Bulge ​Swimwear & Underwear for Better Sporting

Bulge ​Swimwear & Underwear for Better Sporting

If you’ve ever doubted the significance of choosing the right type of underwear, just ask anyone who’s ever had to cut short an activity due to the ill-timed discomfort of poor fitting undies.

Bulge Swimwear & Underwear for Better Sporting

Whether it’s a
rowdy game of sports, a gym workout or just a regular trek or showing off at Rio day, there’s an underwear designed to let you move about in comfort and confidence. Here’s a few of our recommendations.

Bulge Swimwear for Swimming

Bulge Swimwear for Swimming

When you want to look good at the poolside and feel even better as you hit the water, the
FEEL Swim Bikini Calypso is definitely where the action is at.

Created with the
revolutionary FEEL technology, this bikini swimwear lets you to decide on the level of heat you want to bring to the party.

Throw modesty out the door and strut confidently as the
FEEL technology creates a slight lifting effect that gives you a hot and manly look.

The underwear drapes
comfortably on the skin as the stretch properties of the Polyamid/Spandex fabric help avoid squeezing of the genitalia, while the soft material adapts to the wearing habits and maintains its shape over time.

To kick the
sexy up a notch, add the drawstring inside the narrow waistband for even more lift and support.

Styles for Tanning

Underwear Styles for Tanning

Whether you tan on the beach or at a tanning salon, you won’t want your
hot body to go unnoticed. Here comes the
FEEL Suave Mink Thong to the rescue, with a specially designed pouch that does a superb job of enhancing the male anatomy.

Drape your sun-drenched body in this
highly supporting undergarment which one wearer described in his five-star review as “quality made and extremely comfortable”.

It features a seamless pouch made of a velvety microfiber which is highly elastic, adapting its shape to your wearing habits.

The pouch is designed to
comfortably accommodate your genitalia, lifting it up and away from your thighs. In addition, the light material expels moisture and dries quickly.

Flirting with Stylish Undies

Flirting With Stylish Undies

When you’re in the mood to flaunt your assets, the skin tight embrace of
Ergowear’s Max Suave Bikini turns up the sexy to insane decibels.

Buyers of this bikini love the fact that it is
comfortable and well fitted with nothing popping out!

The minimal coverage of this tight and flexible bikini gives a complete definition of the male anatomy, showing off its shape and bulge to entice and captivate all eyes.

With a sporty,
signature waistband and the deep, three-dimensional pouch, this underwear lifts the genitals, expels moisture and dries quickly to stay fresh and comfortable.

Made with the most
advanced microfiber technology, the bikini is highly elastic to adapt to the shape of the wearer, and is extremely soft on the skin.

A great fit”, “extreme comfort” and “looks hot” are just some of the comments that men rave about after wearing the Ergowear brand.

It’s a beautiful feeling to finally realize that you’ll never again have to
sacrifice comfort to be sexy.

Anything we missed? Do you have a preferred style for
flirting, tanning or simply showing off at the beach or by the pool? Or what about YOUR favourite style for your active lifestyle? Say hi, leave your comments below or simply subscribe to our newsletter!

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