Understanding Modern Men’s Underwear Styles

Understanding Modern Men’s Underwear Styles

Having browsed through dozens or more pairs of sophisticated underwear you have finally made your choice to own at least one decent pair. Important questions arise, What style to choose? How are they different?

Spending 25 usd for a pair of underwear seems like a
tough choice. It seems one of those shopping choices that, although not a buzzkill, could definitely put some doubts in your head once the purchase has been made.

While we do not want to fill your head with doubts about where you should be spending your money, we want to let you know a few
basic pouch underwear styles you must know, should the need of acquiring new mens underwear arises, specially during one of the most important holiday shopping dates of the year.

Understanding Modern Men's Underwear Styles

I. Difference Between Traditional and Sophisticated Underwear

Before presenting you a few sophisticated underwear styles, it is important to explain the basic
differences between traditional and sophisticated underwear. Not everyone has had the opportunity to experiment the
journey to sophisticated underwear, so we will clarify some doubts.

basic difference between traditional underwear versus pouch underwear relies solely on the fit. Traditional underwear mainly offers protection by basically putting a layer of cloth between your flesh and the pants.

Fit underwear
, on the other err, hand, offers extra benefits, including support, more breath ability and better looks. This is achieved by a combination of materials used, as well as fabric cuts and sewing. More on that later.

II. Do you really need fit underwear?

The underlaying principle is simple and once you read it, you’ll wonder why you did not think about this before.

Shoes do not look like boxes (although some do). Shirts are not ponchos, they adapt to your body shape. Gloves, socks, pants, jackets and hats do the same. Even ties have different widths that aim to
adapt to your neck and chest.

There is no reason why your undergarments should look like two flat pieces of cloth sewn together for the purpose of protection. The
adapting capabilities of fitted or sophisticated underwear addresses this and many more issues regarding the male anatomy.

Even more, while something could also be said on the psychological benefits of wearing a new pair of underwear, we will avoid the (possible) controversy, leaving it for a different occasion.

III. The Components of Sophisticated Underwear for Males

Naturally, an undergarment that offers extra benefits comes with extra components. We will define the most important ones. But don’t be fooled by thinking that all sophisticated styles are too complicated.

You will also learn that proper men’s underwear design takes advantage of new fabrics and cuts, and as such, is able to provide more benefits than traditional styles.

Style in men’s underwear is, at its most basic level, defined by length. Styles with less fabric make for a shorter style, while the opposite is also true. Little fabric makes the bikini, thong or jockstrap, while a lot of fabric makes the boxer, short, midcut or long john.

a. Underwear Length

Length is directly related to the amount of fabric. You can wear underclothes that includes a strap and a pouch, without back coverage, to underwear that covers your anatomy and legs, until your ankles. In between you will find thongs, bikinis, mini boxers, boxers, briefs, midcuts, shorts and long johns. There’s a wide universe but choosing should not be too hard once you’ve identified your
wearing habits.

Choosing a certain type of underwear could also be related to your daily habits, the climate where you live in, any owner specific needs, how risky you are, and in general on wearing something that will make you feel comfortable.

b. Type of Material

Starting with fabric, you should consider the type of fabric based on how
elastic it is, what’s the level of humid absorption, how breathable is it as well as any other new materials that bring extra benefits. Materials range wildly from 100% cotton to synthetic blends that add stretch in Lycra, Modal, Polyester or Microfiber.

Depending on your very own needs as well as the climate of where you live in, or the climate to where you expect to wear it, you might want to pick a fabric that absorbs moisture but that’s also breathable.

If you live in cold weathers maybe you should go for synthetic materials that will keep you warm.

c. Pouch depth and shape

The pouch adds an extra level of comfort and looks, taking traditional underwear to a more sophisticated level.
A well-designed pouch will lightly lift your genitals, separating your testicles from your legs, while giving you more freedom of movement as well as temperature control.

Pouch depth also plays a role, as well-hung guys may want to look for either an elastic fabric but also a pouch with enough depth that will not constrain them. One thing to consider when choosing pouch underclothings is that the male anatomy is not the same size all the time, so you might want to find a pouch that’s a flexible but that also adds a light boost.

Another factor that you should consider is seams. Most guys have not ever thought about seams before because most likely they’ve been wearing the same white undies. Seams add some special characteristics, they help shape the pouch into either cup or nose shapes. Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve.

Other times, specially after surgery or some male anatomic piercing, you may want to avoid front seams at all. They might stuck with any stitches or piercings.

d. With or without Waistband

Finally, if you are going for the sophisticated look, think also of getting underwear with low cut styles. These help you give a more fashionable look and do not show off under your jeans or pants. Enough of the rapper look!

Modern brands understand this concept and offer low-cut styles with either concealed or visible waistbands. A visible waistband is better suited for activities which require some physical effort, as they help avoid your underwear to loosen up. Concealed waistband offers some room for your belly as well as pouch to accommodate itself however it pleases.

IV. Conclusion

Naturally, at this point we hope you have a more thorough understanding on the many styles of
sophisticated male underwear out there. Choose wisely and remember, there’s many things to be said about undergarments, but all of these would be pointless if you keep using or shopping the same styles. Our advice, start your journey to sophisticated underwear today. Your boys will not regret it.

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