Men’s Underwear Guidelines for Pierced Genitals

Men’s Underwear Guidelines for Pierced Genitals

Who says you can’t play safe? As with any piercing on the body, there are some precautions that should be taken when getting a male genital piercing, including wearing the right underwear. To ensure that your piercing heals quickly and stays healthy, follow these guidelines when choosing men’s underwear.

1. Go for dark colors

This is especially important in the first few weeks, when bleeding or spotting is definitely a possibility. Wear dark colored underwear when the wound is still fresh to avoid getting unsightly
stains on your undergarments if this occurs.

2. Choose thin, breathable fabric

Breathable underwear, such as those made with
mesh fabric, are very helpful during the first few weeks after getting a genital piercing. Aside from reducing the buildup of sweat and humidity, breathable fabric allows more air to flow through which aids the healing process.

3. Give your thongs a break

Leave the thongs behind and opt for
boxersmidcuts or bikinis. These are looser and offer more ergonomic support, and are also less likely to snag your jewelry. Plus, you avoid dealing with the discomfort of underwear riding up or feeling pressure from the seams in leg openings.

4. Absolutely no lace!

If you really want to avoid
catching jewelry, stay away from lace underwear! As you go through the healing process, the last thing you want to encounter is the pain of your piercing getting caught and pulled because you want to wear sexy underwear.

5. Go seamless

Seams inside the pouch can cause friction and aggravate the wound. This problem is avoided if you wear a
seamless pouch, plus the design offers great support especially if you are wearing heavy jewelry. Ergowear’s FEEL line is an ideal choice for seamless pouch underwear.

6. Choose nose-shaped underwear for Hafada or Guiche

If you have chosen hafada/scrotum or guiche piercings, go with cup or nose-shaped
pouch. Choose the right pouch size and ensure that it has a loose fit to wear comfortably and give you the support you need.

7. Say yes to compression shorts

Compression shorts are probably the best choice of underwear as they provide much needed support and can help alleviate pain and discomfort. For even greater support, choose a compression shorts that has a pouch design.

8. Go loose or fitted as needed

You will have more underwear options after you get past the first few weeks of soreness. In the initial stages, some people prefer to wear
fitted male underwear for the support they provide in preventing painful and uncomfortable movement. However, it is quite okay to switch to loose fitting underwear after a month or so when healing is well advanced.

9. Avoid accidents by keeping it in the front

Men’s pouch underwear not only offers great ergonomic support, but are also specially designed so you’re your genitals are kept in a front, upward facing position to avoid painful knocks or hits. This helps you to avoid accidents during the healing process such as squishing your testicles when sitting.

10. Now that you know the choices available to you, let’s recap:

  • Avoid stains from bleeding and spotting by wearing dark colored underwear in the first weeks
  • For faster healing, choose breathable underwear such as those made with mesh fabric
  • Choose loose fitting underwear with seamless pouch if the piercing is under the testicles
  • Avoid inside seams in pouches, these can aggravate the injury
  • For the strongest support, choose ergonomic fitted cuts for maximum comfort as you recover

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