italian cousin we all have (or wish to have).

The new family consists of three new styles of
bikinis, thongs and mini boxer for the X3D, MAX and Feel lines. A seemingly new look, with a familiar style will bring more suave to your undies drawer this season. Try it today at your nearest store or order it online here.

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