Four Basic Male Underwear Styles You Should Know Before 2015

Four Basic Male Underwear Styles You Should Know Before 2015

In this guide, I’ve shared some tips and rules that will teach
you how to differentiate several styles in men’s pouch underwear for a better understanding of each type before the end of the year. Discover the best styles and
make the best decision for you. It’s never too late!


The year is finally coming to an end. One of the year’s
biggest shopping sprees has ended. Many retailers have aggressively marketed (some still do) their top men’s underwear styles
in a non-stopping offering that seems to entice a few, but also confuse
aplenty, specially males. While getting products at 50% off or more
seems like a bargain, it is also wise to stop for a little bit and think
about the type of purchase you are trying to make. We do not want to
discourage you from your next purchase, but we only want to share with
you some
tips on how to identify different types of underwear for men.

At Ergowear, we are advocates of
smart shopping.
Unlike other companies which manufacture products for the sake of
increasing their offering. We are really committed to providing the
best experience when buying top-notch men’s pouch underwear styles.

After reading these tips, you will have learned all there is to know about the
top four men’s underwear styles, about their advantages and limitations, and about their differences based on the features rather than just appearance. All of this will help you choose more consciously when making your next
underwear purchase. After all, you are buying protection for arguably
the most important part of your male anatomy.

Disclaimer: While we are an underwear company specialized
in selling men’s underwear online, we have naturally linked and used
images of our products, mostly to avoid potential commercial issues and
to make it easy for our visitors to choose a style.

Understanding the basic differences between the top men’s underwear
styles is crucial for making informed decisions that have a high impact
on your day-to-day activities.

Let’s Clear Things Up a Bit

So, let’s review the four most common pouch underwear styles.

It is important to note that many companies, magazines, websites, blogs
and wikis mention several styles which we have not broken down. Still,
we have attempted to show their similarities so you can
better compare them.

I. Boxer

The most common underwear style. The boxer is
the go-to undergarment for those already aware of some of the more sophisticated men’s underwear styles. Yet, it’s simplicity and in-betweenness makes this garment an ideal choice for both experts as well as newbies.

The cut allows for a stylish look that also provides protection and
support. The design is not
avant guarde trendy so less style-guided people will
feel more comfortable wearing it.

Ergowear has replaced the typical boxer with the
mini boxer. A design that better matches this house’s style. The mini boxer is the
intermediary between the bikini or brief and the midcut. In
the case of the Ergowear collections, it’s color combinations allow for
a year-round use. From the flashy summer colors to the avant-garde autumn

This style comes with or without a visible waistband, and this can easily be identified from the name of the family, such as MAX, FEEL or X3D. All MAX styles come with a visible 1 4/7″ waistband. In the case of FEEL and X3D lines, these do not include a visible waistband.

Available in all styles, our boxers offer the broadest options.
Recommended uses for boxers are every day use, going out and low-key exercise.

II. Bikini

The underwear for those trying to add a pinch of style to their underwear collection.
The bikini offers a more sophisticated look with the sensation of
wearing nothing at all. Covering mainly the front pouch and part of the
Bikinis are usually the first underwear choice for those into intense physical activities.

Similar to boxers, our
bikinis offer the
second broadest portfolio of styles and colors, from brightly colored
to subtle tones of mink and dark turquoise. While not as edgy as a thong
or jock-strap, these styles offer the comfort and convenience of going
commando with a sleeker look.

Because they don’t have leg coverage, thigh size is not an issue. This makes bikinis ideal for larger or very muscular men, and virtually eliminates the possibility of bunching up. Bikinis are recommended for every day use–depending on your dressing habits–, going out and just relaxing.

III. Midcut

Midcut, also known as long boxer, brief, boxer brief, or long short, offers a more
conservative look with equal comfort.
Normally used by athletes or people suffering from chaffing in the groin area, this garment offers full leg support with pouch enhancement.

While being a casual underwear, the pouch included on these styles
offers an enhancing effect adding the benefits of more sophisticated underwear.

These cuts are
recommended for climates with unpredictable weather conditions. The benefits of having a
garment that’s breathable but also warm has been praised by many
males working in all sorts of industries.

IV. Thongs & Jocks

These are some of the hottest men’s underwear styles. We have decided to include
both jockstraps and thongs here because both
items look quite similar and also offer similar benefits.

The jock straps were initially intended for sports requiring intense physical effort,
but have evolved into a wild, often underrated, undergarment in men’s fashion.

, mostly associated with women apparel, have gradually shifted to male fashion. Especially pushed by niche users and communities, these
styles have gained wider acceptance with more and more designer brands
including some style of jock-strap or thong in their catalogues.

Recommended uses for
jock-straps and thongs are for males who do not like their underwear to be seen or shown under tight pants made in thin materials. These styles are also ideal for specific activities such as ballet dancing, surfing, compression shorts and other styles which require some protection and lift, but without the extra weight or bunching up that often comes with regular underwear such as boxers or midcuts. Also, in very warm climates wearing nothing but a thong or a jockstrap under otherwise formal clothing can make a world of a difference in comfort.

The Journey is Just Beginning

You may have noticed that we have simplified the product offering, but please note,
even the underwear authorities have some issues when making a comprehensive list in male underwear. Some examples below.

While it may be hard to find a common ground, there are commonalities shared between all styles.
The most common one based on length and fit, with fitted styles often called pouch underwear.

Please take a look at the following style guides from the top men’s
underwear brands and websites for more resources on men’s under

Finally, remember that when you are looking at any page of the
Ergowear product listings, and would like to see differences between
styles, all you need to do is click the “compare” box of up to 4 styles
and then “Compare selected” at the bottom of the page.

If you have something to add, just let us know in the comments section.
Also, feel free to share with people whom you think might also find these tips
useful. Once, again,
welcome to the world of men’s underwear.

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