10 Reasons To Buy Men’s Underwear From Ergowear

10 Reasons To Buy Men’s Underwear From Ergowear

A shameful list.

Celebrating our 2,000 verified reviews achievement, we decided to list the top 10 reasons why every man needs to try Ergowear underwear at least once.


Because your lifestyle demands it, because you want to look better, or because you want to get what 1,000 people are talking about. We really hope this article peaks your interest.

A few words before reading this post.
Don’t read it if:

  1. You have never considered upgrading your underwear for something more edgy;
  2. You feel absolutely comfortable wearing tighty-whities; or
  3. You don’t even consider underpants an important part of your day-to-day.

If any of these is the case, most likely after reading this your mindset will remain unchanged.

But, if you feel like
you could benefit from a decent pair of undergarment, or feel your boxer briefs are just not sexy enough, please go ahead, and dare to enter the world of sophisticated underwear for men. I promise the following read will only take out 6 minutes of your life and may prove valuable for the rest of it.

Continuing with the open mind set, lets dive into the mind of the
bon vivant, the maven and the connoisseur. Let’s dive into the field of sophistication. And let’s try to break down the top 10 reasons to try sophisticated male underwear from Ergowear.

1. Makes your day better

MAX Premium Boxer Grey/Red

This has been said many times, and yet is still the most
underrated aspect when speaking about sophisticated underwear.

While few men will agree on which pair of underclothes to choose, most will agree on how a well-crafted pair of skivvies can make your day an
unforgettable one.

The feeling that modern boxer shorts or men’s bikinis can give you is often underrated. As opposed to the taken for granted feeling of other fashionable garments.

Take the case of a fancy watch, pair of shoes or a tie. While not with you every single day, they often
bring joy as wells as confidence anytime you wear them. Furthermore, it is only increased by the looks they attract, on top of how the piece looks and feels on you.

2. Boosts your lifestyle

MAX Premium Midcut Heather

Like wine-tasting and other sophisticated activities related to taste and pleasure to the senses, it’s not uncommon to
brush off men’s lingerie, especially if you have been buying the same style of shorts for decades.

Of course it is understandable. Most men have never (and will never) receive advice on buying undies. So they usually spend the least amount of effort and time on arguably the most important garment of their day. Read our take on the typical
frat boy mentality that most single men display.

Surfers, bikers, weight-lifters, soccer players and TRX enthusiasts are but a few
lifestyles benefiting from pouch underthings. Depending on your specific needs, you’ll find out that underwear with pouch can help you perform better.

3. Enhances your outerwear

MAX Mesh Midcut White

Consider the
shape of tight pants (and it’s all about tight pants now, isn’t it?). Their fit will sometimes give you an all around flat look. Unless you are just big down there, your profile will look flat in both the front and the back. This may not be an issue for everyone, but for many the flat look of modern pants may cause some stress, scaring men into sticking with large pants, usually out of style.

With minor changes in how male underwear is manufactured, pouch underclothing offers an anatomically comfortable and roomy place, as well as lift for both looks and convenience.

Whether you wear regular pants, jeans, or tight pants, it is both a pleasure and a convenience to wear pouch underwear underneath. They offer indescribable comfort and an
enhanced profile to any type of pants.

4. You pay 100% for quality, not brand

MAX Premium Boxer White

While cheap briefs can sometimes pass for expensive underwear, poor stitching, thin fabrics or lousy cuts can’t ever compete with
well-crafted underpants.

Try not to pick your next underwear based on price or branding. You may feel there’s no need to pay special attention to the type of shorts you are wearing, but consider the balance of
design, looks and durability that comes with well-crafted undergarments.

Base your decision on
quality 100% of the time. Don’t just pay a high-price for a brand that advertises everywhere. Be aware that companies pay a lot for marketing and advertising, and someone’s paying for them.

5. Doesn’t ride up

MAX Light Thong Blue

Every man has been through a
tighty-whities stage at least once in their life (usually the post-college years). And without proper guidance, some will be stuck in them for the rest of their lives.

And with tighty-whities comes
riding up between your thighs, leaving you no other choice than having to rush to the bathroom or the nearest dark corner to stretch down your undies and tuck in. Then either you sit or maybe walk, and have to adjust all over again. As if you are not supposed to sit or walk for several hours a day!

