6 No-Sweat Underwear Gifts for Doubtful Procrastinators

6 No-Sweat Underwear Gifts for Doubtful Procrastinators

Don’t panic about what to buy your friends, family or colleagues this year. Check this list of durable and unforgettable male underwear gifts for your male close one’s.


It’s probably give time in your office or work space, although some of your colleagues may find joy in sock-giving, we really think underwear is probably one of the more underrated-yet useful gifts one can buy to someone during this holiday times. Also, you really do not want to be the scrooge who opts out of this classy
underwear giving tradition.

Thus, we have created a simple underwear gift guide for procrastinators. It is designed for specific personas in mind. Since this is an online underwear store, we assume you may want to give someone the joy of male fit and support.

1. A boxer for your closest-or-farthest friends

This one should be a no brainer. In fact, this gift could easily be given to anyone in your circles. The
practicality, usefulness, availability, variety and readiness for every occasion makes this one of the most sought-after products people buy from an online underwear store.

There’s many benefits to it, the main one being the advantage of not really having to put too much thought into specifics, except probably in the size. You may want to go for the highest-rated with an average fit styles, such as the
Feel Suave Black, MAX Suave Black or X3D Suave Burgundy boxers for a safe pick.

2. A bikini for your brother or siblings

According to the Chinese calendar, 2015 should be a year of peace and prosperity. Although not quite starting until February, we think prosperity comes in many shapes and sizes. Thus, we are proposing a few bikinis to add to your underwear gifts this season.

You’ve probably always wanted to give a close relative
a present with some personality, yet practical. In comes the male bikini. Not only will it spice up your close one’s libido, but it will also increase your chances of provoking a favorable and lasting impression.

Support and style in a male bikini is achieved with the variety of styles to choose from, be it the highly supportive
MAX style, or the soft and elegant X3D style. Assuming you can somehow safely obtain the size of your close one’s male anatomy, you can expect to pick a style with great fit and look.

3. Thongs for your unemployed friend

There really is no better mood lifter for someone who just lost their job, or maybe even someone who’s been without a job for several months than a pair of thongs. A thong is one of those items that can bring joy over and over to the wearer. Specially if a person has been without a job, or without some sort of stability,
a thong or even a jockstrap can bring some much-needed joy.

The joy of wearing a thong for the first time can be revived throughout 2015. Who knows, male thongs could even be an interesting ice-breaker for a job interview. You never know what’s below the other guys underpants.

There are several thong styles to choose from, and your imagination should not limit your motivation to give one. Take a look at some of our suggestions above.

4. Compression shorts for the gym frequenter

If you want to receive thank yous throughout all the year, and maybe even some warm wishes, you should give a compression short for your male gym frequenter friends or colleagues. Unlimited looks and joy will surround the bearer.

Nothing really says cheers and wishes good health as much as a compression shorts. This item, although may seem a bit expensive when compared to the other available styles, the gym
compression shorts will increase the health benefits of the wearer because of muscle and joint pressure, that’s good for blood circulation. But also, from the boost the muscles will receive, boosting the stamina of your gym frequenter friend.

Say good bye to regular underwear and say hi to compression styles. They could mean a whole lot of difference. Try the
black or
red for a risk-free bet, or go for the mesh for a once-in-a-lifetime gift of joy.

5. Swim trunk for your father, the fit man

This swim trunk style would probably find a space in the hearts (and legs) of your father or someone willing to show off their well-worked out abs at the beach or by the pool. While they do not offer a conservative look per-se, when compared to some of the other styles, these will display
no-shortage of style, yet offer the convenience of a full-on swim wear.

Available in black, or blue and red color combinations, the Feel line of
swim trunks is a good deal and will have your father happy and joyful, while also getting some looks on his classy swim trunks.

6. A gift certificate for the doubtful

Let’s face it, some people sometimes are just hard to please, thus, even if you pay close attention to their wearing habits, you may not fully please their taste or closet.
For these folks, buying a thought-out gift is not always welcomed with the joy the gifter would expect. Either because they have so many friends that it’s just hard to find something useful for them. Or just because one can never tell what’s going on in their complicated minds.

And if things were not complicated enough, sometimes you have to consider shipping times when buying online, thus, it may not be fully welcomed to shop underwear if it does not arrive in time for the holiday’s.

Thus, we believe your safest bet is a
gift certificate, this will immediately arrive in your chosen one’s email inbox, giving them the chance to pick the style, color, and size that fits best their personal taste.

Gift Certificates

If you really have no clue what underwear style to give to your friends, colleagues or family, or you are simply running out off time,
a gift certificate can save your procrastinator spirit. Leaving no regrets, while also making a favorable impression.

There you go, our useful (and trying to be funny) underwear gift guide for the 2014 end of the year holidays. Any other ideas you can think of?

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