X3D Suave: New Generation Microfiber with Class

X3D Suave: New Generation Microfiber with Class

X3D Suave Underwear. Iron manhood in a velvet glove.

The new generation X3D Suave microfiber underwear is perfect for men in search of a unique style with long-lasting quality. Three styles in two refined colors comprise the newest collection of mens microfiber underwear in polyester-spandex. Thongs, bikinis and boxers in dark turquoise and burgundy colors are included.

Stylish underwear for All-Day Use

A sophisticated look is achieved with these low-cut burgundy and dark turquoise thongs, bikinis and mini boxers. The velvety feel and looks display a level of luxury not usually seen in other pouch underwear styles. Its sophistication is also evidenced on its concealed waistband and extra low cut. All items are manufactured in ultra-soft polyester-spandex suave microfibers for fast drying.

Exceptional Support To Push You Up

The very popular X3D pouch is included on these styles, adding a layer of quality and superior confidence not normally offered by simple underwear. The three-dimensional pouch provides a slight enhancement to your male anatomy, while also making sure your genitals are fully supported in a resistant, yet elastic space, that is up and away from your thighs. Your silhouette will inevitably get some attention.

A Sensual Collection That is All Around

The collection is extremely low cut and comes with a lot of luxurious charm. Its dark tones of turquoise and burgundy are well suited to give you a confident and elegant look. Items included in the collection are thongs, bikinis and boxers, making it an all-round selection for the busy professional looking to add some elegance and spice to his masculinity.

The comfort and variety offered by these styles is suitable for all-day use. But be warned, your confidence levels may have long-lasting effects.

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