The Definitive Test of Men’s Athletic Underwear

The Definitive Test of Men's Athletic Underwear - Ergowear

The Definitive Test of Men’s Athletic Underwear

As men, we are always getting into something, aren’t we? So, whether it is golfing with our buddies on a Tuesday afternoon, hitting the gym after a long day of work, or just shooting some hoops with the boys to catch up – we are moving. But, hey – did you know there is underwear for that? Athletic underwear is a thing, and it is something you should invest in for your underwear drawer. It’s like playing a game of football.

Would you do it in slides? No, of course not. You would either wear cleats or, at the very least, sneakers. However, you need specific equipment and attire when you engage in athletic activity, no matter what it is. So don’t dismiss the underwear, guys. Here’s what to consider on your quest for men’s athletic underwear.

The Problem With Regular Underwear

While boxers may not ever do anything for you, boxer briefs and briefs can be very comfortable underwear to wear throughout the day. They can be worn to work while dining out, running errands, fixing things around the house – pretty much everywhere except for athletic activities. See, your boys need some support.

If you are moving around, running, jumping, and so forth, the last thing you want is for the family jewels to be smacking and clapping and jumping right along with you. This could be damaging and will likely not feel so good. Regular undies are great, but when you are on the move, pushing yourself on the field, in the gym, on the court – you need underwear that can give you more.

The Definitive Test of Men's Athletic Underwear - Ergowear

The Reason and Need for Men’s Athletic Underwear

There are several reasons why athletic underwear was designed. First, it is for an increased level of support. As we said, you want your manhood to stay in one place no matter how much or how hard or how fast you move. Athletic underwear is designed with a pouch that holds everything in place, so you don’t have to worry. It is a level of support that you can’t get from other types of underwear, and it just feels good when you wear it. It is easier to focus on the game or workout when your boys are supported and cared for.

Next, athletic underwear gives you a bit of an isolating boost or a lift. How many times have you had your underwear allow your package to get smashed in between your legs? Then, the hotter you get, your balls become sweaty and start chafing you between the legs. Ugh. It is uncomfortable and distracting. Athletic underwear is designed to lift you– not push you down – to reduce this problem. Finally, athletic underwear is designed to keep you dry. You are working hard and sweating hard.

But let’s be honest – soaking your manhood in sweat is uncomfortable and can lead to infection, rash, jock itch, and chafing. Created with a breathable fabric, you will feel cooler – and drier – down there no matter how hard you work. Getting chafing or a rash can hurt days later. Not to mention if you move your leg the wrong way and hurt yourself because your boys are between your legs. Athletic underwear can keep you dry, supported, and lifted for protection. Wearing them during any athletic activity will feel so good.

The Definitive Test of Men’s Athletic Underwear

You know why you need them, but what do you look for? How do you know if a pair of athletic underwear is all it’s hyped up to be? There are certain traits that a pair of good athletic underwear will have. These include breathability, flexibility, breathable fabric, lightweight feel, and elasticity. Let’s take a look.

  • Breathability: Working out and playing hard both get your blood flowing. And that means heating you. Sweating is significant, but you will want to keep your manhood dry to avoid some unwanted itching and chafing. Your athletic underwear should be designed with a breathable fabric.
  • Flexibility: Being athletic means moving a lot. You don’t want to feel restricted by your underwear – so make sure it is flexible enough and has enough elasticity to move with you.
  • Fabric(s): Speaking of moving, you want a fabric that will not irritate your skin as you move. It should be soft and breathable without thick ridges, tags, or seams that could harm the skin in this sensitive area.
  • Lightweight: You need to be quick on your feet and not feel weighed down – especially by your underwear. A lightweight fabric will keep you cooler and keep you moving more freely.

The Definitive Test of Men's Athletic Underwear - Ergowear

Top-Rated Performance-Enhancing Underwear for Men

Ergowear’s underwear is designed to keep you both looking and feeling great. Believe it or not, their underwear is designed with you in mind – including all the traits of optimal athletic underwear. So, based on your athletic preference, let’s explore some top-rated and approved options to consider.

  • Running, Trekking, and Outdoor: The Max XV Thong comes with a snug fit to keep you in place as you run. The polyamide-lycra fabric is soft and stretchy – and keeps you cool.
  • Working Out: The Max Mesh Midcut Boxer Brief looks great and feels even better. They are also made with a lightweight, soft mesh material ventilated and keeps you cool while you work out. In addition, the supporting pocket will prevent any irritation of the skin.
  • Basketball: Basketball involves a lot of running and a lot of close interaction. The Max Mesh Bikini is an excellent option while running back and forth on the court. You will feel good and stay cool with the soft mesh material of the pouch. Plus, you will be 100% supported.
  • Soccer, CrossFit, TRX Suspension, and Yoga/Pilates: An athletic jockstrap like the Gym Jockstrap is ergonomic with a comfortable and supportive pouch, and it’s designed with a breathable cotton-elastane material. It gives you support and moves with you.

No matter how you move or how you like to spend your time as an athlete, there is underwear out there just waiting to keep you supported, cool, and feeling confident. It’s how you stay on top of your game.

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