New MAX Light Editions in Black and White to Break Away!

MAX Light Editions - Ergowear

New MAX Light Editions in Black and White to Break Away!

MAX Light, one of our most praised styles, is getting revamped. New styles in black with soft contrasting gray stitching and logo for a polished look, and white with a sand color stitching and logo for a crisper look.

The new styles are a most sought after feature to compliment the traditional
MAX light in black and some special editions released throughout the years.

In case you were not convinced with our
newest MAX Mesh styles or some of the most recent MAX Premium styles, maybe these new MAX Light items will make you happy.

Four designs define the new MAX Light in black and gray, including a
mini boxerbikinimidcut and thong. All items bearing our signature waistband in 1 4/7″ and light gray threads in cross stitching.

A version in white is added too, with our newest and bolder styles of the MAX Light line. A sandy thread in cross stitching marks the contrasting style of these bulging and profiled
mini boxersbikinis, and thongs.

All items available in S, M, L and XL sizes. Manufactured following our strict quality conditions including:

  • top notch finishings,
  • correctly calibrated pouch depth,
  • exceptionally soft fabrics with near-zero imperfections
  • 4-way stretch,
  • masterful cut and
  • our 1 4/7″ signature waistband of the MAX line.

With newer and more radical designs, that still pay homage to the defining features of comfort, style, and perfect fit. MAX Light latest products aim for a better offer to keep your boys well protected and above all, utterly comfortable.

Don’t wait any longer and dare to enter the world of men’s ergonomic underwear. Because everybody needs good underwear, just Ergowear them!


New MAX Light Editions in Black and White to Break Away!

MAX Light new version is manufactured in a super soft viscose-spandex Modal/Lycra fabrics. It provides a higher stretch that’s also resistant to shrinkage.

It provides better humidity absorption and is even lighter and softer than cotton.

Its soft compression creates a feeling of support and freedom with superior elasticity. Hardly matched with traditional cotton underwear.

As usual with all our pouch underwear styles, the bulge in these new MAX Light boxers, bikinis, thongs and midway briefs create and up-and-to-the-front feeling of enhancement and full support.

Giving you a sense of everything falling in the right places, while giving you the support you crave.

The boost to your manhood is achieved by the exceptionally designed pouch, along with unmatched and remarkable sewing techniques.

The fit is almost like wearing nothing at all, except better.

Your underwear drawer and boys will gladly welcome these new styles. If you still don’t believe our words, just Ergowear them!


The new black and white men’s boxers, bikinis, thongs and midway briefs in
MAX Light style showcase our signature, sporty and non-binding waistband in white and skin tones or black and gray logo.

Seams sewed in cross stitching with extreme attention to detail create a pleasant and attractive look. The new version looks more stylish and daring by the contrast stitching. Achieved while keeping our high standards of utmost craft, enhancing profile, and hyper comfortable design in non-traditional men’s underwear. You can’t miss the new line of MAX Light boxers, thongs, bikinis and midcuts with pouch available in white and black.

An important thing to keep in mind is that these designs are an upgrade, instead of a new product launch.

Although this announcement comes in July 2017. You will note that some of these styles will have reviews that belong to the older version from 2016. This happens because of our reviews and e-commerce platforms, but rest assured, we warrantee the same comfort and craft.

We strive to perfect our products, so it is normal that some items get discontinued in favor of newer or improved versions.

Let us know your thoughts about the new looks. Like us on FB or leave a comment below!

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