MAX Specifications

MAXimum support, MAXimum exposure!

The  MAX Collection offers our widest range of styles and fabrics. Whether its mesh, cotton/spandex blend, or a thong or midway brief, the common element is the roomy three-dimensional and elastic pouch and the wide elastic waistband.  


1. Design features

Normal underwear (A) vs Ergowear three-dimensional pouch (B)

All items of our MAX Collection are fitted with a three-dimensional pouch that is designed to accomodate your genitals away from your legs but still in a natural position.  The testicles are pulled slightly up and to the front, still leaving enough room to place the penis pointing down. The illustration shows the typical position of male genitals in most underwear (A) and in Ergowear (B).

All MAX items have a 40mm (1 4/7″) wide visible elastic waistband for extra support around the waist and a more athletic look. The waistband has one Ergowear logo in front; exact position and logo version may vary.

The vertical seam in the front of the pouch is made with an extra flat stitching technology on both inside and outside. 



Front and sideways look of the typical Max underwear line


2. Materials

The MAX designs are made in many different fabrics depending on the intended use. MAX Premium is the first version, originally launched in cotton-spandex , the closest to pure cotton, but with elastane fibers for enduring elasticity. The colorful TRIO is also made with cotton-spandex. Then the popular MAX LIGHT is manufactured in a very soft and stretchy viscose-elastane (Modal). Both cotton and viscose are natural fibers. MAX Mesh is made in a super breatheable but not see-through polyester-elastane mesh weave. The gymwear items with the MAX design are manufactured in a supportive and moisture-wicking polyamid-elastane, and finally MAX Suave is made in our polyester-spandex Suave microfiber

Fabric Name Content range Content range
Cotton-Spandex 90-92% cotton 8-10% elastane
Modal-Lycra 90-92% viscose 8-10% elastane
Compression Supplex 80-82% polyamid 18-20% elastane
Mesh 85-90% polyester 10-15% elastane
Suave Microfiber 92-95% polyester 5-8% elastane

Note: Actual fiber content may vary between production lots; actual content is shown on sewn label of each item.


3. Updates

At the end of 2013 we redesigned the boxer and midcut styles of this line, and as a result we dropped the original “brief”.


4. Care Instructions

These caring instructions are provided as is in all of your underwear and swimwear purchases, and we strongly advice you to follow them. The materials used are advanced and sophisticated enough to last long, yet they should be treated accordingly for an even longer life span. Also note that these care instructions are typical of standard quality clothing.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do wash colors separately in warm water, specially in the first 2-3 washes.
  • Do hand-wash delicate fibers, or inside a wash bag if machine wash.
  • Don’t use chlorine.
  • Don’t use hot-dryier.
  • Don’t iron.
  • Don’t dry-clean.

Care Instructions



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