Sexy Men’s Underwear For Five Different Body Types

Sexy Men’s Underwear For Five Different Body Types

Sexy Men's Underwear For Five Different Body Types

One size does not fit all! How to choose comfortable briefs underwear that’s perfect for your body type.

When it comes to having the perfect men’s thong, boxer, bikini or any other type of brief underwear, guys know the undeniable truth. Not all underwear is made equal. Some designs are either too small, too big, or simply cause too much discomfort. Men’s bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean they should have to deal with underwear that squeezes uncomfortably or fits unflatteringly.

In 1955, Marty Mcfly’s mother was astonished by the extravagant (yet sexy?) purple briefs, (from 1985) worn by the strange man in her bed.
Fast forward sixty years and Marty’s undies would pale in comparison to the stereotype-breaking range of sexy men’s underwear options available today.

Now, unless you’re-a-dedicated ‘
freeballer’, underwear is a vital cog in your daily grooming and dressing rituals. So why do so many men not research underwear which accentuates their body type? Especially when there’re so many sexy underwear options out there.

A well-stocked drawer of men’s underwear is a combination of
comfort, style, and practicality. Forget $1 tighty-whities with sagging elastic- sexy men’s underwear is an investment. It’s time to stop wasting your bucks by making poor fitting choices.

To compliment your body shape and feel comfortable all day is-as-easy-as identifying your body type. And, the benefits don’t stop there, wearing the correct thongs, boxers, briefs or midway boxer briefs means you will feel sexy, fresh and exude confidence all day, but, more importantly you’ll also avoid…

  • Wedgies
  • Swamp ass
  • Secret adjustments
  • Sticking, and
  • Underclothing that looks bulky beneath your pants (just say no!)

Body aware men’s underwear should be as stylish as the clothes worn over them. If you’re tall and slim, then skinny jeans are going to look awesome on the outside, but when the hour arrives for the big reveal…regular or Suave bikinis are not going to compliment the slender man like the Max Light boxers do.

The fatal purchasing floor sexy men make is when they’re not honest about or don’t pay attention to their body shape.

The perfect amount of reveal and color

Are you buying men’s lingerie because you want to post selfies (manties, thongs, jocks) on Instagram? send a hot photo to your partner, or ensuring your dates are not reminded of their granddad when you strip off the top layer?

Whatever your motivation is to let another person see your junk wrapped up- just make sure you do it in a fresh pair of body complimenting men’s underwear!

A pair of perfect fitting men’s briefs will show off your bulk without crossing the line of ‘
bachelor party mankini punishment’ or give off a wannabe porn star vibe.

You must consider color, and that is the easiest task. Think, color, and think, simple. Solid colors will avoid any giggling when you strip down. Nobody wants to see a print of Santa Claus on your boxer briefs in July.
No matter how sexy you think they look!

General fitting tips

If the bands of your underwear are cutting into your thighs, then you’re probably wearing a size too small. If the waistband slips underneath your trousers when you bend over, you’re probably wearing a size too large.

Types Of Guy Underwear

The design and manufacturing of the Ergowear underwear collection incorporate comfort, style, and technical fabric to avoid moisture and rashes whatever your body type.

And so then…

Follow these simple body type guidelines to select the most appropriate style of
men’s pouch underwear for your shape (or your man’s body).

1. Apple-shaped body type

Pouch Underwear for Apple-shaped body types

The guy who stands at average height with a rounded shape can fall foul of cutting waist and leg bands or discomfort all day.

We recommend: Feel Suave Mini Boxers or Thongs

This style of underwear is designed to give a comfortable fit without compromising on style, making it perfect for apple shaped bodies. Made with shape retention textiles, they are engineered for male enhancement, and built with a three-dimensional pouch that feels more natural and comfortable for the wearer.

These boxer briefs showcase what you’re packing and provide all day comfort. The shape retention textiles and the three-dimensional pouch build offer the wearer a second-skin feeling of natural comfort.

The thongs will accentuate your shape in a pleasant and sexy manner.

2. Pear-shaped body type

Pouch Underwear for Pear-shaped body types

The pear shape wearer has a disproportionately smaller upper body compared to broader hips and thighs, and therefore should avoid bikini or low cut underwear.

