GYM Jockstrap- Royal Blue


GYM Jockstrap- Royal Blue

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Athletic & Urban style that goes with you everywhere

True to our ergonomic philosophy, these GYM jockstraps in royal blue feature our MAX pouch and exclusively-made MESH fabric. MESH fibres are woven to create a net-like material which is ultra flexible and resistant at the same time, making them the perfect gear when taking sports or looking for new experiences. The 3-dimensional MAX pouch will enhance your assets and provide the support needed when working out by leaving testicles away from thighs, giving you freedom to make any movement. Also, our customized Ergowear elastic waistband provides extra support to the side straps, which are carefully sewn on the sides for less contact with your skin, keeping everything in place at all times.

Ergonomic Jockstraps for everyone

Our GYM Jockstrap sticks with you no matter your activity; whether be it at the gym or when hanging out in the city. These jocks are manufactured using our state- of-the- art MESH fabric, which is highly-elastic and moisture-wicking. The Elastane fibers make these jockstraps adaptable & flexible, at the same time they will provide great support to make any movement thanks to the 3-dimensional MAX pouch that will keep everything in place and enhance your assets by separating testicles from thighs. You’ll feel light and dry, because of the breathable mesh, which spreads perspiration across fibers and wicks away moisture. Why not try one of these jocks next time you hit the gym?


  • Sports underwear in 100% ergonomic design
  • 3-dimensional pouch in MAX design
  • Manufactured in exclusively-made MESH fabric
  • Signature 1 4/7″ waistband (logo design and position may vary)
  • Chaffing reduction sidestraps sewn on the outer side of waistband for a smooth inner finish

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