12 Male Underwear and Swimwear Styles to Try in 2015

12 Male Underwear and Swimwear Styles to Try in 2015

We have decided to create a list of some products that we think deserve a space in your drawer. Mainly because of their features and design, but also because they really deserve a space in your mind.


The fact that you own and understand some of these products will put you in a better position whenever you are trying a different brand or
different styles in underwear. after all,
experimentation is good, so why not start doing it as 2015 unravels.

We made this list based on our understanding of underwear and on the feedback we regularly get from the customers. It has been reviewed to reflect their appeal in the general population, thus it may not fully capture the attention of some persons. In other words, the items shown here may or may not fully fulfill your wishes for
what to wear in 2015, yet, it’s a good starting point that ought to be paid close attention to. If for no other reason than to learn something new.

1. Max Light Boxer Black

Max Light Boxer Black


“The ‘front’ support is extremely comfortable”

The Ford Model-T of Ergowear, the MAX Light Boxer has become a staple.

Offering a
highly supportive underwear, with a low-enough cut for a more sophisticated look, and an enhancing pouch sewn with cross-stitching. The product takes the pouch concept in male underwear to the next level, with an extremely comfortable, and well fitted style.

Pair them with jeans to understand what do we mean with a slight enhancement.

Warning, this product may cause chronic aversion to conventional underwear.



2. Feel Mini Boxer White


“The fit and material make this a fantastic pair for daily use”

Launched just last year, with unprecedented success and rapidly increasing the visibility of the Ergowear brand, the Feel mini boxer offers a
conveniently shaped pouch with no seams.

With their unique shape, and often imitated pouch, they offer a
sophisticated and provocative look with a low-cut, no-waistband.

Get them to understand why we were not kidding when we decided to call them Feel.



3. Max Mesh Boxer Grey


“Boxers in harmony with man”

The Max Mesh Boxer in Grey has been praised for the
quality of its craftsmanship.

Manufactured in Mesh fabric, the Mini Boxer offers a uniquely airy-feel and durability. The pouch, designed to give you just enough lift, depth and coziness, will
keep your boys fresh throughout all the day.

If you are just starting using pouch underwear, this is
your best starting point. They are comfortable and durable , with a pinch of lift that will undoubtedly introduce you to the world of sophisticated men’s underwear.



4. Max Light Boxer Blue


“Attractive in both color and style”

You really do not want to pass these on.
Achieve an electric look with the Max Light Mini Boxer in Blue. An enhanced profile with a supporting waistband in a uniquely printed pattern.

Perfectly manufactured with cross-stitching, these mini boxers provide ample room for wide legs.

Once considered a limited edition style and based on customer demand, we have kept this item as one of our
flagship boxers in the Max Light collection.

If for no other reason than for having a fine piece of underwear, see if you make these stand out.



5. Feel Suave Mini Boxer Mink


“The most perfect fitting brief”

Have you ever wondered how some people are so happy all the time? Well, we won’t say much, except perhaps some have
a Mink treasure under their pants.

And the best thing is, this one treasure can actually be acquired with only a few clicks!

We are talking about the Mink Suave Feel Mini Boxer. A boxer that looks and feels like your second skin, with all the elastic benefits of your actual skin.

You get a pouch that lightly lifts your genitals, yet provides
ample room for movement and convenience. If you love going commando, but considering is not always possible, put these on and laugh at everyone else from your utmost comfort.


6. Max Suave Boxer Black


“You won’t want to take’em off”

If you know Ergowear for some time, you probably have already tried this
product. Otherwise, we simply don’t understand
who has bought them all?!

A recently created design, and already one of our
best-selling products, the Max Suave Boxer has a lot to offer.

Profiled look, check. Supporting waistband, check. Soft to the touch, check.

I will only share one more tip on these. Our monthly stock for this product emptied in a matter of days. Enough said.



7. X3D Suave Thong Burgundy


“For a provocative silhouette”

While being one of the most recent newcomers, this item has won several advocates.

