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As you can see we thought it would we useful to keep a record of some of the reviews we’ve been given over the years. These have been copy-pasted from our previous site, so you might actually find some reviews in their original language. We ship internationally and have hundreds of customers worldwide. Read on and discover what makes our underwear so special. Who knows, perhaps you’ll end up showing up in here.

Ergowear Reviews

MAX InCopper Boxer – White by Ronny (Germany) July/2011
epmp09-b-1x2.jpgEPMP09B Super Boxer extrem angenehm zu tragen. Sieht echt schick aus macht weiter so .


MAX InCopper Boxer – White by Philip (United States) June/2011
epmp09-b-1x2.jpgEPMP09B In copper is the best fabric yet!.. I would like to have mid cut or compression length with the same leg bottom as the boxer. Good job.


MAX PREMIUM Boxer – White by Shane (Australia) June/2011
epmp06-b-3x1.jpgEPMP06B These undies ROCK! Awesome support for my boys, yet they feel barely there. More colours please!


X3D Low-Rise Boxer-Brief – White by shane (Australia) June/2011
elxd05-b-2x1.jpgELXD05B LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my slick and sexy X3D’s! The super sexy cut of the pouch and rear seam make me feel like a God when i wear them, and the feel of the material only adds to it. BRAVO ERGOWEAR!


MAX PREMIUM Long Pant – White by PJ (Australia) June/2011
elmp06-b-1d1.jpgELMP06B First, my congratulations to the designer & manufacturer of your product, I have spent years & thousands of dollars trying to find suitable & comfortable underware & I finally found you. Second, I drive dump trucks at a gold mine. I wore ergowear long pants for the first time on night shift, they are unbelievably comfortable & warm but more importantly, they make me feel good…


MAX Compression Short – Black by Paul (United States) May/2011
emmp07-n-1d3.jpgEMMP07N I got these to wear for jogging and what I love about the 3-D pouch is I don’t have to wear a jock. I jog early in the morning and I wear them by themselves. I have a few piercings and I can wear these running without any pinching, and that is nice. Wish they came in gray.


X3D Swimsuit Bikini – Red by Robert (Canada) March/2011
eslj04-r-1x1.jpgESLJ04R Stand out product. Fit is very revealing for a well endowed male, as specially when wet. Very comfortable Signed: Dominate/Canada


MAX PREMIUM Long Pant – Black by Andrew (United States) February/2011
elmp06-n-1d1.jpgELMP06N These tights are fantastic. I really like how Ergowear has applied their fantastic pouch design to this long pant – it provides incredible support, lift, and definition. I’ve found these to be great for running. I hope you continue to innovate and use your pouch design for other leading edge products – perhaps a bodysuit or leotard.


MAX PREMIUM Long Pant – White by Sebastian (Canada) February/2011
elmp06-b-1d1.jpgELMP06B This was a different winter for me! I always hate to use so many layers of clothes when it’s freezing, but because of my job I have to. My girlfriend gave me two of these for Christmas and they were the best gift I got. I felt completely protected from the cold, but my genitals were not crushed like in all the other long underpants I used to wear. Two weeks later I ordered three more to have enough for the whole week and – I promise this winter I felt SO GOOD (like your sticker says!). THANK YOU SO MUCH ERGOWEAR!


MAX Compression Short – Black by Andrew (United States) December/2010
emmp07-n-1d3.jpgEMMP07N These are great! Perfect under shorts for basketball, or I wear them by themselves at the gym for weightlifting or cardio. During weightlifting a number of the guys at the gym have been able to check out the performance styling of the 3-D pouch. They can really see the benefits of the pouch design, and a couple guys are asking where they can get a pair for themselves, how the pouch sizing works, etc. Normally I wear an Ergowear Jock or Thong for my workouts. These are a great addition to my workout wear collection.


MAX PREMIUM Boxer – White by Eric (United States) October/2010
epmp06-b-3x1.jpgEPMP06B The redesigned pouch on the MAX PREMIUM is fantastic. The old design was very good but the new one is even better. I also wear N2N but I now prefer the new MAX.


X3D Swimsuit Thong – Yellow by HERVE (France) August/2010
esuj04-y-1x1.jpgESUJ04Y String très sexy et agréable à porter,couleur sympa.Ma femme adore. English: Thong very sexy and comfortable to wear, fun color. My girlfriend loves it.


X3D Low-Rise Boxer-Brief – White by Menswear (United States) July/2010
elxd05-b-2x1.jpgELXD05B I’m in love with the X3D boxer!! See the detailed review at


FLEX Swimsuit – Royal Blue by Rodrigo (United States) Deciember/2009
efxs04-a-1d1.jpgEFXS04A Awesome! I ordered the “loose fit” and it really looks as on the picture!!


