Men’s Support Underwear: What’s The Big Deal?

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Men’s Support Underwear: What’s The Big Deal?

Using men’s support underwear today not only keeps you feeling good right now, but can lead to a healthy future, too. There’s many benefits.

Men’s support underwear has changed dramatically over the years. There has been a lot of growth from the days of a loincloth to today’s ergonomic pouch underwear. Some changes have been positive and some not so much. And while all of these options had their cheerleaders throughout the years, none made quite the impression as C.F. Bennett. 

Mr. Bennett invented the jockstrap to offer a bit of support and protection. The reason was that most urban areas were full of cobblestone streets. And back in the late 1800s, riding a bicycle was the most common way to get around. Do you see where we are going with this? Picture riding a bike on a cobblestone street without any support for your balls – and you’ve got the reason for Bennett’s invention. 

But since not everyone was hip on the jockstrap – especially 100 years later – other changes have been made, such as briefs, boxer briefs, etc., and the support, well, has relaxed a little. 

Guys, support is a bigger deal than we think. It’s time to bring it back. 

Men’s Support Underwear? What is it? 

Anytime you put the word support before another word, it makes you think that something needs help. A support beam. A support brace. A support group. That level of support is there to lend a hand, lift you up, keep your roof up, or keep your knee from bending the wrong way. 

So when we say men’s support underwear, we are, in a sense, giving you a helping hand – in your pants. Now, not in that way. This support comes in the form of holding your entire package in place. Think about this – have you ever gone commando or worn your grandpa’s boxers while running? Ouch, right? Things bounce and flop and smack and… yeah, not cool. 

Men’s support underwear was designed to keep this from happening. It holds everything just how nature intended so that you feel good, comfortable, and supported. It is ergonomically correct. 

Who Needs Support? 

You may be assuming that because your long commute in the car to your 8-hour desk job keeps your life relatively sedentary that maybe you don’t need support. Perhaps you believe it is only for those who are runners or cyclists or live very active lifestyles. This is a false assumption and an example of why you should never assume anything. 

Every man with a package in his pants needs support. Period. 

For instance, if you are that guy who sits on his bum a lot for work – have you ever sat on one of your balls? Dude, you know that pain hurts. So, whether you are active throughout the day, go to the gym regularly, or sit behind a desk for hours on end, your manhood still needs to be protected. They are the family jewels, man – you can’t just leave them hanging out anywhere. 

Dangers of No Support

When something is good for you, you use it. C.F. Bennet didn’t create the jockstrap for no good reason. And the person who came up with seatbelts didn’t do so to make you feel restricted. There is a reason – a benefit – for men’s support underwear. And a danger, if not. 

Choosing to forego the support can lead to all sorts of things, such as: 

Testicle Bouncing and Squishing 

As we’ve already discussed, you can pinch, squish, bounce, or smack your balls just moving through your daily life, no matter how active you are. It can hurt beyond belief. While they are just jolly hanging, getting in and out of your car, sitting down in your desk chair, or even playing jump rope with your kids can make you scream to whatever higher power you believe in with one wrong move. 


Chafing is something that happens when your balls rub up against your inner thigh. It mostly happens when you walk – especially when sweaty. Though, if you don’t wear underwear that offers breathable fabrics and holds everything where it should, moisture can build just while sitting down. The moment you get up and start walking, you risk chafing. 

Chafing is a painful condition that causes itching and burning sensations. Not something anyone wants to have to deal with. 

Medical reasons

Various medical reasons can affect your manhood — and when they do, if they do, support is crucial. For example, testicular swelling happens for different reasons, and it hurts so bad. Men’s support underwear makes everything more comfortable and makes it easier to get through the day. Swollen scrotums happen too, and good solid support is one of the only things that bring comfort. 

Benefits of Support Underwear

We all age. And, when we do, changes happen to our body – even things we wish we would never experience, like saggy balls. But it is a part of life that will come for many of us. If you are there already, then you know how important support is. Without it, let’s be honest – your balls could make a surprise appearance when you least expect it. 

If you are still young and aren’t faced with the senior sag just yet, there are things you can do. This includes eating a diet rich in antioxidants and wearing supportive underwear now so that the droop isn’t so pronounced later. 

Why do women wear bras? To support their boobs. So why should you wear ergonomic underwear? To support your balls. 

Today’s Men’s Support Underwear

Today’s support underwear comes in all different design styles, fabrics, colors, and more. You can find support with bikinis, jockstraps, thongs, briefs, and boxer briefs. A pouch design offers support by pulling your package up and away from your body. This allows you to stay cool, dry, and comfortable all day long. Of course, it is front-enhancing, too, which is always a plus. 

Using men’s support underwear today can not only keep you feeling good right now, but can lead to a healthy future, too, by keeping your family jewels safe and protected. Avoid unnecessary pain, stay safe from chafing, and reduce the chance of senior sag before it is too late. 

One day, you will be glad you made this choice. 

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