X3D Swimwear Fluor. Limited Edition

X3D Swimwear Fluor. Limited Edition

Gather these limited edition
Fluor X3D swimwear styles in X3D. The X3D family of swimwear will include for a limited time only a collection of thongs and bikinis with our best-selling three-dimensional pouch in X3D design. We don’t warranty you’ll be safe while wearing these swimming trunks, but we can warranty you’ll get a ton of attraction and looks!

The fabric of these bikini and thong swimwear is polyamide-elastan. Built strong enough to support water, salt and chemical exposure, yet providing a flexible pouch that will not thin out with wear.

The colors of this collection have been carefully chosen to offer a dazzling palette, that without a doubt will send you more attention than maybe you can handle. Comely fluor tones of yellow, lime, fuchsia and orange make this collection.

Inviting look fur hunky men, these bikini and thong swim wear styles are designed only for hyper confident males. Don’t wait any longer, get yours today and start captivating!

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