Fit underwear never rides up
. It’s designed to avoid this because of its cut and fabric. The stretchiness of the material even adapts to your body like a second skin.

6. Attracts both men and women

X3D Thong Black

This has been personally experienced several times. Yet, I have seldom had the chance to share it, as I consider it to be my secret weapon for scoring. I’ll share one story, just for relevancy.

One time I had to give a presentation to a group of 50 or so business professionals. Needless to say, part of my performance depended on this talk being given with
confidence and charisma. I opted for a business casual look. With tight pants, a shirt and dress shoes. The underwear choice was Ergowear of course.

My presentation lasted 10 minutes, but at midway I noticed both a straight male and his wife at his side staring at my groin area. Rather than bothering or disturbing me, it was a total
confidence boost! Just from a couple of people appreciating my anatomy! Of course then the presentation flowed and showed a mastery of the topic not seen before.

I am sure there are plenty of similar stories out there. My suggestion is that
you experiment with this by yourself.

7. Never worry if you need to spontaneously strip down

MAX Light Mini Boxer Blue

I know what you are thinking. Chances of you having to casually remove your pants are low. But
bad things can happen, and you don’t want to be seen wearing cheap undies. Much less tighty-whities with holes in them.

To avoid this, you want to make sure you are always wearing
flawless underwear. This way you reduce your chances of ever feeling embarrassed. Like with socks, you would never want to be seen with a hole in your socks, would you?

Likewise, it probably wouldn’t hurt you to be seen in Ergowear by accident. A brand that’s not suitable for everyone, but
praised for its quality by those who know about men’s underwear.

8. Verified quality

MAX Mesh Boxer Grey

We’ve said this over and over, and we will keep saying it.
Quality matters. Exceptional products will always have an exceptional impact on the user. Fortunately, nowadays is easier than ever to do some research online to find the best products.

Quality by itself is a warranty that you will get the most out of whatever it is that you are buying. In the case of underwear, it’s aimed at solving specific problems such as
comfort, convenience and look.

It’s proven that having too many options often leads to a stressful and unsatisfied experience. So the general advice is to limit some of your daily decisions. And that’s what we do by providing third-party reviews.

Unlike some online retailers which can fake reviews or simply have no easy way to warranty their credibility, having a third-party agent certify their authenticity means these are
real reviews from real people. Along this, we also provide a comparison chart and best-for recommendations. All to make it easy for you to pick from our different styles.

9. Lasts longer than traditional underwear

X3D Suave Thong Dark Turquoise

our underwear is often more expensive than traditional underpants, but cheap products are costlier in the long run. Poorly-constructed products are always replaced sooner than well-built products. It goes the same as with any other consumer product.

It does not end there. Replacement costs are just one cost when buying cheap shorts. Another cost comes when you take into account your routine performance. With most underwear men just forget about what they are wearing.

Pouch underwear is hard to forget once you start noticing all the attention you can grab, and
the general well-being it can bring. This is especially true when you consider the latest Feel Suave microfiber technology. With its incredible softness and comfort, yet durable and stretchier than cotton and other synthetic fibers.

10. Experience life differently

X3D Suave Mini Boxer Burgundy

I have experienced many benefits from sophisticated underwear. Among them are better
stamina, better comfort, more attraction, less moisture, and less itch.

On top of that, a noticeable difference that comes with men’s underwear with pouch is that you will start to feel more secure and protected and this definitely has a life long impact. So the next time you are feeling low, try out a new pair of bulge underwear or swimwear and
feel its benefits for yourself.

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As with everything else in life, some people will
love sophisticated underclothing and others will be indifferent. But male underwear consumption habits are evolving, and we are seeing an interesting trend surfacing.

Finally, if you’re still struggling trying to find options of where to buy Ergowear, why not start at the source! You can get return customer discounts for life, try our smart shopping discounts, along with other deals and benefits. Join our mailing list below and start your journey into non-traditional underwear for men. Just Ergowear them!

After all, the world is what you make of it, so why not enhance it a little? Wouldn’t you want to
explore the many dimensions of men’s underwear?

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