Top-5 Sexy Men’s Underwear For a Sparkling Valentine’s Day

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Top-5 Sexy Men’s Underwear For a Sparkling Valentine’s Day

Wherever you go. Whatever you do. Whether you are close or far apart. Give your partner one of these men’s underwear styles this Valentine’s day.

Top 5 sexy men’s underwear for a sparkling valentine's day in 2018

First of all, let me say we are going to propose you some styles that are worn by men in all sorts of fields, including those worn by professional athletes, like those from the UFC championship, bicycle, swimmers, runners, TRX, surfers, etc. While we are not only going to propose styles like those worn by your everyday Joe, regular Joe’s will gladly welcome these styles.

As more and more men (and women) discover the benefits of pouch underwear over regular undies, it’s important to highlight their benefits and how a good pair can boost your day (or night) this Valentine’s day.

While often deemed as gay underwear, in reality, this type of men’s underwear do not necessarily have to be related with your sexuality, they are just aimed at having a better performance in your everyday activities.

That said, we are going to introduce some basic models which we think you should wear so you can get a boost, or simply a light enhancement during your day. Most styles are going to look and feel completely different than traditional underwear, but trust me, once you try these, you’ll learn to appreciate the many benefits of pouch underwear over traditional pairs of underwear.

1. Debunking The Jockstrap Myth

Debunking The Jockstrap Myth

Let’s start with one of the most underrated and misunderstood items in male underwear. It’s called a jockstrap, and a
jockstrap is basically a pouch supported by a waistband and two straps that go from the bottom of your testicles to your hips.

t’s basically the opposite of a thong were there is just one vertical band starting from your lower back to the base of your testicles.

So, the straps in a jock go from the end of the pouch, where your testicles sit, running backwards under your gluteal muscles and up towards your hips as shown in the picture.

If by now you’re turned off and want to stop reading, let me say that in fact, it wasn’t invented because of “easy access” or anything sex-related. The jockstrap
was invented 141 years ago by a sporting goods company in order to provide comfort and support for bicycle jockeys working on the cobblestone streets.

I propose you to disregard all your white undies stage and just be more considerate and thoughtful of all the different undergarments that you can wear. Some of these styles will literally lift your mood and boost your day to day performance and activities.

If the thought of wearing a thong still scares you, you should probably start with wearing a jockstrap. They are comfy, supportive and provide the highest degree of ventilation.

Even if you are not going to lift some weight, maybe you just want to try them when you go out at night to a club or bar. You are going to feel an incredible difference. For me, it’s a difference that only I know, something that no one else need to know, unless I let them know later on. It’s like a little game I like to play, like a little conspiracy that you can play with yourself. Believe me, it’s a fun game to play.

2. Thongs Are For Everyone (And Maybe Not)

Thongs Are For Everyone

The second item I am going to talk about is the thong. Although the thong can be quite uncomfortable for some people, it really depends on your own preference.

Even though a thong it’s not usually my first underwear choice, I often wear one for special occasions or when going to the beach, mostly to get a better tan, but also because it’s often more comfortable and convenient than regular swimwear.

Besides, I don’t really feel my sexuality is at play because
I wear a thong. I keep seeing more and more men wearing thongs in public places. Some of them I can personally attest are straight males.

I guess more men are realizing how comfortable and convenient a thong can be. You get both the support and protection of underwear, while feeling almost like naked. If you stop to think about it, wearing a thong really gives you the best of both worlds!

Given the enhancement a thong with pouch brings, your manhood will obviously attract several looks, to say the least about your rear. But even with all that into account, a thong is an undergarment you don’t want to let pass. It’s convenient, it’s comfortable and it’s extremely fresh.

When it comes to wearing something sexy and sparkling this Valentine’s day, a thong is the sure winner. Get a MAX XV Thong – White/Gold for a really sparkling feeling.

3. You Can’t Miss The Mini Boxer

You Can't Miss The Mini Boxer

The third item I would like to propose is almost a staple. You can probably confirm almost every man you know owns at least one boxer. Even if they are not a fan of fitted underwear, almost every male has one.

