Ergowear’s Quick Dry Underwear: How Does It Work?

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Ergowear’s Quick Dry Underwear: How Does It Work?

Quick dry underwear is a total game changer. Avoid feeling moist and uncomfortable during a hard workout or a simple hot summer day.

Some products come along that make you wonder how you ever lived before them. You know, like the coffee maker, for instance – how did we ever?! Though coffee isn’t really where we are going here. Let’s talk about wet underwear instead. Gross topic, sure. But it is a very real topic for many of us. It is still gross, whether wet underwear due to a hard workout or a hot day. It’s uncomfortable. And with your entire package sloshing around in wetness — ew — you are setting yourself up for a growing bacterial farm right there in your pants. And it can wreak havoc on your health, too. 

The product you need to stop all of this from happening is Ergowear’s quick dry underwear. Yes – it is a thing, and yes, it works. And once you try it, you will never go back to that moist way of life. 

Moisture Happens

Have you ever met someone who would cringe at the word moist? It is an odd word. Go on, say it out loud. Enunciate it. Say it slowly. Not only does it sound weird, but it also feels weird when areas that should be dry are, well, moist, like your balls

Anytime our body temps go up, things can start getting a little wet. For instance, walking from your home to your car on a hot day can lead to moisture, depending on where you live. So can running seven miles or working out at the gym. 

If it didn’t feel so weird and uncomfortable, then we may not even think twice about moisture and wetness, but it does – and we do. We don’t want it. Besides, you know that walking around in underwear that is wet from either water or sweat can lead to all sorts of unpleasantries, such as chafing, itching, burning, rashes, jock itch, yeast infections, and more. If you ever want to fear the word moist, experience one of these things as a result. You will never walk around in moist underwear again – guaranteed!

And, if that’s you, then you have options. There are quick dry underwear options out there that will keep you dry and your boys happy and healthy. 

Moisture Absorption With Quick Dry Underwear

Thankfully, someone decided that enough is enough when it comes to moisture. It doesn’t belong in your pants – and should have no place there. With the use of unique fabrics that can wick moisture and dry quickly, you will feel so much more confident in everything you do. 

Ergowear’s line of X4D underwear is created with a fabric that thrives on sucking away moisture. This fabric is made of polyamide and elastane microfiber. The microfiber material allows any wetness or moisture to evaporate through the fabric. That means it is super soft and comfortable against the skin, but it is also fast-drying. 

Losing Elasticity

Another common issue with underwear that gets wet for one reason or another is the loss of elasticity. Think of a time when you got out of a pool wearing underwear or shorts that weren’t designed for swimming. Getting out, everything was likely so full of water that it just fell with the weight. And as you begin to dry, the elastic in your clothing has been so stretched due to the weight of the water that it doesn’t pop back into shape – leaving you in a bit of a pickle. The reason this happens is that your clothing wasn’t designed to get wet – and survive. 

Clothing and quick dry underwear that are designed with this issue in mind will stand up to all sorts of wetness and still hold its form and move with you — without stretching or losing its elasticity. 

Ergowear has taken this issue and made it a non-issue. It has created underwear that is designed to get wet, dry, and continue to hold its shape, offer support, and allow you to keep moving. The X4D waistband, for example, uses highly resistant flat fibers that keep their shape and do not shrink. It is designed to be fast drying without sacrificing any elasticity. 

Designed for Hot-Climate Activities

We don’t often put much thought into our underwear, but we probably should start doing that more. Think about it – if your best bud called you up and asked you to meet him for a game of one-on-one basketball at your local YMCA, would you show up in your work clothes and shiny dress shoes? Likely not. If you meet your mother for a fancy dinner out, would you wear your basketball shorts, tank, and slides? Unless you are still a rebellious teen, highly unlikely. 

Just like you put thought into what you wear on the outside before you leave your house, you need to start paying attention to your underwear. Choose something that is designed for hot-climate activities — or just hot climates in general. 

Quick Dry Underwear: Final Thoughts

Avoid feeling moist and uncomfortable, and instead, opt for quick dry underwear – like Ergowear – that is designed to make you feel good, stay supported, and always stay dry. Your boys will thank you as they remain healthy and chaffing-free — and you will feel confident as you move throughout your day without a second thought of the word moist 


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