Top 5 Men’s Mesh Underwear Suggestions for American Sports

Top 5 Men’s Mesh Underwear Suggestions for American Sports

Part three of five in the best pouch underwear options for active men. Now we take a look at our best options in Mesh fabric for active men.

Top 5 Men's Mesh Underwear Suggestions for American Sports

When you have an
active lifestyle, you know that it’s little things like wearing comfortable underwear that can make a good day even better. And while many men still favor traditional underwear for an active lifestyle, non-traditional (read Mesh) underwear, are gaining ground in the men’s underwear retail space.

Some of these styles of pouch underwear not only feel great on the skin, but also offer more
protection for the genitals as well as added moisture control in the area. Still, depending on the type of sports or activity you’ll be doing, some underwear styles are certainly a more appropriate choice than others.

Obviously there’s plenty of options when it comes to
non-traditional underwear, and specially for those into intense physical activities. So whether you’re heading to Rio this year, or if you’ve been following up these series in our blog posts in underwear for active men, check out our recommendations from the Ergowear line before you suit up for the next game, or the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Undies for Touch-Downs!

Men's Mesh Pouch underwear for American Football

American football is not just a sport. It’s an
American institution. And if you’re going to be playing this rough and rowdy contact game, you’ll need underwear that offers the ultimate protection for your package and is comfortable to wear too.

Enter the
Max Mesh Bikinis and Boxers – a sleek low rise design that completely lifts the genitals out of harm’s way to keep them guarded and protected during play.

The key to the design of this bikini is the breathable
polyester/spandex mesh fabric that enables better air flow in the groin area and reduces the possibility of moisture build up from sweat.

The fine mesh is excellent for the intense activity of a football game when the sweat
glands are likely to be at their peak. Carefully placed contrast stitching matches the waistband for a sporty, trendy look in locker room.

Homerun, Forrest, Homerun!

Men's Mesh Pouch underwear for Baseball

Before you head out onto the baseball field, grab a pair of these bold briefs that not only look good but will also feel good throughout the
game. Stay cool and fresh with
Heather Mesh midcut boxer brief, a stylish underwear that features a three-dimensional pouch design to lift and support the genitals to reduce the risk of injury.

ergonomic designer brief offers plenty of room in the front to give snug support, while giving the extra benefit of lightly enhancing the male anatomy. The sophisticated breath-through mesh fabric is not only ideal for this type of high activity sport, but is also great for use in warm climates as well.

To top it off, the best-selling and classy design scores a homerun with the signature Ergowear waistband!

Watch the Puck!

Men's Mesh Pouch underwear for Hockey

Whether played on the field or on ice, hockey is a very sweat inducing sport. So the
MAX Mesh style boxer is the perfect underwear in this high impact, contact sport.

The thin
polyester/spandex mesh blend makes for a light wear boxer that promotes good air flow thanks to the breathable nature of the fabric. If you’re worried about getting the puck into goal without risking injury, take comfort in the wonderful design of the 3-dimensional pouch which lifts the genitals up from between the legs, providing extra support with a firm but comfortable hold. If that’s not all, the low cut fits snugly on the body for a contoured look that’s very attractive to the eye of the beholder.

Rings and Hoops!

Men's Mesh Pouch underwear for Basketball and Boxing

Boxing is both a sport to be enjoyed as well as an excellent workout. But to keep your goods safely guarded throughout the rounds, you’ll be advised to try
Ergowear’s Trio Bikini.

The nose-shaped three-dimensional pouch of this underwear is designed to give excellent protection,
cradling the genitals for extra support. The elasticity of the cotton-lycra fabric provides a snug fit for a natural feel and more shape retention, giving an added enhancement effect to the genitals.

Plus, the Trio Bikini provides coverage in the front and back, leaving the legs bare so that you can freely move about in the ring without risking
chafing or discomfort. Finally, this trendy bikini delivers a knockout with an attention grabbing tri-colored design in contrasting red, blue and white colors.

Whether in a backyard setup or a full size court, playing basketball is certainly a high intensity sport. That’s why the
MAX Mesh Bikini design is such an excellent choice for this game.

First, the MAX Mesh line is made with a special breathable mesh that encourages more air flow in the groin area. This
polyester/spandex mesh blend is thinner than traditional mesh, which not only feels very light on the skin but also makes it great for wear during activities where sweat is bound to be on overdrive.

In addition, this bikini also features the three-dimensional pouch design that raises the genitals for safety during the game. This also helps the player to avoid unnecessary injury as well as chafing that can make playing uncomfortable. To complete the design, the low cut bikini sports a
bold, trendy look with attractive contrast stitching to match the waistband.

An Ergowear for Every Sport

Whichever sport you play, the Ergowear line gives you the freedom to move, the comfort to last and the perfect fit for your body. Our skilfully constructed underwear collections offer many options that fit your active lifestyle so that you can
run, jump, hit and score without risking injury or discomfort.

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