We recommend: MAX LightMAX Mesh or MAX Premium Midcuts

The enemy of the pear shape body is low cut or bikini underwear.

We recommend: Max light, Max Mesh, or Max Premium midway briefs.

A man whose upper body is excessively slimmer than his lower body carries a thicker waistline, sizable butt, and ample thighs. This men need full coverage such as trunks or boxers briefs.

The longer leg length and mid-waist rise will provide a full coverage look that evens out a man’s shape for a more flattering profile.

Ergowear midcut briefs are perfect for physical activity while complementing your shape and enhancing your package.

3. Slim body type

Pouch Underwear for Slim Body Types

This body type has a slender, thin frame that can cause issues with underwear fitting.

We recommend: MAX Light Boxer, MAX Premium Boxer, MAX Suave Boxer

The enemy of the slim body is baggy, and skimpy briefs. David Beckham has a svelte and sexy body type, but if you’ve not worked out as much as him then you might class your frame as slender or skinny. The wrong fit will bring out your thin thighs and small waistline.

We recommend: Max light boxers, Max Premium boxers, and Max Suave boxer briefs.

What could be nicer than sexy men’s briefs wrapping you in style and comfort? Well…

How about if, inside that crotch-cocoon the Ergowear boxers antimicrobial fabrics protect you from bacterial growth and limit body odor?

Yep, you get to wear super comfy, tight pants that make your legs look longer, and fight off body pong. When you strip off for an intimate occasion, you’re projecting a message of ‘wow’ as the shape retention textiles draw attention to and enhance your manhood.

4. Short body type

Pouch Underwear for Shor Body Types

A short body type typically describes a height that falls below the 5’8″ mark or 173cm.

We recommend: Feel or X3D (Regular or Suave) bikinis and men’s thongs

Tom Cruise is 5’7″ the marker for a short body is 5’8″ (172cm) or less. So Usher (5’7”), Daniel Radcliffe (5’5”), and Michael J. Fox (5’4”) are shopping for the same style of underwear as you, and they face the same issues…

Most underwear styles offer too much coverage, then, the waistband moves higher than your waist, and you get some sagging in the rear!

We recommend: Feel or X3D (Regular or suave) Bikini briefs.

The clue is in the name, ‘pouch bikini,’ and this range of underwear is all about the bulge. Yeah sure, there is the comes-as-standard-quality-and-technology you can expect from Ergowear such as comfort, anatomic support, and freshness, but what really counts with this range is the pronounced bulge!

The only problem you face with the affordable bulge bikini, the Max bikini (in revealing mesh) or the Feel is which one to add to your collection. There is nothing ‘small’ about you when you slip your ‘oldboy’ into the three-dimensional pouch.

5. Tall body type

Pouch Underwear for Tall Body Types

This typically describes men over 6’2″ (188cm) and above. However, their long torso and legs can cause issues that make underwear fit smaller on these body types.

We recommend: Midcuts and Long johns

Hugh Jackman aka The Wolverine, standing at 6’2” (188cm) does not wear skimpy skivvies.

Imagine Logan in small briefs where the waistband has drooped down exposing a builder’s crack – even X-men look silly in the wrong fit!

Sexy men’s underwear is for anyone who feels confident it is not an exclusive club, but if you’re working out then why wouldn’t you want underwear expressly designed to provide support, lift and definition?

Midway boxer briefs and Long Johns are the sexiest underwear that keeps on giving for this body type and to:

  • Escape the cold
  • Enjoyable as sleepwear
  • Perfect for working-out (compression shorts)

Now it is your turn

The only decision left to make is which color to purchase, but given the incredible price of Ergowear you can stock your wardrobe with every color in each range.
Check out our smart shopping page for customer discounts, volume discounts and more great ways to save.

And, if you’re wallet is thin then
visit the discounted and discontinued page for unbelievably low prices.

“And if I order the wrong size can I return them?”

Yes, you can if they are unworn, still have the tags, and you don’t live Chile, but hey, don’t order the wrong the size! Re-read this body type guide, check out the sizing guide page or if you have any questions contact us before you purchase.

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