Men’s Beachwear Trends of 2021

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Men’s Beachwear Trends of 2021

Men’s beachwear trends change from year to year. Make sure that this summer you are ready to look good, and feel great inside.

Summertime is upon us. The longer, hotter days full of outdoor fun with friends and family are right around the corner. How are you planning on spending your summer? If you are like most, it will probably include cooling down with an ice-cold drink and splashing around in some water. And why not? It is the perfect combination of fun in the sun.

Here is the thing, though – last year’s swimwear has got to go! Fashion changes – and it does not discriminate against beachwear and swimwear. Sure, you could wear the same swim trunks you have been wearing for the last few years. Or you could invest in a new pair or two that are not only stylish but leave you feeling incredibly confident. Here’s a breakdown of the latest (and hottest) men’s beachwear trends of 2021.


There are many different types and styles of men’s beachwear to choose from. Those boardshorts with the interior net that so many boys and men have worn for years are no longer trending. They are easy to pick up at your local discount chain, but they do nothing for your style, comfort, or confidence.


Mini trunks are a style that enhances your manhood and supports your shape. And they are front-enhancing so that you feel confident and know that you look good. This type of men’s beachwear is an excellent option for men of all sizes.

  • Full support with a front-enhancing, half-moon-shaped FEEL pouch. The pouch is comfortable and holds you in place without being confined. It allows you to keep your anatomy in the front or sideways so that you will always feel good.
  • Made of polyamide-elastane fibers, they are soft yet strong, and durable whether wet or dry.
  • The fabric will adapt to your figure regardless of your size.
  • Ergonomically designed, these mini trunks have no irritating lining and are fast drying to prevent any long-lasting moisture.


These swim trunks are not your average swim trunks – they are designed with an oversized pouch to keep your anatomy up and away from your legs. The pouch adapts itself to your wearing habits for comfort. These low-rise trunks are manufactured with a fast-drying polyamide-spandex fabric, keeping you covered and conservative. They also have a subtle slimming effect and…did we mention they enhance the buttocks?


Sexy swim bikinis that also provide you with decent coverage? That is what you get here. You can walk the beach or the pool deck with confidence. IIn a swim bikini’s adaptable pouch, your manhood is lifted and enhanced just the right amount . Again, you will find:

  • No uncomfortable inner lining.
  • 100% ergonomic design for comfort.
  • Nylon-lycra blend material that dries quickly and keeps you cool.


If you want to get the most available coverage for a tan while enjoying the water, swim thongs are your best choice. The nose-shaped pouch is roomy, comfortable, and puts your manhood front and center. The fabric is fast-drying, and the signature drawstring gives you extra support if you need it.


When choosing your men’s beachwear this summer, colors can set the tone depending on the situation. After all, not all swimming adventures are the same. You could be hanging out with your partner or your best friend. Or you could be attending an afternoon poolside barbecue with your boss and corporate executives. You have two versatile options:

  1. Solid colors are versatile and can be worn for all occasions. The colors you choose, though, can be different. For fun, personal trips to the water, you can enjoy an array of brightly colored swimwear. However, you may choose to stick with solid black, gray, white, or navy for more formal-looking options.
  2. Patterns are more playful and work better for laidback water time. Geometrical shapes, flamingos, and other bright designs are an excellent option for a beach day with your friends or hanging out on the boat.


Pouch swimwear is an excellent choice for your comfort, fashion, and even your overall health. Having many style options to choose from, including bikinis, thongs, mini trunks, and more – all with a pouch – you will be able to experience these benefits:

  • Pouched men’s beachwear lifts your manhood up and off of your skin, just as mother nature intended. You feel supported and relaxed with no pinching or other irritation.
  • Men’s beachwear with a front-enhancing pouch gives you the confidence you need to walk along the sandy beach and feel good about yourself.
  • Feeling cool and dry: Pouched men’s beachwear keeps your genital area from dealing with unwanted issues. Because of the sweat-wicking properties of the fabrics, there is no chafing, no extra sweating, and no overheating. This reduces the chance of jock itch and rashes.

Those who have never worn swimwear with a pouch before will quickly discover how wonderful it feels once they do.


Summertime beachwear can come with many features and details that can make your whole experience more enjoyable. Before you make your choice on which types of swimwear best suit you, there are a few things you want to look for:

  • Lined vs. Unlined: While a few men prefer the lining, the majority do not. If you are the latter, know that you do not have to settle when you purchase your swimwear. There are many options available to ditch the irritating lining without any issue.
  • Drawstring: Some need them, some don’t. If your swimwear comes with a drawstring, you may discover that it helps you feel more secure. Of course, if you think you don’t need it but otherwise love the swimwear, that’s ok, too.
  • Fast-Drying: Keep in mind that moisture can breed bacteria and other issues. You never want to walk around in wet swimwear for extended periods of time. Opt for fast-drying fabrics to keep you comfortable, so you can enjoy every moment in and out of the water – all summer long.

Are you ready to enjoy your summer? Weigh the options for each of the men’s beachwear trending swimwear options and find the ones that will keep you comfortable and feeling confident in any setting.

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