Ditch Unsafe Sites & Fake Reviews When Shopping Online

Ditch Unsafe Sites & Fake Reviews When Shopping Online

Nowadays, shopping online has become ever more
fragmented and at times quite difficult. With the availability of the mobile web and the search engines magic, researching for a product or company should be easy peasy. Nonetheless, it often seems like a daunting task involving several actors in a dark room.

How to spot a
good company from a bad company? How to tell whether or not a retailer will fulfill your order? How to tell real from fake reviews? How to identify whether or not to do business with a particular company?

Unless you are talking about
large retailers that have been there for decades, it can be tough to trust a company that you have never seen before, more so when you’re only looking at a companies website.

Fortunately, the web has taken notice, and it has taken some
steps to avoid this. There are several third-party validation services that have taken some measures to protect consumers and keep the web a safer, reliable place.

And because we want to help you find the best retailers when shopping for men’s underwear, we have created this article
listing the most typically used online services to help you detect safe sites and real reviews when shopping online for men’s undergarments.

Learning To Spot Fake Reviews

If a company is not open about its
reviews policy, you should perhaps expect some fake reviews strategy. Businesses that encourage real reviews are rare, especially in the men’s underwear business. So we’ve compiled a bit of information regarding how to spot fake reviews to help you find the most comfortable men’s pouch underwear out there:

Validating Men’s Underwear Online Stores

But what else can you do besides
identifying real from fake reviews when shopping for men’s underwear? Well, what you would normally do with any other online business. Check for the integrity of the company, their website, as well as their online shopping experience, safety, and technology.

Even though the web is filled with hundreds (or thousands) of third parties certifying the
validity of a website, we have compiled a few which we deem are important, and that could be applied to other businesses as well.

By doing some research, not only from the product that you’re buying but also from the website that you’re buying from.
You should feel safe enough that your order will arrive, and that all customer service issues will be adequately taken care of.

Pro Tip: This type of analysis is not limited to men's underwear and swimwear stores, it can also be used for testing women lingerie stores, as well as many other online retailers and manufacturers with online stores.

Probably the most trusted web safety standard sites are:

As well as other site validators and aggregators such as:

If a company is not
comfortable sharing this type of information with you, perhaps you should not feel comfortable buying from them.

So next time when you’re wondering whether to shop or not from a certain underwear store, compare which sites have the best
reputation including a few or many third-party, web-safety standard validation services.

A Boosted Review System

But what other measures are we taking besides educating you about online shopping and fake review spotting? Good question.

Introducing our newest
reviews widget. Now you can see the product ratings directly below the product name.

How do you know what products have received the
best reviews? How can you tell a good from an excellent product? Introducing our new reviews widget powered by Yotpo. For your ease of use and our pride.

Recently we added a new widget that displays product ratings using a
five-star system.

Previously, you could only see the reviews per product at the bottom of each product description (as long as it had been reviewed).

With the new
upgrade, now you can also see how many reviews and stars it has received via a five-star system, right above the fold.

In other words, you don’t have to scroll down to identify
top-rated products. You only need to click on each product and see how many stars it has received.

You can also click on it, and go directly to the reviews section of each product. Where you’ll be able to read
reviews from shoppers like you.

As you have seen, at Ergowear, we have made a consistent effort to showcase our
decade-old expertise in our men’s underwear and swimwear products.

Even though we fully upgraded our site a couple of years ago, we made our best effort to keep displaying
old product reviews.

We think these are a great starting point if you’re new to the world of
men’s pouch underwear, new to our brand, or new to some of our best-selling, highly-rated men’s underwear and swimwear styles.

For almost three years, we have partnered with
Yotpo to provide verified reviews from verified accounts.

In that regard, this measure is another stepping stone into our mission of taking
non-traditional men’s underwear to new heights. As well as one step closer to our commitment to providing world-class customer service and top-notch products.

Speaking of Big Data

Ok, so far you’ve seen what the robots and algorithms tell about our site and company. But what about what
customers and other humans say about our brand?

We analyzed the reviews since we started using our review system and we created a
word cloud using thousands of reviews from the past couple years. The word cloud summarizes everything that you (and us) feel about our brand and products.

As you can see, ”
comfortable“, “best” and “great” underwear is what stands out the most. No wonder why several customers label our brand as “the best men’s pouch underwear in the world“. We indeed make an out-of-this-world effort to give you unparalleled support and comfort, during, before and after your purchase.

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