MAX PREMIUM Jock – Black by JORGE (Argentina) October/2009
esup06-n-9x1.jpgESUP06N Excelente suspensor que otorga muy buen calce y ajuste, lo he comparado con otros que adquirí en EEUU, ya que en mi país no se consigue este tipo de prenda de ropa interior, no se cuál será el motivo y considero a este modelo como uno de los mejores. Lo uso para trotar y largas caminatas, aunque se siente tan cómodo que se puede usar todo el día en especial en verano, también poseo el modelo Max Light, pero la bolsa del Max me parece que sujeta más o lo hace en forma más firme. Los elásticos de cintura y de piernas se sienten que ajustan y dan soporte pero sin apretar Los felicito por sus productos, estoy por adquirir algún otro modelo de la marca, gracias.


X3D Brief – White by James (United States) September/2009
esxd05-b-2x1.jpgESXD05B Best briefs I own. Feel great, fit and support are excellent. Other reviews suggest they are for guys with big packages – I’m average at best and find the fit near perfect.


X3D Low-Rise Boxer-Brief – White by Sam (United States) September/2009
elxd05-b-2x1.jpgELXD05B About a week ago I received this boxer in black and in white – and I love it!! I have always liked your X3D underpants, but I mostly use the brief and the bikini because I think the original boxer is almost a midcut, and I like the legs shorter, this is perfect, and the new waistband is great – its very sexy and the fit is AWESOME.


FLEX Swimsuit – Black by Anthony (United States) August/2009
efxs04-n-1d1.jpgEFXS04N WOW WOW WOW WOW – just received this swimsuit today and I’m SO PLEASED! I tried it at the condo pool this morning and this afternoon I’m wearing it at the beach. It’s great because I like to show my package but discretely. And this feels so good, too! Just like it says on your sticker!!


X3D Thong – Black by Cutberto (Mexico) July/2009
esuj05-n-2x1b.jpgESUJ05N Muy confortables, yo tengo usandolas diario y son muy comodas, casi te olvidas que llevas ropa interior


X3D Swimsuit Bikini – Black by Rob (Netherlands) June/2009
eslj04-n-1x1.jpgESLJ04N Review: Ergowear X3D Bikini. What a great product! I had been on the lookout for a small style suit like this for a long time. Excellent fit, thoroughly recommended. No problems with shipping to the Netherlands.


X3D Squarecut – Red by Jeremy (United States) January/2009
epxd04-r-1x1.jpgEPXD04R After purchasing the black X3D squarecut swimsuit I just had to purchase the red one. The red squarecut shows more appealing detail than the black one. I love the way the red squarecut X3D suit subtly shows off my meaty round head in the enhancement pouch and offers a nice rear view as it gently sucks between my cheeks. The suit clings to the outlines of the body all the way up to the skin between the legs. This allows the male package to slip easily and comfortably into the X3D enhancement pouch and reduces unwanted need for adjustment. Most swimwear hides the male package and allows everything to hang underneath. The experts at Ergowear have perfected a way to allow a man to fit naturally into a quality piece of swimwear without sacrificing comfort or style. The fabric is ultra soft, the suit does not ride up, and you feel great knowing that people are looking your way. Ergowear has produced a superior product that blows the competition away!


X3D Thong – Black by Jeremy (United States) January/2009
esuj05-n-2x1b.jpgESUJ05N I just received my X3D thongs in the mail yesterday. I have worn many different brands of thongs, and I have to say, these are the most comfortable thongs I have ever worn. The fabric is ultra soft and the fit is low and sexy. I love the way the pouch is designed to show off my package and turn a few heads. You make an excellent product and your customer service is second to none. It feels good to wear a product that encourages the male anatomy to hang naturally. It hardly feels like I have anything on at all and I feel so confident in them. Thanks for a great product Ergowear!


X3D Bikini – Black by GERALD (United Kingdom) December/2008
X3D Bikini - BlackESLJ05N i was introduced to erogwear by a friend and bought the Max jock and was pleased with them but now have ordered and received the 3xd bikini in black wow what a grat fit and feel to them super soft material must sat great service and fast airmail delivery


X3D Boxer – Black by wayne (United States) November/2008
X3D Boxer - BlackEPXD05N I have to laugh when I think about the first time I tried on my black X3D boxers. I felt like a super hero action figure who had just started putting on his attire. The underwear I had always worn had either uncomfortably crushed the contents or just let it hang — neither of which is an especially pretty site. And now I was seeing a tight wad of flesh prominently on display — and it belonged to me! I had never worn anything before that was so skin-tight and flesh-hugging. Just like the breasts on a woman are more beautifully displayed with the right support in her bra, this pouch design takes what a guy has and gives it a different look and feel. Before I placed my first order, I read, more than once, the well-written articles on the site, and the summary statement that bragged that “According to the Third Worldwide Ergowear Survey on Men’s Underwear nearly 90% of men who are Ergowear users admit that their overall well-being during the day has increased since they started using Ergowear.” What other underwear site is so full of research, documentation, and explanation? Well, it’s true — you just feel a lot better when you’re not feeling squashed. Think about it. There’s a lot to deal with down there. At first I had thought that it would be uncomfortable to have the testicles and penis all packaged together. Isn’t that part of the benefit of regular boxers, to have room to move and not be tight? Well, forget traditional boxers, and let this pouch design give your goods a lift that will make you more comfortable all day long. I have both the X3D and the Max Light. I really love the stretchy fabric of the Max Light, but I wish there was a new version that had the X3D cup pouch rather than the Max “nose” pouch. I think the cup pouch is perfect. The “nose” pouch is just as comfortable, but depending on what you’re wearing, can be a little too pronounced for my tastes. Thanks, you guys in Chile, for making our day a lot more comfortable than i