While you can just go for some of the traditional boxers, some fancier models come with a low cut waistband and short length that’s specially convenient for wide thighs.
Fitted mini boxers are even going to give you a contoured shape and very sexy and comfortable looks.

Basically, the mini boxer gives you great all-round protection without the fear of wearing a horrible tighty-whitie or one that might challenge your sexuality, if that’s something you still care about to begin with.

With this garment, I guarantee there really is no questioning of your sexual preferences, less so when wearing a MAX style, with its thick, masculine waistband and (usually) neutral colors.

A fitted, pouch boxer brief is sexy and comfortable, and can definitely spice up your Valentine’s night. The soft fabric of any of the Ergowear styles will add an additional layer of comfort and freshness.

I think if you want to keep it real, and you really don’t care about colors too much, or you don’t want to worry about someone questioning you, you should go for a black mini boxer.

Black looks pretty awesome and it basically matches every attire, whether casual, sporty or fancy. Now, if you’re looking too add some class for Valentine’s, wear the
MAX PREMIUM Boxer in Heather. One of our best sellers and go-to styles for making an impression any time of the year.

4. Just Taste This Bikini

Just Feel This Bikini

Next I’d like to propose the bikini, any of the Coral or Menta colored bikinis actually. Released as a special edition, these colors come in FEEL and MAX pouches. One thing to notice here is that the Menta and Coral styles are running out. There will be no more production of these as fabric stock is almost over. So this might be a good chance to get a pair of this soon-to-be-sold Coral and Menta styles.

As usual with Ergowear pouches, both MAX and FEEL styles have a convenient pouch that adapts to your manhood. In case there is any kind of unwanted movement or enlargement down there, you don’t have to worry about adjusting anything, the pouch design will help it adapt by itself, pointing down, sideways or up ways as you please.

One thing I’d like to point is that while I used to wear regular bikinis before, I never really liked how they felt (whether pointing up or down) and looked flat. There really is no extra benefit when wearing a regular bikini. Besides the feeling of being crushed down there, if what you want is zero attention, that’s the most you’ll get when wearing a traditional bikini. Otherwise, start wearing a pouch bikini and notice and immediate difference in your attractiveness and mood.

After wearing a bikini with a lifting pouch, you literally get a boost without noticing, and you’ll also get some attention without asking. And anyone can appreciate that, no matter what your sexuality is. I rest my case.

5. An Uber-Improved Tighty Whitey

An Uber-Improved Tighty Whitey

Finally I think you should try any of the midcut styles. Which is probably nothing but your good-old-fashioned tighty-whitey with a twist of style and tech.

Midcuts are usually suggested for extreme climates or non-traditional uses. They offer full protection from chaffing in the groin area, and are especially recommended to be used in humid climates. They also provide warmth and protection in colder climates. Ergowear’s fitted style even ads some compression, which might be beneficial for those seeking some degree of compression, yet not ready or in need of full compression underwear.

The MAX XV Midcut in Navy or Space Grey will brighten up your day. It’s sleek style, sexy shape and enhancing profile will heat things up in the bedroom and make you feel absolutely supported and sexy throughout your day.

Don’t disregard these for their price tag or skin coverage. These look sexy as hell, specially for those with long, strong legs or large torsos. If sparkle is what you’re looking for, get these in Navy and dazzle your baby.

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

That would be my main suggestions for sexy men’s underwear that should not question your sexuality and will flash and impress your lover or partner this Valentine’s Day.

Of course, just looking at this website or underwear might still be considered nsfw by most standards. While understandable, it’s definitely not something I share, nor something I think you should care about.

This may seem incomprehensible at first, specially if you are stuck in the traditional style of men’s underwear. But believe me, a pair of well-crafted, well-designed, mood-enhancing underwear can help you achieve a better day, without you having to do anything else but wearing them.

Still not convinced? Maybe you can read some of our reviews to understand why
everyone loves Ergowear. You think our products are too expensive? Think twice, registered customers can buy products at up to 50% off with our smart shopping discounts, learn how and dare Ergowear today!

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