Sexy, Adjustable and Sturdy Swimsuits, all-season ready!

Originally conceived for our ergonomic men’s underwear collection, the best-selling Feel pouch has been adapted into this line of men’s swimwear styles with bulge. The adjustable and worldwide-exclusive FEEL pouch, along with a nearly invisible waistband, have been masterfully adapted into these swim wear styles of bikinis, trunks and mini trunks. Whether you are looking for an enhancing profile, or if you prefer a more conservative look, these styles have been designed to adapt themselves to your genitalia, according to your personal preference or mood, while also giving you a not-usually-seen comfortable and stylish look. We are very excited about the success of our initial pre-launch sales, and we are sure this line will please you. The Ergowear Feel swimwear collection delivers the best of both worlds! So don’t miss your chance and get them now!