Men’s Mesh Briefs You Can’t Miss

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Men’s Mesh Briefs You Can’t Miss

These five men’s mesh briefs offer you the best in class mesh underwear for men. Warmth Control, superb fit, breathability factor, convenience and style. All 5 mesh styles perfectly to define your style throughout the year and will make you feel more awesome.

It’s amazing how fabric in men’s underwear is often overlooked. With newer boxers and briefs manufactured in
fabrics superior to cotton, it’s important to better understand the benefits of certain materials.

In this blog post, we’ll cover five styles which we think fully capture the essence of the mesh briefs style in men’s underwear. But first, let’s cover some basics in terms of underwear design, style and how certain fabrics, mesh specifically, integrate better into men’s pouch underwear.


Mesh Briefs you can't miss

At this point you might be wondering what style to choose from. With all the benefits described above, it might seem easy to pick any style of
mesh briefs, but there’s a few tips that we would like to share with you regarding the different styles.

MAX Mesh Boxer

The best-selling and most sought-after style of mens mesh underwear are the boxers. Available in white, grey, or black. These mini boxers provide the perfect balance of coverage and style. for an all-year look. Good for any season, this style appeals to both traditional as well as more risqué guys.

You will get the benefit of picking a style that is good for any type of outfit, either for working out, a day at the office, or a Friday night. The contoured pouch offers a sexy look. The mesh fabric gives you utmost comfort and breathability, without being transparent. The low-cut and slim fit provides a feeling of support and protection hardly obtained by wearing regular undies. You’ll want to wear them ALL the time!

Get the
grey/black and white/grey combination for the ultimate pair of mesh boxers.

MAX Mesh Bikini

Exclusively available in black or white, the MAX
Mesh bikini white/grey is the winner in this list. Complimenting the line of white MAX mesh thongs, boxers, midcuts, is this masterfully crafted men’s mesh bikini.

These MAX Mesh white/grey bikini may become your go-to underwear for working out, running, or anytime your day promises to be hot. The cut ensures they’ll dry as fast as possible and the mesh material allows your boys to breath. Once you try these, you’ll certainly order more in the future.

The particularity of the bikini is that this style is probably the most ergonomic of all the mesh underwear. Given that no matter your thighs size, these’ll fit perfectly and adapt to your anatomy.

MAX Mesh Midcut

If you’re a tall guy or in need of full support in your genitals as well as full leg coverage and support of thigh muscle, you’ll crave the new
MAX Mesh midcut white/grey.

Even while covering half your thigh, These midcuts will not ride up like other midway briefs.

The low-cut style and front pouch lets your boys sits comfortably yet fully supported for all sorts of activities, including intense work outs and cold climates. The mesh is breathable enough and long enough to avoid sweating and chaffing.

Available in white and grey, these midway briefs will boost your workouts or jogging.

GYM Jockstrap

We decided to include this slightly unknown garment as the last in our list. One of the most overlook items in our mesh line, and nowhere near as popular as the boxers or midcuts, the jockstrap has it all to become your best partner during intense workouts or in warm climates.

Two straps in red sewn externally along the sides and bottom of the pouch conform this incredibly sexy
GYM jockstrap. Red vertical stitching and a three dimensional pouch provides room and support where needed.

Fabric has been kept at the minimum, with maximum ventilation on the back, especially useful if you tend to sweat a lot in your rear.


Underwear is such a big part on your everyday wellbeing, but when it comes to doing their shopping, men don’t usually give them as much love.

It’s easy to think, for example, that your shirt or trousers are more important than having a breathable pair of undies.

And you’re right. If you prefer going commando, you should pay more attention to your shirt and trousers.

But don’t overlook underwear! Wearing a style that’s comfortable, breathable and supportive is very important.

Remember: If your next pair of mesh undies does not give you an enthusiastic new look into men’s underwear, ditch that old yellow-stained tighty-whities in favor of these soft, fast-drying, odor resistant, moisture wicking, breathable and fully-supportive mesh briefs.

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