Top-Rated Men’s Pouch Underwear for Workout and Fitness

Top-Rated Men’s Pouch Underwear for Workout and Fitness

If you think that what you wear to the gym doesn’t matter, think again. Injury, pain and a world of uncomfortable ills can be avoided if you wear the recommended attire.

Top-Rated Men's Pouch Underwear for Workout and Fitness

But what you wear underneath your gym outfit is just as important. Underwear that prevents chaffing, protects your package from injury and reduces the buildup of sweat is ideally what you should be wearing when going to the gym.

Here are our top picks of the best underwear for these gym activities.

MAX Mesh Bikini for Crossfit

MAX Mesh Bikini for Crossfit

The constant variation in the intensity of a Crossfit workout creates the right conditions to put the sweat glands into overdrive, especially in the groin area. So for better air flow that repels moisture buildup, your best bet is the Max Mesh Bikini.

Made with a specially designed breathe through polyester spandex blend, the mesh fabric of this underwear is perfect for this type of activity, promoting a light, fresh feeling as run, jump, lift and skip your way to fitness.

This is the only underwear you should be wearing as you get down to the business of strengthening and conditioning your body.

As one five-star reviewer says “
Nothing fits like Ergowear! Everything falls into place perfectly, and the mesh is sexy and flattering.” What’s more, the ergonomic design of the 3 dimensional pouch raises the genitals to the front, preventing chafing and discomfort during the workout.

Gym Compression Shorts for TRX

Gym Compression Shorts for TRX

If you’re aiming for a perfectly sculpted core on the TRX, then you definitely should be wearing the
GYM Compression Shorts in MAX design. This underwear was specially created to be worn during intensive sports that require optimal performance.

The polyamid-elastan compressive fabric, also known as Supplex, provides compression everywhere as you move about, firmly holding and supporting the groin area during the workout.

But don’t let the firmness of the compression fool you! The design allows for free movement as you work out, and lifts the genitals from between the legs to protect the goods and lessen the risk of injury. “
You barely know they’re on and unlike others, have plenty of room without being constricting” says one five-star reviewer.

Gym Jockstraps for Yoga

Gym Jockstraps for Yoga

Yoga may seem like a harmless activity but all those twists and turns can cause discomfort in the groin area if you neglect to wear the right underwear. For a comfortable yoga session, go with the
athletic jockstrap in GYM style. “It fits perfectly, like I’m wearing nothing at all!” a customer wrote in his five-star review.

The spacious, ergonomic pouch is manufactured in a Cotton-elastane blend that gives the wearer the best of both worlds – firm support and softness on the skin.

Lifting and securing the genitals up and away from your legs, the pouch offers the ultimate in support and protection as you go through the poses. The light material helps to expel sweat and moisture, while carefully attached wide, elastic straps lets you move with greater comfort and confidence.

And satisfied customers aren’t shy in their five-star reviews of Ergowear’s underwear collections, praising the “
great fit, extremely good comfort, and the revolutionary discovery of how ones’ balls should feel”.

Anything we missed! How about what YOU consider the best styles for hitting the gym, working out and other indoor activities. Share your thoughts!

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