Ergonomic Considerations for Sports Clothing

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Ergonomic Considerations for Sports Clothing

Ergonomic considerations for sports clothing are not necessarily a new thing. But the way they are designed today, is not your dad’s sportswear.

Physical movement is essential for the body. It works to keep our blood flowing throughout the body – and improves respiratory health and cardiovascular health. It also promotes strong bones and muscles while reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even some cancers. 

We all know just how important it is to our health. After all, we learn about it from the time we enter elementary school. Yet, while everyone tells us we need to get out there and play baseball, run track, jump rope, play basketball, dodgeball, and all kinds of other sports, we are rarely taught the importance of protecting our family jewels during the game! 

As boys and young men experience all types of injuries, such as scrotal contusion, hematoma, testicular contusion, testicular fracture, and more from participating in athletic activities without protection, the need for it is there. But, let’s be honest — who is going to wear protective gear like an athletic cup to jump hurdles? 

Men’s underwear manufacturers have answered the call for help and have created sports clothing that offers ergonomic considerations for athletes. 

Ergonomic Considerations: Staying Cool (or Warm)

Getting out and exercising on a crisp winter morning isn’t always the most pleasant thing to do. It is hard to get out of your warm bed at 6:00 AM to head out into freezing temperatures for a run. But it has to be done – and you always feel so good afterward. Thankfully, the use of two-in-one long johns and sports tights offers you a warm body with the comfort and flexibility of sports leggings. They are so comfortable that you can either wear them anytime under your clothing and keep warm. 

These bottoms are flexible with a soft satin finish, durable and elastic fibers that don’t shrink or lose shape. And a supportive pouch to boot. You will feel comfortable, warm, and supported no matter what activity you find yourself doing. 

Too hot for leggings? Face it – we don’t all live in a climate that allows us to witness a change of seasons. For some, it is hot all year around. And the sweaty moisture that we experience while staying active is a real problem. Finding underwear that the boys can feel comfortable and supported in without feeling like they are, quite literally, bathing in their own sweat can be tricky. That is, until now. 

Jockstraps are the perfect option for keeping your manhood safe while you get out and do what you do – on the field, on the court, in the gym, on the track, or wherever life takes you. Jockstraps were initially designed to keep your entire package protected from any unforeseen danger. 

The latest version of this athletic underwear uses mesh fabric to keep you at your coolest. And when it is hot and gets rid of the moisture before it can irritate your sensitive areas. With a well-designed pouch, your assets will be enhanced and supported while you work out, keeping your balls away from your thighs no matter which way you choose to move. The supportive waistband ensures that the jockstrap remains in place so your focus can be on the game and not on what’s going on in your pants. 

The point is, you can be active all year round no matter the temperatures when you have options like leggings and jockstraps!

Maintaining Health

There are a lot of activities that can put your boys at risk. Health is one of the most important things to think about when it comes to ergonomic considerations.

Extreme temperatures can impact your workout or athletic activity. If the temps are too cold, freezing air can make it through your clothing and contact your skin. Runners know how this cold air can give you a chill, but it can also give you a bit of windburn on your upper thighs area. Hence the need for leggings. 

If it’s too hot, then sweating becomes an issue. This can lead to its own problems, such as being a breeding ground for bacteria and leading to issues like jock itch. Again, this is where jockstraps can come in handy. 

Chafing and rashes also regularly occur due to rubbing and can be incredibly irritating and painful to deal with. Having underwear designed to keep your balls away from your thighs and with moisture-wicking material is the best option. 

Traits of Ergonomic Sports Clothing

Men’s underwear that has been designed to benefit those engaging in physical activity has certain traits. A few of these include: 

Enhanced recovery. Leggings may offer a bit of relief from delayed onset muscle soreness after a good workout. Not all activity is going to cause pain. Still, if you are interested in enhancing the recovery process to get right back in there and keep training tomorrow, you may want to add these to your underwear collection. 

A pouch. While pouches are designed to enhance your package, this aspect is just a bonus. They were actually designed to be ergonomically beneficial. They lift up your package and pull it away from your body. Not only does it feel more comfortable, but it also keeps you cooler and reduces the chance of injury. 

Supportive elasticity. You want your sports underwear to move with you when you move. If you bend your body to the left to grab the ball, you need to feel confident that you will not be all twisted in your underwear – or that the convict has escaped the jail. When you are active, your underwear needs to move with you so that you remain supported. A perfect combination of elasticity and support is crucial. 

Moisture-wicking material. In case you get too hot or too sweaty, as is customary with most physical activity, you need to have moisture-wicking underwear that is soft against your skin as you move. This keeps you dry and avoids any potential irritation. 

Ergonomic Considerations For Sports Clothing: Final Thoughts

Ergonomic considerations for sports clothing are not necessarily a new thing. But the way they are designed today, friend, is not your grandpa’s – or even your dad’s sportswear. Your family jewels will be safe, cool, and comfortable when held by the perfect pair of men’s ergonomic underwear.  

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