MAX MESH Boxer- Royal Blue


MAX MESH Boxer- Royal Blue


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Breathable & Moisture-wicking

These men’s boxer-briefs in royal blue feature our 3-dimensional MAX pouch and signature MESH fabric, whose fibres are woven to create a stretchy, net-like fabric which is ultra elastic and sturdy, making these garments the perfect apparel when doing sports or making any leg movement, up or down or sideways. The MAX pouch will enhance your male front assets and provide the support necessary when working out by separating testicles and thighs, giving you freedom of movement. Also, our customized Ergowear elastic waistband gives them that extra support and current sporty look seen on runways.

Fast-drying MESH

MAX MESH is manufactured using a exclusively-made, stretchy, net-like fabric in Polyester/Spandex. Humidity spreads out across the MESH fabric surface for quick evaporation, especially when practicing sports to help ventilation and prevent that uneasy chaffing after training.

MAX MESH underwear for men ranges from midcuts to jockstraps, along with thongs, bikinis and boxer- briefs, so that you may choose the one you like best. In cold weather as an undergarment, for instance, or in hot weather as a breathe-through option, or to be worn as a discrete layer under boardshorts or even skinny jeans and chinos.

Best mesh ever

MAX MESH is manufactured with our exclusively-made 4-way-stretch MESH, which is lightweight and adaptable, yet a strong fabric. This type of material is characterized by the net-like texture, and the spaces between the yarns, making it light, breathable and moisture-wicking. Moisture evaporates quickly, as humidity spreads across the mesh. Also, the Spandex gives these garments the elasticity needed when working out in comfortable athletic gear.

Comfort meets style

Choosing the right underwear to train or workout can turn into a nightmare. Most regular men’s underwear feels confining and tight. However, the three-dimensional MAX pouch design gives you support and confidence to make any movement 360º. It will enhance your assets and make you look athletic and stylish at the same time, thanks to its pioneering ergonomic design.There are many colors to choose from, we are sure you’ll find the right MAX MESH that works for you.

MAX MESH Boxer-brief features:

  • 100% ergonomic designs.
  • 3-dimensional pouch in MAX design
  • Manufactured in exclusively-made MESH fabric
  • Signature 1 4/7″ waistband (logo design and position may vary)

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