We will not blame Santa Claus, but we can say that there’s something about
a velvety red thong with a pouch that attracts both buyers and lookers alike.

The springy, velvety microfiber of the Suave fabric brings an unparalleled feeling to the X3D line. Trust us, you will love to
wear these thongs for a formal dinner next time.



8. Gym Compression Short Black


“Excellent texture and fit for exercise”

Have you ever wanted to wear compression underwear with a pouch, but were too afraid to try it?

Fear no more. The new Gym Compression Short in Black will bring both style and the
utmost support and compression for any kind of sports practice.

It’s uniquely sewn stitches in white only add to its
aggressive and well-built look. The Gym Compression short includes the only Max pouch in the market for better thighs and butt support.

Try these the next time you are cycling, jogging or just playing your favorite soccer match. The other players will be wondering how can you achieve such performance improvement and stamina.



9. Feel Swimtrunk Black/Red


“For the pool at the gym”

If you want a swimmer look but don’t like the squeezing unisex design of most trunks, the Feel swimtrunk is
your partner in crime. Ideal for any water sports, you must not let the year go without trying these on.

While offering the convenience and style of regular trunks, the added pouch provides a slight enhancement hardly achieved by traditional swim trunks. The red insert ads a sporty look with
a profiled rear.

If you really want to stand out the next time you are surfing or simply laying by the pool, put these on and dare to be bold!



10. Max Light Midcut Black


“Fabric feels like second skin”

We do not like to brag too much, but you could easily call this product the perfect underwear. Some customers have even called them the most comfortable underwear in the world.

With its unique fit and fabric, you can wear this style
for absolutely every occasion, including going to the gym, so we’ve been told.

Not only do you get a
perfectly fitting underwear, but you also get the benefit of wearing an exceptionally well-crafted item. Rejoice!



11. FEEL Midcut White


“The best even better”

This is probably the lowest Midcut or boxer brief in the market. With it’s unique Feel cut, and a seamless pouch in smooth polyester-spandex, the White Midcut is
a must for those new to pouch underwear.

You will get the benefit of a boxer, without the usual cramping up of most White undies (no offense Walmart). The look achieved gives you
freedom of movement without the deep bulge by its counterpart, the Max Light Midcut above.

We have picked these styles based on convenience and for those wanting to get the most out of a long underwear in traditional Black or White color.



12. Fluor Thong and Bikini Swimwear


“Very impressed with… the workmanship and materials”

If you have never worn a thong at the beach, you probably need to travel farther next time. Don’t hesitate to wear a
thong from the Fluor line. The appeal provoked by it is only dethroned by its workmanship and materials.

Taking advantage of the X3D enhancing pouch, this Flour thong swimwear offers plenty of joy for the wearer. But don’t be fooled by its skimpy looks, it’s been
strongly manufactured to resist worn from salt or treated water. Try it in Fuchsia to bring style to your guile!



But there’s one more thing…

We thought you would appreciate a
bonus product. So, here you go…


13. MAX Premium Bikini Grey/Red


“Keep the roomy underwear coming”

This list would not be complete without a classic. Remember that famous male bikini ad from the 90’s? And how it still resonates today? Well, the Max Premium Bikini is probably our most iconic bikini, and one you should not miss trying on.

It’s fabric is Premium, a combination of cotton/Lycra material that provides pleasant air-flow and comfort.

Ideal for ample legs or for someone looking for
an extremely cozy pouch with no leg coverage. Finally, the original Max Premium Bikini in Heather has been revamped with a Grey fabric and Red cross-stitched seams, making it twice as good!


Phew! That was a long list! We have made our best effort to include a variety of
styles for a variety of tastes. Although we must all agree that the Mini Boxer really deserves the more attention over other styles! They’re just so perfect!

Still not convinced? Maybe you can read some of our reviews to understand why
everyone loves Ergowear. You think our products are too expensive? Think twice, registered customers can buy products at 50% off with our smart shopping approach, learn how and go ergonomic today!

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