Busting The Myth About Synthetic vs. Cotton Underwear

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Busting The Myth About Synthetic vs. Cotton Underwear

The choice is yours. Synthetic vs. cotton underwear. Cotton will get you so far, but synthetic fabrics? It will make you feel like you conquered your day.

There are a lot of things to know about underwear. Things that may impact your future, your comfort, and your overall health and wellbeing. And there are those things that, well, you didn’t know you needed to know. For instance, how about these fun underwear facts. Did you know that many men have underwear that is ten years old? Or, how about that it is illegal to go out in public without wearing underwear in Thailand. Then there are those who used to keep cool by storing their underwear in the freezer. Brr… And, we surely can’t forget Jack Singer, the 10-year-old boy in Warwick, NY, who broke a world record in 2010 for wearing 215 pairs of underwear at the same time. The previous record was 210. 

Here is something else you should ponder: most men think that cotton underwear is the best choice. But, is it? Let’s find out some of the differences with synthetic vs. cotton underwear.

Men’s Underwear Needs & Synthetic vs. Cotton Underwear

When it comes to men’s underwear, there are a lot of needs. Many may sit all day behind a desk or spend a lot of time riding in a car or commuting. Others are highly active throughout their day. Some men lead lives that are a combination of both.


Because men lead lives that can go from 0% – 110% activity and movement relatively quickly, it is essential to have underwear that can change, too – without having to be changed. Underwear that will feel just as good sitting in a chair for 8 hours as it would moving around on the basketball court. 


A lot is going on in a man’s pants. And without the right underwear, it can lead to even more things. Like, for instance, itching and pinching. Underwear needs to be comfortable. 


Speaking of having a lot going on in the pants, and having everything all smashed together is going to lead to a hot, sweaty mess. And you know what that means – chafing, jock itch, fungus, and more. Without being breathable, you may find yourself hot, moist, and uncomfortable. 


For those guys who like to move their bodies, flexibility is key. It needs to move with you but also keep its shape. For instance, when you get sweaty, you need to make sure that the elastic in your underwear continues to do its job, rather than lose its form, get loose, and fall off. 

Can cotton underwear bring all of these things and more? Or would we be better served by creating the perfect synthetic fabric to bring them all together for our benefit? Let’s see. 

Cotton Underwear

For many years, we have heard commercials about cotton underwear being the go-to option for men. It is a natural fiber that is breathable and great for sensitive skin. But while it may keep you cool and keep your skin safe, that’s about where it stops. 

Cotton does not stretch if you are trying to move while playing sports, working out, or even moving around. This can be a problem for active guys. Then there is the fact that cotton may be breathable, but it absorbs moisture. And when it does, you may find that cotton underwear gets – and stays – a bit wet. And, unless you like to feel like your balls are wrapped in a damp washcloth, cotton may not be the most enjoyable option. 

Synthetic Fabric Underwear

We are all about using natural products. Occasionally, however, to reap the most benefits – especially for our overall health and wellness – we must consider whether natural (such as pure cotton) is the best choice. Sure, it has its benefits. But what if there is something out there that can provide everything that you need all in one? 

When it comes to cotton underwear, they can feel great. But underwear made of synthetic fabric can take underwear to a whole new level. This underwear is made of microfiber, elastanemesh, lycra, polyester, and more, and some are actually blended with cotton

So, why would a men’s underwear manufacturer choose to use synthetic vs. cotton underwear fabrics? 

Synthetic fabric moves with you, It is elastic, yet it keeps its form. It will stretch without losing its shape, too. What does this mean for you? It means that when you wear underwear made of synthetic fabric, you can move any way you want to with ease. 

Next, synthetic fabrics are designed to wick moisture and keep you cool and dry. Their materials are very breathable — but they don’t hold moisture. So you can keep doing all that moving (or just sit around on a scorching day) and feel comfortable that your family jewels have their own climate control system. 

These two factors alone mean that you don’t have to worry about the growth of bacteria or fungus in your pants due to excess moisture. And for those with sensitive skin, the synthetic fabric doesn’t leave you exposed to the dangers this moisture brings. 

Though, it is worth mentioning just how soft this synthetic fabric is against your skin. Cotton is soft, too, but there is just something about having soft fabric against your skin that is dry and breathable, too. 

It is safe to say that underwear made of synthetic fabrics is just comfortable, no matter what you are doing while wearing it.

The Clear Winner In Synthetic vs. Cotton Underwear – Synthetic Fibers!

Believe it or not, when you put on your underwear in the morning, it sets the tone for your day. It’s true – think about it! You can either move through the day facing all your responsibilities and challenges easily and smoothly – without a second thought about what is in your pants. Or, you can spend your day trying to focus on the massive to-do list in front of you while also attempting to move around and get comfortable in your underwear discreetly.

The choice is yours. Synthetic vs. cotton underwear. Cotton will get you so far, but synthetic fabrics? Ah, let’s just say they are the types of underwear that help you feel like you conquered your day. 

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