X3D Boxer – White by David (United States) August/2008
X3D Boxer - WhiteEPXD05B I have the X3D boxer which gives me a gentle, comfortable support for my traumatized testicles. I have tired Unico, 2Xist. C-N2 , Jockey, and many more brands but none of them give me the needed relief from pain as does this brand. For the first time in years I am able to get in and out of a car, cross my legs, walk , run and swim with complete comfort. Not even the swimmer jocks give this support. If I could afford them , I’d buy nothing else on the market!


X3D Thong – White by Tom (United States) August/2008
X3D Thong - WhiteESUJ05B These are so comfortable. My wife loves how she can see my thick meaty knob head through these . It just seems to hold my package so well. Since I have a 34 waist I decided to order the XL size and they fit so great. Feels like I am wearing nothing, however the support is there. Might want to be careful if you wear them when your changing at the gym because you really see the outline of your cut dick head. I tried thongs in the past and they always seemed to be tight and pushing my thick member down into my balls. Not these. Your dick and balls hang natural and you can’t even feel the string between your cheeks. I would recommend if your packing a thick 7” like I am or if you have big balls, that you order the next size up and be comfortable.


X3D Boxer – Black by Tom (United States) July/2008
X3D Boxer - BlackEPXD05N I don’t know what to say. They are so comfortable. I never thought I would be wearing these boxers, briefs and thongs. They fit my package so well. I have tried in the past to wear thongs and briefs but they were all too restricting. I have a thick package with low hangers and these are so good. My wife told me to order as much as I need. She said they look great on me. And they feel so good. If you want the comfortable and the sexy looks these are it!


X3D Boxer – Black by Edward (Canada) June/2008
X3D Boxer - BlackEPXD05N What amazing service – ordered late Tuesday afternoon and this a.m. (Thursday) they were delivered to my door. Unreal what fast and efficient service Ergowear provides. Both pair feel amazingly comfortable and look great on. Material in both styles feel so wonderful. And wear them all day long and not feel bound like most other brands feel. As your website says and I agree 100% – they are truly ergonomically designed for today’s man. Thanks again for the wonderful service and product.


X3D Bikini – White by Leonardo (Italy) May/2008
X3D Bikini - WhiteESLJ05B Prodotto fantastico ! E’ comodissimo ! Il pacco è decisamente spazioso ed è assolutamente confortevole per me che ho un pene molto lungo anche a riposo (22cm a riposo). Prodotto Straconsigliatissimo !!! LEONARDO


X3D Thong – White by Larry (United States) February/2008
X3D Thong - WhiteESUJ05B Thank You! I appreciate that you considered my comments and responded as you did! You run a 1st class operation. There are a lot of companies who could learn from your examples of customer service and support! Your loyal customer Larry


X3D Swimsuit Bikini – Black by Julian (United Kingdom) January/2008
X3D Swimsuit Bikini - BlackESLJ04N Have just received my Ergowear SwimsuitX3D Black Bikini, and I am delighted. A super fit,excellent quality,looks great. I love to wear brief swimwear,but it needs to be supportive,as I’ve got a big ‘package’,other makes have disappointed but this delivers the goods! Important to us well endowed guys! Practical too, without the front liner for quick drying. Ergowear is a real winner,thanks. Hope you can use this in the reveiws.


X3D Bikini – White by Denis (Croatia) August/2007
X3D Bikini - WhiteESLJ05B I just received my bikini. It’s great. I was surprised how quick I got it. I’m more then satisfied with it. I’ll buy more of your products , that is for sure.


X3D Bikini – Black by Brian (United Kingdom) July/2007
X3D Bikini - BlackESLJ05N Just received a pair of black X3D biniki in black. As a regular user of the microfibre boxers I always thought I would never wear a biniki style again. The Ergowear biniki is really comfortable and sexy so much so I have ordered two further pairs in red.


X3D Thong – Black by Eric (United States) July/2007
X3D Thong - BlackESUJ05N I love them! I get complements everytime both in and out of the the locker room. I have bought a half dozen and hardly wear anything else these days. They are great under suits as well as jeans and shorts, especially on hot summer days, they give complete freedom of movement when doing any sport.

Ergowear Reviews