Among the many benefits of buying ergonomic pouch underwear is that your underwear will provide the best fit, style and support. No matter what size you are, our sizing chart and explanation below will help you select the best fit underwear and swimwear for your anatomy.

Standard sizes vary a lot from one country to another. Additionally, due to the flexible properties of the materials used on Ergowear products, the size range covered by each size name is much wider than normal. Potentially, someone with a given waist size could use up to three Ergowear sizes, depending on the desired fit. Therefore, please take the time to determine your correct size by carefully following these instructions:


Step 1. Measuring your waist


Take a measuring tape and place it around your waist firmly (but not too tight) along where the elastic waistband would be, in the hip area (approximately 3/4 down the line between your navel and the base of your penis). It is important that you measure exactly as shown on illustration.

Step 2. Choosing your desired fit

Next you need to decide what kind of fit is appropriate for you. Typically, fit depends on three main variables: The waist size, the genital size and the thigh width (for boxers and midcuts). Once you have your waist size as measured, you should choose a loose fit if you think you are larger than average in genital size OR thigh width, and a tight fit if you think you are smaller than average in BOTH genital size and thigh width. Otherwise choose a normal fit. With your newly determined waist size and desired fit please select your size according to the size chart below.



Example: If your waist size (measured as shown) is 33″ you could order up to 3 different sizes for X3D underwear bikinis. If you like a tight fit and your genital size is smaller than average you may want to order S; if you like a tight fit and your genital size is average you may want to order M; if you prefer a looser fit and your genital size is average or you prefer a normal fit and your genital size is larger than average you may prefer size L.

If you still have doubts after checking with the size chart above, you can add the second size of the same product at up to 50% off with our smart shopping discounts, or contact us and ask for advice before placing your order.